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Sitting In The Next Room

Everything takes time

By David BrandyPublished 11 months ago 1 min read

Sitting in the next room...

That dress, I am pretty sure that dress caused a few car accidents. It was perfect, the whole night was perfect. Although the party was impromptu, this had been planned for years. I just had to wait for the right moment.

When I walked in, I knew everyone saw, but he was the only one I needed to notice me. Like magnets, I am drawn to him. My heeled boots clicking and clacking, just the right amount of leg showing. Like shooting fish in a barrel. I can't wait.

My heart has been his since I met him. In this dress, with this make-up, I am going to show him that my body wants him more. I grab a drink as I saunter towards him, what and how a woman holds something can be just as important to seduction as what she is wearing.

"Hey," I say with a slight moan, that only he picks up on... Because he is solely focused on me, I know he is mine. The ring on his finger is just a speed-bump now.

What's he biggest heist have ever I pulled? Well he is,

Sitting in the next room...


About the Creator

David Brandy

My very first story crafting was an imaginary game that me and my two younger brothers would play when I was 12. My love of storytelling manifested itself quickly. Today I am a husband, father, and business owner.

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