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Snow White with a twist

Dr. Sues style writing with a more realistic ending to the classic tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

By Jesse BridgesPublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 3 min read

Once upon a time, in a land far away,

Lived a princess named Snow White, they say.

With ebony hair and skin as white as snow,

She captured hearts wherever she go.

She had a stepmother, who was the queen,

A wicked evil woman, horrible and mean.

She was jealous of Snow White's beauty, I’m here to say,

So she asked her mirror day after day,

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

The mirror would answer in truth, not in jest,

"Snow White, my dear queen, she's the loveliest! The Best!"

Enraged with fury and burning with spite,

The wicked queen plotted with all her might.

She ordered a huntsman to take Snow White away,

To a deep dark forest, where she'd never see another day.

But the huntsman, with a kind heart,

Couldn't bear the thought of tearing Snow White apart.

He whispered to her, "Run away my dear.

Find a safe place where you'll have no fear."

Snow White, frightened and filled with despair,

Ran into the forest without knowing where.

With bare feet and fear in her weary sight,

She stumbled upon seven dwarfs, full of delight.

Doc, the wise leader of the crew,

Then Bashful, shy, blushing, and true.

Happy, whose laughter shined through the gloom,

Also Sneezy, who’s sneezes shook the room.

Next we have Sleepy, always dozing, a lullaby tune,

Grumpy, huffing and puffing, like an angry baboon.

And lastly we have Dopey, with an ear to ear grin,

They all welcomed Snow White, here her new life would begin.

Snow White, grateful for their love and care,

Cleaned their sweet cottage, with a flare.

While the dwarfs worked in the mine,

She made their home sparkle and shine.

They sang and they danced all through the night,

Living in harmony, under the moon's soft light.

But fate had more for our little Snow White,

For a charming prince, would come into sight.

He had heard tales of her beauty so rare,

And vowed to find her, no matter where.

Through thick forests and towering peaks,

He searched for the girl with rosy cheeks.

Finally, at the seven dwarfs' home,

He found Snow White all alone.

Upon one knee, he proposed with glee,

"Snow White, my love, will you marry me?"

Snow White was touched by love so sincere,

Accepted his proposal, ‘Oh yes I will Dear!”.

Yet hidden beneath his charming disguise,

Lurked many secrets and lies.

The seven dwarfs, wise and observant you see,

Knew the prince was shady as could be.

So, they followed him Day and Night,

Making sure he was never out of sight.

At a large and fancy castle far away,

Laying with a new princess, details to graphic to say.

They told Snow White the betrayal and lies,

“He’s a cheating prince not worthy of your loving eyes!”

Later on that day, the prince she did see,

“How could you cheat on a woman as great as me?”

Heartbroken but Strong, was our dear Snow White,

Her hand met his face with all her might.

Sad and hateful, she knew right where to turn,

A dwarf named Bashful, her love he did earn.

Snow White and Bashful found love so free.

Hand in hand they would always be.

They ruled with compassion, fairness, and grace,

Love and happiness to the whole kingdom's embrace.

A fairytale ending it's a beautiful thought,

Things don’t always go as planned,

Why was this never taught?

Don’t let Sin lead you astray,

Or you’ll lose your princess,

In a land not so far away.

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