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by Brierra shoup 11 months ago in Adventure
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As I lay on my side I feel a familiar set of hands grip my waistline. Hearts beating fast souls reuniting. At this exact moment I can't help but feel ataraxic in such a torn down world. You probably don't know me but at the end you will know every detail of me. My name is Senon and this is the story after the sun goes dark.

Photo by Mikael Kristenson on Unsplash

Run they're coming ! Zinco says gasping for air as he follows behind. I look over my shoulder. Thinking to myself there is no way we both are going to be able to outrun them. We need to hide, I say back as I turn off the path. Over here I pointed at an open tree trunk. Hush he says as he climbs in after me. In the near distance we start to hear heavy footsteps. Their tracks stop here, says the leader. Let's split up you two check East as he points to a blonde skinny woman with her hair pulled back in a bun the other a male with a scar starting above his left peck and ending below the heart. He then looks at the other three with me as they start heading south. Zinco turns to me with his index finger to his lips mouthing stay here.As he hands me a heart shaped locket and a scroll written in ancient latin. Quietly he rises out of the tree trunk and starts to track the two that headed east. Several minutes went by but with the sun in ashes the remaining population cannot calculate time on earth. An echoing sound of a gunshot followed by a blood spilled scream came from the direction Zinco was headed. My chest started to form a ball of anxiety as I heard not one pair but two pairs of footsteps in sync heading directly towards my location. I grip the handle of my sword and put the necklaces around my neck. Carefully rising out of the trunk. A voice says “Senon it's just us”. My eyes meeting Zincos but landing on a familiar face. Hello Senon he said Hello Ruben I say back with a mocking tone.

What happened as I turned to Zinco. The pagans had me cornered. Ruben came from the far east and managed to line up a shot up before they had me beheaded . Which reminds me connecting his eyes with Rubens. Why? Are you out here knowing they are looking for the wiccans and any remaining survivor since the imprisonment of the lord. Ruben looks directly at the locket hanging from my neck. I overheard Michael and Ralph arguing about who would find a heart shaped locket first. The people have rumored that it stores enough energy to awaken the emerald dragon from its slumber. The one which in fact is hanging from Senons neck. He takes a closer step looking around isn't there supposed to be a scroll with it?

I then speak up, aren't you supposed to be home taking care of whatever tramp you had in your hut last night. The whole neighborhood heard you both I mumbled under my breath. He took another step closer why does it matter shouldn't you be worried about what Gabriel would think if he knew you are worrying about another man's relationship. Quit you two before I go get the pagans. I do not wish to hear you love birds bickering the whole way back say zinco with an eye roll and forced laugh. As I manage to take a serious tone we need to head north towards the base before they realize that we butchered two of their men.

When we reached the base I went directly to Gabriel handing him the necklace and scripture. He looks at Zinco mission report. I start heading towards the house Gabriel and I have shared since the beginning of the new era. Passing a few kids running with their limited powered wands . Wondering to myself how I could bring it up without irritating Gabriel even more after he hears what I said to ru ….Smack! Hey, I shoved back and yelled watch where you're going. Ouuu someone's feisty says the owner of the body. I finally regained my balance. Of course it's you recognizing the mocking tone his voice carried .Standing there with a grin on his face.. What Ruben? My eyes looking straight into his instantly I feel flutters in my chest. I stopped by to see how you were doing. Being a gentleman wasn't a crime last time I checked. I know how insensitive my brother can be when it comes to others' thoughts and emotions. I don't need a babysitter, I snapped back. Senon do you hear yourself sometimes.

One moment you can be so sweet and the next so cruel. Ruben I need to take a shower as I push him out of the way. He starts to follow. Good he says I will join you. I snapped my head around so fast I thought I was seeing double. As my eyes started to focus I said how would your girlfriend from last night Britten right? feel about that or better yet your brother who has been there for me since the falling. His face turns beat red. I was just playing with you gosh who died. Millions of people have died and you think I'm just supposed to move on from that. You ask me how I can be so heartless, what about you Ruben?. I turn to leave but stop as I see Gabriel heading in our direction. If you mention one thing about this conversation we say in sync. Guess we are on the same page I said while molding my lips to a numbing expression.

When Gabriel reaches us he comes and kisses me softly on the cheek and says i didn't get to ask you my love how are you feeling after the incident with Zinco and the pagans. I open my mouth blurting out. I'm just relieved your brother had a good enough shot for once or Zinco wouldn't be returning with us. His face winced as he realized without Ruben disobeying a direct order he would be burying whatever was left of his best warrior. Quickly changing the subject he turns to his brother. Why are you talking to Senon . As Ruben starts tripping over his words, interrupting his poor excuse. He's just stopping by to give you a scavenger report. I said while giving Ruben the coldest stare I could possibly manage. Is this true Ruben? Yes brother, what else would I have to discuss with your precious Senon. With a faceless expression and walks away. Feeling the hot water against my skin helped minimize the ball of anxiety that Gabriel had formed in my chest. I hear someone knock and slowly slip in. I felt a pair of smooth hands run against my body. Gabriel I say turning just to have my breath taken away.

Later that evening we all regathered to discuss how to defeat the red dragon. Standing to the right of Gabriel stood Ruben and on the left I listened quietly to him. Senon will be in charge of the group awakening the emerald dragon for she is the most powerful wiccan to walk the earth. Which brought a light shade of brown to form around my cheeks. I think to myself that is the nicest thing he has ever said not directly towards me. Ruben rolled eyes as Garbiel continued Zinco you will be with me and the rest of the people willing to fight. We leave at I nudge my foot into his quickly redirecting his words. MY apologies we leave when the sirens start to sound. Before the crowd had a chance to scatter. I began to speak in a louder tone. I would like everyone to grab the hands of the closet person and bow their heads. When the crowd disappears Gabriel Turns to Ruben you will be going with Senon If i could I would but the pagans would catch on if im not guiding the others into battle. Ruben says in a serious tone don't worry brother not a single piece of hair will be missing off her pretty little head when she returns. If the moment comes I will gladly lay down my life for hers. Clearing his throat Gabriel says good because if she doesn't return either way your body will be lifeless. A look of hurt flickered through Rubens eyes for a split second he said I understand taking a quick bow before walking away. Gabriel why must you be so aweless if it weren't for him this entire mission would have been compromised. Senon He says with a stern voice why are you defending my brother after everything I have done for you. Do you wish to be with him? Ever since you brought home this locket you have barely spoken a single word to me. I'm Not having this discussion right now Gabriel. I have to start preparing for my mission, slowly walking away . After Blowing off the extra dust that collected on top of the most powerful book know to wiccans I begin my preparation.We have to stop meeting like this my brother might catch on that your into me as yet again appears Ruben.Are you stalking me I said with a joyless laugh.What makes you think i care about where you are at all times.I don't know Ruben probably because everytime I’m alone for some reason you seem to appear. He takes one step closer, maybe ever since the shower I can't seem to get you off my mind.Before I could open my mouth he closes the distance and lands his lips aggressively on mine.The energy within the aura we started to create couldn't be explained. Craving my touch more he slams me against the wall running his hands over my body.He then unbuckles his belt as I slip off my pants.Within a swift motion he positions me on the table spreading my legs apart and beings to slowly find a passionate speed of thrusting.Oh Ruben I screamed. Soon after I finished packing the sirens started to wail.Here we go I mumbled grabbing the heart shaped locket and book. As I catch up to the group I give Gabriel a kiss. See you on the other side he stated with a somewhat smile. I'm pretty sure he heard that in an old movie but I smiled and repeated it back. See you on the other side my love. I turn away as he and Ruben have an exchanging of words after a short period of time Ruben catches up with me.So how big is this wise beast we must awaken.Big enough to destroy an entire plant within seconds if it really wanted to. When we arrive please keep your opinions quiet. The last thing we want to do is make it angry. He said I was only kidding you and I need to find more time alone . A silent moment went by I mean you weren't shy before ....I stopped dead in my tracks. This isn't a joke, Ruben if needed I will have you tail the rest of the group. Ruben kept quiet the rest of the way. We arrived at the opening of a huge cage water dripping echoed within the darkness. As we cautiously start heading towards the darkness I lit a candle. Laying in the center of the cave laid an enormous beast bigger than the scriptures description . I held my index finger turning towards the group and motioned them to stop. Carefully I snuck up to the beast and started to set up the spell to awaken him. Ruben helped with drawing the markings. I began to chant as I removed the stone from the locket and placed it on the emerald dragon's head Awake.


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