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When the Investigator Becomes the Prey

By Delaney HowardPublished about a year ago 1 min read
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Manhattan seemed a small town shrouded in mystery after a local celebrity’s disappearance. The dearth of clues or witnesses perturbed the police enough to engage me. I have certain…skills they usually refuse to entertain. I discovered the missing man had been involved in unsavory dealings, despite his sterling image. Suspicion grew as I uncovered evidence pointing toward foul play. With the help of intuition, I pieced together the puzzle and uncovered the truth behind the actor’s disappearance. However, as I closed in on the culprit, I realized that my own life was in danger and would need to save myself.


About the Creator

Delaney Howard

Writer of romantic suspense, and apparently fiction of other varieties too. Reader of all the words, theater nerd, liberal, teacher, wife, dog-mom, optimist.

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    Delaney HowardWritten by Delaney Howard

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