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Shame Will Kill Hurt you

by Rayna Quinns 11 months ago in Short Story
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Alexis's story

"Good morning," Alexis says to herself as she stands naked in front of the mirror. "Your face is perfect the way it is. You are a virgin, and there's nothing wrong with that. You have a beautiful girlfriend who you're going shopping with today." Alexis's therapist has taught her about positive affirmations as an exercise in self-love so that she doesn't restart her eating disorder. Her therapist also helps her mourn her sisters who fought for this country but came back in coffins. Her siblings died for her freedom to practice magic and defend herself as the law allows.

Alexis is an actress and loves being a witch. Still naked, she goes into the kitchen, scrambles eggs, and makes toast, items she bought from Abby Whole Food Store, the motto, "Come see me and purify your body."

She sat at the table, ate her breakfast, and read emails about auditions. Finally, Alexis scrapes the toast crust and the last bites of her eggs into the garbage. She walks back into her room and goes over to her dresser. Alexis smiles warmly at a familiar chain necklace sticking out in a drawer, and she pulls it out. Her sisters' dog tags hang at the end of it. Alexis holds the military dog tags in two hands, and they feel warm, like her sisters are still alive and with her.

She looks in the mirror and doesn't judge herself anymore, whether she's naked or not. Ever since last night, her self-esteem skyrocketed when she caught a glimpse of her bare body in the reflection with the love of her life Harleen on her knees and giving oral pleasure. But Her Mom, Callisto, came home early and saw her daughter with her back against the wall, Harleen's head buried between Alexis's legs.

Alexis's phone rang, and it returned her to reality. She looks down at the phone and sees her mom's picture on the screen. "Hey, Mom. How's filming?"

"It's great," her mom pauses to sip her coffee.

"I almost have the image of you, in the living room, with your girlfriend out of my mind." Her mom laughs, and Alexis blushes.

"If you talk about it, the image doesn't go away any faster."

"Your overdose plays in the trauma cinemas in the middle of my brain." Callisto said. "I don't have a problem with your sex life because the last time I entered the house, you were on the floor overdosing."

"I'm not looking for any more drugs. As I asked before, how was your day?"

"The day started as expected. Katherine and Victoria shot a scene, and they kissed."

Alexis auditioned for the same part as Victoria and won the role, but she ignored it for obvious reasons. Had she taken that role, it would have been her lips and tongue intertwined with Katherine's.

"They didn't hear me when I yelled cut," Callisto says, "but they eventually stopped, and a crew member made a homophobic comment. So I called my friend in the EMT to take him away before anything else happened" Callisto is very protective of her daughter, and she has no toleration for disrespectful cast and crew. "Damn, Mom!" Alexis smiled but didn't want to ask whether it was a spell or did she beat the person up? Her mom sent the video of the whole interaction, and it seems that the woman who gave birth to her used the Shadow boxer spell. It keeps hitting you until something breaks.

"I wish I could have done what you did!" Alexis was excited about what she saw and wanted to do magic like that to defend herself.

"Just worry about getting better for now, and your dad plans to call from Prison." Callisto bound down some of her daughter's magic, but not all of it. There was an incoming call from the only child's girlfriend, Harleens. Callisto hung up after saying goodbye.

"I am so nervous about shopping for clothes in public." Alexis's Girlfriend Harleen is transitioning from man to woman and is still gun shy about going out in public.

"The clothes you have don't fit the standard of beauty you possess!" Alexis raised voice made Harleens tear up because it was the tone and words were loud and genuine.

"Sorry, the estrogen is making me so emotional," Harleens explained to her.

"You and I are Davina's, not Davids, we are goddesses among others, and so your clothes should make you feel like my clothes make me feel." Alexis's words made Harleens forget her worries and when she licked her lips, remember last night. They continued the conversation about what they did this morning, got into ten minutes of phone sex, exchanged I love you's then hung up with each other.

Alexis put on her pink dress with gleaming pink knee-high Go-go Boots. This was an outfit to raise her self-esteem.

"I'm good enough to eat just like my guilty pleasure, Cotton candy." She gave the profound suggestive praise to herself.

Alexis turned her head slightly to the left and saw a pamphlet for a church she loathed and is nearby. The troubled actress reluctantly goes there and is disgusted by the fake Christians who talk behind her back, and Youth Pastor, Benjamin Hawkes, looks at her lustfully, constantly. Just because of her problems with eating and mourning the loss of her Sisters, he thinks she would be easy pickings for him. He doesn't care about his wife Elizabeth, the one he abuses, and she stays by his side no matter what.

His significant other never make it a point to talk to anyone else that's not in her circle of friends. No one communicates with the fallen celebrity because they expect her to adapt to a certain level of loving Jesus to apprise them. She doesn't believe in those fake Christians. The Preacher's wife doesn't think it would boost her status in the church if she could "save" the troubled actress. Someone was about to call her, and Alexis saw it was her dad.

"Hey, dad!" Alexis answered.

"How are you? Did you eat breakfast? Did you do what that "overpaid professional" told you to do?" He asked.

"Yes to all of the above." his offspring answered.

"Good. I'm happy to hear that." Alexis's father had a quiet and menacing tone in his voice and was pissed about her being so careless with life, but in a sense, he feels he caused undue stress when she found it about being Lucifer's Daughter. So they had a positive conversation and exchanged, "I love you's."

There was a knock on the door. Alexis went to open the front door. It was Elizabeth, the spouse of the Youth Pastor, Benjamin, and she didn't look happy.

"Are you sleeping with my husband?" Alexis was sickened by the accusation and found it funny that the "Visitor." was wearing a leather outfit with thigh-High Boots. Her abusive husband demanded her to wear it because of what she said after a sermon. Elizabeth told everyone who was "listening." that women who wear leather tights are trashy. Her husband punished her for judging someone by forcing his wife to wear the outfit she has on right now.

"I thought women who wore Leather are trashy!" Alexis smirked, and Elizabeth was shocked that the person she believes is her husband's mistress overheard that.

"How does a heathen like you know what I said? I can't see you attending church?" Elizabeth asked.

"I did it often and watch as your husband eye-fucks me. You sit in the front with your group, and I sit in the back. By the way, I am in a serious relationship with someone I love!" Alexis wanted to make Elizabeth understand, but the calm voice didn't match how she felt or the intensity of the tone she wanted to deliver her words in.

"Harleen is an Abomination..." Elizabeth stated, and Alexis smacked Elizabeth so hard that she hit the floor. She stood over the woman for a moment. It makes her furious that Harleen had stopped going to the church because of the reception.

"That woman has more guts than you have a spine." Alexis made that very clear and then began to do her chores of washing the dishes from cooking this morning, and Elizabeth slowly got up.

"I know young Bitches like you!" Elizabeth walked up and stood behind Alexis. She was almost breathing down the girl's neck while she soaped the sponge then twisted it.

"Tell me the truth!" Elizabeth demanded, and Alexis turned around because this was getting annoying.

"I am not fucking your husband." She went back to the Dishes after stating that again.

"Where were you last night?" Elizabeth asked.

"Harleen was eating me out because I don't want to get pregnant. The way she touched me sent shivers down my spine, the way her tongue soaked the lips between my legs was epic, and then what she did to my clit" Alexis knew Elizabeth didn't like hearing that.

"My husband has been calling out your name during sex and made me dress up like you in private for almost a year!" She told her. Alexis shut the water off.

"That is disrespectful to you, and yet you call him your husband. You enter my home and accuse me of taking your dirty little man to bed, disrespectful. I am with someone I love......" Alexis explained to her in a deadpanned voice.

"What makes you so damn special?!" Elizabeth asked loudly, and Alexis wasn't pleased by being interrupted. The urge to use a dark spell was strong, but she fought it.

"Prim and proper Bitches like you are the reason my ancestors were burned alive. You have one chance to take it all back and leave. I mean one fucking chance!" Alexis pointed out, and Elizabeth backed up because she felt something horrible was about to happen.

"I am not scared...." Elizabeth stepped into Alexis' personal space, her eyes and hair turned Black. One of her ancestors' spirits enters Alexis's vessel to add extra energy to the spell.

"Stay like a statue, your mouth won't move, but your eyes can," Alexis said, and Elizabeth couldn't move, she tried to talk, and the sounds she made were like several layers of Electric tape around her mouth. Finally, the ancestor controlled her descendant's body and walked around her, examine Elizabeth.

"As my descendant stated, women like you are the reason we have burned. Let me show you what it was like, FIRE!" Fire surrounded Elizabeth.

The Leather Clad accuser screamed her head off as the spiritual entry controlling the body allowed the holy's man Spouse to move her mouth. For the next five minutes, Elizabeth went through several loops of being burned alive as it went through her clothes, skin, and bones. This ancestor's spirit was more than happy to assist in this spell.

Alexis snapped her fingers. The fire disappeared, and Elizabeth fell to the ground and cried her eyes out. It was just magic, but Elizabeth felt the traumatizing effect. The entity left Alexis drained and was about to go in for the kill.

"What do you say about me? Out of curiosity." Alexis asked, and Elizabeth looked up at her.

"Come on! Say it to my face!" The Witch Yelled.

"I called you a slut, y0u dress like the one, and my Husband lowers himself to commit adultery with you.." Elizabeth said, and she was smiling after admitting that.

"I'm a virgin, and the thought of sex scares me," Alexis told her honestly.

"No, you're not! You are a whore!" Elizabeth received a hard slap to the face.

Alexis could sense something inside the adversary's mind, hidden truth, and yank Elizabeth's hair. She dragged her to the room with the body-length mirror. Made her look at it and yelled, "Reveal!"

The past reveals itself in the mirror and shows that Elizabeth killed Benjamin before coming here.

Short Story

About the author

Rayna Quinns

I like writing stories and believe that sins as well as tragedies can make you a think

I write about shows and movies from a unprofessional of view.

I could write smut but it's too easy

I am Me

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