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Ryde's Ride

A Ride to Grandma's House

By Rick Henry Christopher Published 12 months ago Updated 12 months ago 5 min read
"The Luxulax" AI Image by Night Cafe

Ryde loves spending his Wednesday afternoon watching the Home Shopping Network (HSN) on the HKP. Today they were featuring men's colognes. This is right up Ryde's alley. He has a large collection of various scents, oils, gasses, and so forth.

Ryde has been interested in a cologne named Dauphin from the Dohme Lewis line of colognes. Dohme Lewis is a top male supermodel of the current day and has starred in two blockbuster films including a recent remake of the 2019 film Judy in which he played the lead role of Judy Garland. He won the Best Actor Academy Award at the 193rd awards ceremony in 2121 for his gender-bending performance. The 28-year-old Dohme Lewis has quite a historical background. He is the great×5 grandson of the legendary comedian Jerry Lewis. A resurgence of Jerry Lewis' films came about as Dohme gained popularity. Dohme is also the great×4 grandson of singer, songwriter, and drummer Gary Lewis and the 3rd cousin of romance novelist Patrinia (Trina) Domineau.

Today a license for 800 uses of Dauphin is on sale going for 975.89 credits. But before purchasing the license Ryde wants to smell the cologne again. The HSN sample code for Dauphin is 97589DLD.

Ryde embeds the code into his mindwave. The code stimulates the nerves in his brain which in turn activates the scent sample through the HKP receptors and a 5 second sample is released through Ryde's hands of which he is able rub onto his vestments or other parts of his anatomical system.

The scent is a natural crisp fresh and clean aroma with a vague hint of rose and musk. It's a nice balance of sweetness and muscle.

Ryde enjoyed the scent so much and it was such a great deal he decided to go for two licenses of use. Generally, an 800-use license of Dauphin goes for 1,125.59 credits plus Ryde has a 10% off coupon stored in one of the limbs of his hippocampal formation. After all discounts Ryde will pay 1,756.59 credits - that is an amazing deal.

Both licenses are stored in the hippocampus. When the desire to use the cologne is activated the pheromonal fragrance track travels to the cerebellum and releases through the hands and is ready for use.

With this task completed Ryde can now move on to his next project which is to physically visit his aging great grandmother. She is 103 years old and has recently reached a point of cellular decline. He has recently visited her via mindwave but this time he wants to visit her the old-fashioned way and hold her hands instead of a simulated hand holding.

He activated the transference system (TRFS) with a request to take him to his omniport where his vehicular pod is charging. With this request the TRFS activates the hydraport beneath the Luxulax (lax) and lifts it up off its placement pod. As the Luxulax is supported by the hydraport it's mini solarjets are activated and the Luxulax begins to move at a low altitude and slow speed within the dwelling.

● Sidenote for those reading this story: A Luxulax is what was commonly known as a sofa or couch in 2022. However, the Luxulax is made with advanced materials such as a high-grade foam which contours to everyone’s body shape and provides an all-around deep tissue massage therapy of which we will discuss in the next chapter of this outlandish tale. But here's the interesting thing about the Luxulax is that before it hits the outdoors a glass dome, which is stored as part of the ceiling at the in the hydraport at the retractable door, lowers onto the Luxulax and attaches to it. Next the Luxulax lowers onto the vehicular pod which has fully charged super power solarjets. The outer body of the Luxulax is made of a rigid polymer available in 62 different stylish colors. Its shape is both aerodynamic (for flight) and eye appealing (to be an exhibit piece as well as a lounge in the subsistence range (aka the subs).

The moment the Luxulax is halfway through the retractable door the four super power solarjets release and expand outward giving the Luxulax the power to reach full flight in a matter of six seconds. Ryde's Luxulax is solar powered with electric backup. He can safely travel up to 575 miles in less than three minutes. He can go from California to New York in under 15 minutes.

The Luxulax is completely programmed by the mind computer and will travel directly to any destination the mind commands whether an address is provided or not.

The airway travel system is a complex system of which we will discuss in a future chapter.

Ryde made it to his great grandmother's house, which is 20 miles from him, within six seconds. He lagged a millisecond today as he enjoyed a beautiful cosmic explosion happening a few light years beyond the horizon.

As he arrived at great grandmother's house the retractable door welcomed him in and Ryde parked his Luxulax on the guest pod.

They decided to walk a bit on great grandmother's tree filled property before ending up on the balcodeck.

Ryde and his great grandmother sat outside holding hands and enjoying the fresh air. Grandma giggled at Ryde's silly jokes. After about ten minutes she became cold and activated her heat sensors which work within the body and warm the body to a comfortable temperature. Jackets and sweaters are no longer needed except for purposes of fashion.

At the end of their visit Ryde gave his beloved great grandmother a big gentle hug and a loving kiss on the forehead.


For more adventures with Ryde please check out “The Mystery Box Foundation: The 27 Club”


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Rick Henry Christopher

Writing is a distraction for me. It takes me to places unknown that fulfill my need for intellectual stimulus, emotional release, and a soothing of the breaks and bruises of the day.

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  • Irene Economou12 months ago

    I will be reclining on my Luxulax tonight! Thank you for a most interesting read of a glimpse of a possible future scenario. Rick, your exquisite and very detailed descriptions bring this fun story to life! Well done!!!

  • Wowww, your worldbuilding is brilliant. Loved the concept of Luxulax. I'm amazed at the way your mind works. I enjoyed reading this chapter. Can't wait for the next!

  • Heather Hubler12 months ago

    Oh, this was such a joy to read! It was so fun to think about all the cool stuff there may be in the future. I'm glad Ryde still wanted to have in person time with his great grandmother. Wonderful continuation of this storyline :)

  • Babs Iverson12 months ago

    Imaginative, outstanding story!!!

  • J. S. Wade12 months ago

    Complex and fascinating read Well done.

  • Cathy holmes12 months ago

    Nicely done.

  • Lovely story, really enjoyed this

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