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Snowball Fight

Never assume your opponent is weak.

By Barb DukemanPublished 20 days ago 1 min read

He knew snow would be cold, but not that cold. Tom envisioned snow to be more like the white ice inside the freezer. His first time experiencing winter up north took him by surprise: his breath visible, wet socks, and layers of outerwear became more uncomfortable as the days wore on.

One day his older brother challenged him to a friendly snowball fight. Just like pillows, Tom, thought. Or throwing marshmallows at each other. It can’t possibly hurt. He reached down and gathered some soft snow together to form a ball, a rather large ball. I supervised from the porch where it was warmer.

His brother was on the far end of the short yard. David started pelting baseball-sized bullets, one right after the other at his younger brother. Snow splattered across Tom’s dark coat as he tried to dodge the incoming hail of cold fury. He turned pulled his hood down which offered little protection.

Tom saw his chance when his brother bent down to reload. Tom took the volleyball of snow he made and snuck around onto the porch. As Tom crept closer to the edge, David tried to locate his target. He heard the footsteps creeping across the wooden porch and looked up.

Channeling the biblical David, Tom became emboldened. He lobbed that snowball at his opponent, Goliath, directly smacking him in the face. The snow exploded as it struck. David fell back, shocked from the cold and the sheer audacity that his brother would cheat.


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Barb Dukeman

After 32 years of teaching high school English, I've started writing again and loving every minute of it. I enjoy bringing ideas to life and the concept of leaving behind a legacy.

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  • Rachel Deeming12 days ago

    Kids! I could visualise the will to get that brother so clearly.

  • Dana Crandell20 days ago

    LOL This brought back some great memories! Great story, Barb!

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