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Should I get revenge?


By Onah chideraPublished 5 months ago 2 min read

At the time best friend was in a really toxic relationship that I heard ever single detail about. I did everything I could to get her out of there, spent countless hours on getting her to feel better and leave. At the time I was struggling with a situationship of my own ,which lasted for years and I was blind and didn’t see he was only using me for sex, he was also my childhood best friend and the first person I ever loved, these two guys were also best friends, well now to the story: She broke up with her boyfriend and started to sleep with he friends, which I also got to hear about. I supported her trough it all until she started spending time with the guy I had a history with. She started to choose him over me, which should have been the first sign, I got mad at her for choosing him after all the things he had done to me, (such as calling me fat, telling me to go k*ll ms, manipulating, shrewd with all the guys I had things with after him and so on) trough all of that he still called me, slept with me and told me about our future, well I was blind. As I said I broke contact with her after this, I was so loyal to her and all she had to say was that I was too loyal it was my own fault. Well now a couple of weeks after no contact it has come to my attention that a week after they broke up she slept with “my guy”, same weekend I also slept with him and she has now slept with him at least 3 times in total which is during the time we were close, and as she said I would never get to know and she would take it to the grave, sweetheart everything comes back in the end :) Not only did she sleep with my “week spot” she also started acting like me, dressing the same, trying to steal all my friends, and going after all the same boys I have been with.

Worst of all during the time we were close she always said she found him attractive but she could never do that to me and how important I was being the only person who cared about her, well little did I know she already did :) I am a really kind person and would never wish harm upon anyone but oh do I feel like telling everyone what she did and hurt them at least as much as they did me.

Should I?


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I Really love horror stories hope you came to my page prepared ☠️☠️Cause there’s a lot going on

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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock4 months ago

    Invisi is right. If others can't figure out who she is, that's their problem.

  • I would move on. She is Drama drama is best left in the past

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