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The Wolf Girl

By Jonathan Deguire

By Jonathan DeguirePublished about a month ago Updated 16 days ago 2 min read

I heard her before I saw her. The rustling in the bushes a dead giveaway. She leaped from the dark, slashing at me with her claws. I easily dodged, my Grimm heritage giving me super human reflexes. She landed on all fours and then rose up. The wolf girl circled me on two feet. I stood my ground, and kept my eyes on her. I made some observations as I watched the Wolf Girl circle me. She hadn’t gone full wolf she wasn’t old enough, yet her face was still very human. Her ears, glowing eyes, tail, fangs, claws instead of nails, and standing at 7 feet tall on 2 legs was all that confirmed her as a Wolf Girl. Well that, and the fur covering her body. I had been hunting her for 2 days.

A village had contacted me several days ago. The village consisted of humans and hybrids, or wolf people who looked human except for the wolf ears and tails. They told me one of the young ladies had Wolfed Out for an unknown reason and they wanted me to find her. Being born a Grimm by heritage means I had super human sight, hearing, speed, strength, and agility, I was the perfect person for the job. Myself and other Grimms like me were often contacted to deal with dangerous creatures. This was nothing new to me. “Try not to harm her.” I’d been told. So I set out with a dart gun with a powerful sedative to find her.

She locked eyes on me. I couldn’t use the dart gun now I wouldn’t have time to raise it. Keeping my eyes locked on her I reached behind me and released the dart from the chamber of the gun and tucked it in my belt. The girl dropped to all fours and lunged at me again. But I was ready for it. I grabbed both her wrists, and stepped to the side. Her body twisted sideways with the movement as she couldn’t brace herself in the air. In the same movement I used my left hand to grab the dart and drive it into her side just under her last rib. My right hand still on her wrist controlling her trajectory. She landed on her back with a howl and rolled on to her stomach. The entire encounter from first contact to now lasted less than 60 seconds. The howl became a human cry as her body instantly began to shrink. I ran over to the crying and now shaking girl. She was naked now as her clothes had torn when she Wolfed Out. Her body had returned to it’s 5 foot frame. I crouched down to inspect her. The fur was gone, no fangs, no claws, and her eyes were no longer glowing. Her ears and tail still remained as they always had. I took a blanket from my pack and covered her. I spoke to her gently trying to comfort her as she was still crying. I gently picked her up and carried her back to the village.


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