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The Lies you Bring

by Rayna Quinns 12 months ago in Series
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The relationship of a model and her murdering girlfriend

Clarissa Melt worked out in the gym and quickly wanted to get upstairs before Olivia woke up. The hotel lobby was quiet, with no people to get in her way.

She loves her mobile device, and before she gives all attention to Olivia, there is a need to see what's going on in the world today.

The Pinnacle City Wolves will have the opening day of the baseball season in several hours with a Baseball roster full of men and women. She couldn't wait to go and see history in the making.

She came across wrestling reports, including one with a personal interest. Most fans of the promotion Elite Wrestling vow to stop watching all of the television shows if Lillith Valenuza beats Olivia Luther; the model had a bias on who she's rooting for.

She then came across an article about yesterday's march of the anniversary of the school shooting during graduation at Pinnacle City high. Every kid in that Senior year, except for a few, was gunned down by two. Her heart went out to those victims, and she took a moment to do a silent prayer.

Clarissa got into a private elevator that would take her to the private penthouse room she's reserved. When it arrived at the top floor, it opened so quietly that her girlfriend wasn't broken out of her sleep.

The high-profile Supermodel ditched her friends to be a supportive girlfriend this whole weekend. Olivia will be in the wrestling match of her life as the main event.

Clarissa needs to do one thing with her mobile device. Olivia jokes on her how's it surgically attached to the palm of her hand. She needs to check new messages before engaging in cuddle time.

"Hey Rissa, this is Jewel. I can't believe you are giving up London for Olivia! Wrestling is so fake, and so what, she's in the main event, I mean if she's so good then." Clarissa deleted her "Friend" Jewel's text and then rolled her eyes when she saw there was more from her

"Clarissa! If she loves you, then she would think of your career, which is so much more important." The Fashion model angrily deleted Jewel's other tweet and questioned her sanity about sleeping with the hot mess.

"Hey, girl. Tell Liv we said hi and good luck. I won't drink haterade if she decides to slip in a stiff shot upside Lillith's head." Clarissa's BFF, Stacey, texts her.

Lilith Valenuza is Olivia's opponent at the wrestling event called the Last woman Standing.

They are going to fight in a match called submit and surrender. It will be the second time that match has ever happened in America. You win by making your opponent tap out, and they have to willingly step into a coffin than be rolled up the ramp in it. Unfortunately, the first time the match took place, it ended in tragedy.

Brianna Bryant was the mistress of Clarissa's mother, and before the match, there was an altercation. The wrestler never came out of the coffin after losing that match. The police still believe that the famous model or her mom had something to do with the disappearance. Clarissa is worried about Olivia's safety, thinking the same thing might happen to her.

"How's the squad?" Olivia asked, and Clarissa turned to see her girlfriend slowly open her eyes. The model tried to kiss her love, and Olivia backed away.

"Babe! I have morning breath." Olivia said to her.

Clarissa looked at her girlfriend's hypnotic blue eyes, and there was a silence between them.

"Who gave you eyes like that and said you could keep them?" Clarissa whispered those words to her love. The way those words came from the model's mouth makes Olivia feel forget about the morning breath.

"An angel gave them to me and told me I would need them to lure you in." Olivia had cornea transplants, so the line from the movie Clarissa quoted hits very close to home.

They exchange a series of kisses. Olivia took Clarisa's shirt off, and a few minutes later, Clarissa returned the favor. The only thing that stayed on thirty minutes later was their panties.

"Thank you so much for being here. "Olivia wanted Clarissa to hear the appreciation.

"It was a no-brainer!" Clarissa wanted to make that point clear.

"Baby, you gave up London for me, and I know it's your favorite place to visit in the entire world." Olivia said to her

"My agent is Monroe Jade, and she convinces anyone, anything if she believes in you." Clarissa said to Olivia. The professional wrestler knows that Monroe has gotten away with murdering her abusive ex; They are birds of the feather who call in favors on the other.

"You been in the audience for my fashion shows. And you introduced me to your parents. I can't wait to go to the game tonight and see women play baseball with the boys." Clarissa said to her.

"You are my girl forever and ever and ever!" Olivia told her love with excitement.

Clarissa never had an invitation to meet the girlfriend's parents. She discovered that being famous could only fulfill so much, and it's nothing compared to relationship milestones.

"Did you know I went to school with Mercedes? The starting center fielder for the Wolves." Olivia said

"Babe, you surprise me every day." Clarissa was interested in how the grappler knew the ballplayer. Olivia hopes that her past never reaches her girlfriend's ears; she'll be more than surprised.

"I went to school with Mercedes, and she was a sweetheart back then. My God! She beat every single 100 dash record for man and woman. She's also a very good person. I was doing track, and I had a hard time looking at myself naked back then; Mercedes didn't say anything at first, but she took me by the hand and made me look at myself in the mirror one day. She said that her sister Lilith had body-shamed her, and it's going to be a pleasure to wreck her in two days." She plans to botch the match to ensure Lillith passes out by a legal chokehold; she'll win even if management has pencil the champ to retain.

"Her cunt older sister made Mecedres hated the body God gave her, but Mecedres's mother taught her something to say in front of the mirror that she was about to teach me." Olivia said and took a breath.

"What was it?" Clarissa asked.

"I am bold as Godiva without a horse. I inspire love like aphrodite. I am a timeless beauty, a Davina, not a David. It was a verbal exercise in self-love" Olivia said that Clarissa loved it from the smile on her face.

"We could do it together sometime. Did you ever see Mercedes play?" Clarissa said to her.

"When she transferred to the other school, I caught a couple of games, and I had season passes when she was in the minors. So I stalked my mom until she gave me her season tickets; we are both die-hard Wolves fans. The same woman who wants to marry us after you upgraded my fashion choices." Olivia reminded her woman. It's those talks of the future that brought Clarissa to an Anxiety hallucination, Clarissa putting flowers on Olivia's grave. The Fashion model believes that karma will come and claim Olivia for past sins.

"Babe." Olivia tries to get her attention.

"I think when we came over for Christmas, and you wore a Pants suit, I won your mom over" Clarissa is a multitasker. She could have anxiety-ridden thoughts of the future and still listen to the conversation.

"Are you okay? Are you worried about the match?" Olivia asked, and Clarissa sat right up.

"Freaking out." the shorter of the two women tipped Clarissa's head so they could stare at each other eye to eye.

"I get it. Father Johnson has blessed the coffin every day, and it's not the same one from five years ago, the one Brianna disappear in." Olivia told her lady.

"Many people want Lilith in a hell dimension, and I don't want you as a casualty for my anger!" Clarissa said more than she should have.

"How did you know it's a hell dimension? What do you mean by your anger?" Olivia asked, and Carissa took a breath then faced her woman.


About the author

Rayna Quinns

I like writing stories and believe that sins as well as tragedies can make you a think

I write about shows and movies from a unprofessional of view.

I could write smut but it's too easy

I am Me

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