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dense wood, rocks, and seashells

The wind reminds me of her…

By David BrandyPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Frayed rope holding chunks of dense wood, rocks, and seashells knock together. The wind reminds me of her…

My teeth tear through flesh and my mind skips a beat... I offer her some… Fire fills the cabin, my mind fills with panic. I run for the door but there he is, blocking me. I shout with smoke in my lungs masquerading as oxygen.

He fears her.

Dense wood, seashells, and rocks save me. I wake up to the cabin unburnt. Hand still offering no one a bite of rabbit. The wind saved me… because the wind reminds me of her….


About the Creator

David Brandy

My very first story crafting was an imaginary game that me and my two younger brothers would play when I was 12. My love of storytelling manifested itself quickly. Today I am a husband, father, and business owner.

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  • Rachel Deeming4 months ago

    This is so atmospheric, David. I'm not totally sure what's going on but I don't think that matters because it's like a dream - indistinct and yet, vivid simultaneously. I liked it.

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