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Roger the World’s Greatest Therapy Dog Has the World’s Greatest Nightmare

Roger the World’s Greatest Therapy Dog Volume 2

By Jmjulius15 JayPublished 5 months ago 15 min read

It was Friday morning and Roger was working at the hospital. He was in a meeting with all the other therapy dogs. Roger and the other therapy dogs were standing around in a room talking to each other. Marvin was standing in front of the room.

“Good morning, everyone I’m glad to see you all were able to come to the meeting,” said Marvin.

“I only came for the coffee! Am I right?” said Roger. All the therapy dogs agreed.

“Yes, the coffee is super delicious,” said Marvin. “Anyway, I wanted to begin the meeting by giving everyone their new collars.” Marvin handed everyone a collar.

The collars were dark black. Roger put his collar on. “How do I look, Ruby?”

“Roger, I didn’t think it was possible, but you look even sexier with the new collar.” “Thanks, babe!” Roger gave Ruby a big kiss.

Willie the Weiner Dog laughed. “Roger, I didn’t think it was possible, but the new collar

makes you uglier.”

“Shut up, Willie! I would say the new collar makes you uglier, but you're the ugliest

therapy dog in the hospital.”

“Shut up, Roger I’m the sexiest therapy dog in the hospital.”

“No, Willie I’m the sexiest therapy dog in the hospital. Theses paws can bench press 100

pounds.” Roger started flexing his paws.

Harry showed up. “Your both wrong I’m the sexiest therapy dog in the hospital.”

Roger and the other therapy dogs continued to listen to Marvin. “I also wanted to mention that tonight we will be having our first sleepover at the hospital.”

“I can’t wait! Will there be bacon flavored dog treats?” asked Roger.

“Of course, Roger it wouldn’t be a sleeper without bacon flavored dog treats,” said Marvin.

“Alright,” said Roger.

At Leonard K. Cat Hospital all the therapy cats were sitting around a big table. “Attention all therapy cats I would like to show you my new invention.” Leonard K. Cat

held up a small black collar. “The Nightmare Collar will give any dog or cat nightmares. I delivered a box of them to Care City Hospital for Roger and the other therapy mutts.” Clarence was standing next to Leonard. “My cousin Clarence has generously volunteered to demonstrate how The Nightmare Collar works. Are you ready, Clarence?”

“I’m ready, Leonard.” Leonard put the collar around Clarence’s neck. Clarence fell asleep. He was still standing next to Leonard.

“The Nightmare Collar will keep you asleep no matter what.” Leonard K. Cat pressed a button on a remote, and giant speakers started playing loud rock music. All the windows in the hospital shattered. Clarence was still sound asleep he was snoring.

“Oh, the food at this all you can eat buffet looks so good!” Clarence was talking in his sleep. He stuck out his tongue and started licking his lips. “Oh, no I don’t have my wallet. I must of left in my other fur. That’s just great I’m at five star buffet and I forgot my wallet. This is a nightmare. Clarance started crying.

Leonard took the collar off of Clarance. “Are you ok, Clarance?”

Oh, Leonard it was terrible I was at a buffet there was lots of great food, but I didn’t have my wallet.”

“I know, Clarance you were talking in your sleep.”

“Oh, how embarrassing do we have any food in the fridge? I need to eat something to get over my horrible nightmare.”

“Yeah, but don’t touch my tuna sandwich.”

“Ok!” Clarance walked over to the fridge.”

“Anyway, tonight Roger and the other therapy mutts will have the worst nightmares of

their lives.” Leonard laughed.

Later that night at Care City Hospital Roger and the other therapy dogs were in the

waiting room. Laying on the floor in their pajamas and sleeping bags in a circle. In the center of the circle there was a big bowl of bacon flavored dog treats. Harry stuck his paw in the bowl and grabbed a dog treat. Then he popped the treat in his mouth chewed and swallowed it. “You were right, Roger these bacon flavored dog treats are delicious,” said Harry.

Roger ate a dog treat. “I told you.” Roger was holding a big white mug full of coco. “They go even better with this canine coco I bought.” Roger took a sip of his coco.

Harry was holding a mug full of coco. “I like how the coco has marshmallows that look like little dog bones,” said Harry.

Marvin yawned. “Well, this has been a great sleepover, but I think I’m gonna go to sleep.”

Roger laughed. “Marvin, it’s only 10:00 I didn’t know you were so lame.”

“Leave me alone, Roger. I’m tired.”


Marvin went to sleep. Roger was holding a black marker. He drew a mustache on Marvin’s face. “Sweet dreams, Marvin,” said Roger. Roger and the other therapy dogs went to sleep.

In a church, Roger stood at the alter, he was wearing a black tuxedo with a black tie. Everyone was seated. Harry was standing next to Roger. “What’s going on?” said Roger.

“Your getting married, duh,” said Harry.

The song Here Comes the Bride started playing. Everyone in the church stood up. Ruby started walking down the aisle. Ruby was wearing a big white dress. Her face was hidden with a white veil. Ruby stood by Roger.

“Hi, honey I love you!”

“I love you too, Ruby!”

The priest started talking. “We our gathered here to join Roger and Ruby in holy

matrimony. If any has any reasons why theses two should not be wed. Speak now or forever hold your peace.” The whole church was quiet. “You may now kiss the bride.”

Ruby removed her veil. Suddenly Roger became terrified because Ruby wasn’t the dog that he fell in love with she was a dragon. She had dark purple scaly skin.

“Roger, honey, didn’t you hear the priest he said you may now kiss the bride. Clean the wax out of your ears,” said Ruby. Roger didn’t move a muscle.

“Come on, Roger! I didn’t spend four hours on a plane to see you not get married,” shouted Roger’s mom.

“I don’t care if he kisses her I still get paid either way,” said the priest.

Ruby put lipstick on and then puckered her lips. “Roger, sweetheart, give me some sugar.”

“I think we should see other people.”

“What? Roger, I thought you loved me. Well, if I can’t have you nobody can.” Ruby took

a deep breath, and a fireball shot out of mouth. Roger quickly ducked down. The church began to catch on fire. Everyone started to run around screaming. Dark pink wings grew out of Ruby’s back, and she started flying around, shooting fireballs.

“Marry me, Roger!” Shouted Ruby. Roger ran out of the church. Ruby chased after him.

Marvin was in his house. He was sitting on a dark brown couch, watching football. Marvin heard a knock at the front door. He walked to the door.

“Who is it?” Said Marvin.

“Delivery!” Said a voice.

Marvin opened the door. A mailman was standing outside. He was wearing a dark blue

shirt and dark blue shorts.

“I have a package for you.”

“I don’t remember ordering anything”

“Is your name, Marvin?”


“Then this package is for you.” The mailman handed Marvin the package.

Marvin opened the package and pulled out a vanilla cupcake with red frosting.

“A vanilla cupcake? I would never have ordered a vanilla cupcake because it will go

straight to my thighs, but my mom always says never say no to free food.” Marvin took a bite.

This cupcake looks vanilla, but it takes like chocolate, but it can’t be chocolate because chocolate is poisonous to dogs.”

The mailman laughed. “You stupid, dog. I just gave you a chocolate cupcake.” “Why, why would you do that?”

“Because I’m Marcus the Murderous Mailman.”

“I knew you looked familiar. Marcus the Murderous Mailman is my favorite horror

movie. I didn’t think their needed to be a fifth movie. This must be a nightmare!” Marvin pushed Marcus out of the way, and ran outside.

“You can’t get rid me of that easy, Marvin. I still need you to sign for the package.” Marcus got in his mail truck. “Me and my murderous talking mailtruck, Miranda will hunt you down like the stupid dog that you are.”

“I love you, Marcus!” Said Miranda.

“I love you, too, baby.” Marcus drove away.

Harry was cooking breakfast at his house. He was standing by the stove cooking two eggs

in a pan. The doorbell rang. “I’m coming,” said Harry. Harry opened the door. Marvin ran inside, shut and locked the door.

“Hey Marvin, I’m making breakfast. Do you want an omelet?”

“Harry, you have to help! Marcus the Murderous Mailman and his Murderous Talking MailTruck, Miranda are trying to kill me.”

“What? Marvin, Marcus the Murderous Mailman isn’t real. He’s a fictional character in a scary movie.”

“No Harry, he’s real and he’s trying to kill me.”


“Oh, Marvin! If Marcus the Murderous Mailman was real it would be my worst nightmare.” Harry and Marvin walked into the kitchen. “Sit down, Marvin and “I’ll get you a plate of my delicious omelet. I make it with chicken and bacon.” Marvin took a seat at the table.

Suddenly Marcus drove Miranda the Murderous Talking MailTruck through Harry’s living room wall. “Special delivery!” Shouted Marcus.

“Dude, what’s the big idea driving your mail truck through my living room?” “Hey, pal this isn’t just a mail truck this is my wife, Miranda. Say hi, honey. “What’s up!” said Miranda.

“Miranda? Then you must be Marcus the Murderous Mailman.”

“Yes, I am! Are you Harry the Black Lab?”

“Yeah, I am!”

Marcus was holding a cardboard box. “I have a package for you.”

“I don’t remember ordering a package, but my mom always said don’t turn down a free


“Harry, don’t open it.”

“Relax, Marvin.”

Harry grabbed the package from Marcus and opened it. A snake popped out of the box and bit Harry on the nose. “Ow! My nose!” shouted Harry. Marcus laughed. Harry pulled the snake off his nose.

“Your nose is so delicious,” said the snake.

“Not as delicious as my omelet.” Harry ran into the kitchen, grabbed a spoonful of his omelet, and stuffed it into the snake’s mouth.

“Wow! This is the best omelet I ever tasted,” said the snake.

“I told you.” Harry gave the snake a plate full of omelets.

“Let’s get out of here,” said Marvin. Harry and Marvin ran out of the house.

“You can run, but you can’t hide,” said Marcus.

“Honey, before we chase them can we try those omelets?”

“Sure thing, honey.”

Roger was still being chased by Nightmare Ruby. He was running down the street. Ruby

was soaring across, burning the street with the fire that shot out of her mouth.

“Marry me, Roger. I love you so much.” said Nightmare Ruby.

Roger saw an alleyway and hid beside a dumpster. Nightmare Ruby soared across the

alleyway without noticing Roger. “What am I going to do,” said Roger.

“Roger is that you?” said a voice. The dumpster lid opened Harry and Marvin popped

out. “Marvin, Harry, is it really you guys or are you dragons?”

“Dragons? What are you talking about, Roger?” said Marvin.

“I’m being chased by a dragon that looks like Ruby, it’s my worst nightmare. What are

you guys doing in a dumpster.

“We are being chased by Marcus the Murderous Mailman,” said Marvin.

“And his wife, Miranda the Murderous Talking MailTruck,” said Harry. “Marcus the Murderous Mailman that’s my favorite horror movie,” said Roger. “Yeah, well, Harry and I are no longer fans.”

“I wonder why we are all having nightmares,” said Harry.

“I think it has something to do with our new collars,” said Marvin.

“Do you think Leonard K. Cat has something to do with this?” said Harry.

“No, doubt,” said Marvin.

Marcus drove pass the alley again and noticed Roger, Harry, and Marvin. “There you

guys are! Harry, I have to get your recipe for the omelet, it was really delicious.”

“If I give you the recipe will you stop trying to murder us?”

“No!” Marcus started to drive down the alley. Harry and Marvin jumped out of the

dumpster and started running with Roger. Miranda the Murderous Talking MailTruck was laughing.

Leonard K. Cat. and Clarence walked into Care City Hospital. Roger, Harry, and Marvin were tossing and turning in their sleep.

“Looks like my nightmare collar is working perfectly,” said Leonard. “Yeah, Leonard, you sure are a genus,” said Clarence.

“I know I am Clarence, you don’t have to tell me.”

“What do you think their nightmares are about, Leonard?”

“I don’t know in order to see we would have to put on the Nightmare Collar.” “Then let’s put them on.”

“No, Clarence! I don’t want to see my nightmare.”

“Ok, then I will just put on the Nightmare Collar.”

“Knock yourself out.”

Clarence placed the Nightmare Collar around his neck, and turned it on. He quickly fell asleep. Roger, Harry, and Marvin were still running from Marcus. “You three dogs are going to be a delicious meal for my wife, Miranda the Murderous Talking MailTruck. Miranda opened her mouth wide open.

“Roger, what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know.”

Clarence was standing on a sidewalk, he saw Roger, Harry, and Marvin running from Marcus. “Don’t worry, Roger and the other therapy dogs I will save you,” said Clarence. Clarence ran out in front of Miranda.

Marcus quickly stopped his truck. “Hey, cat! Who are you?” said Marcus.

“I’m Clarence the therapy cat.”

Miranda started to sneeze. “Oh no, I’m allergic to cats!” Miranda kept sneezing. “She

going to blow,” said Roger. Roger, Harry, Marvin, and Clarence ran to the sidewalk. Miranda kept sneezing until boom, she exploded. Marcus the Murderous Mailman and his wife, Miranda the Murderous Talking MailTruck were gone.

“Clarence, you saved our lives!” said Roger.

“No problem, Roger.”

“Clarence, why are we having nightmare? Is Leonard K. Cat behind this?” asked Marvin. “Yeah, Leonard, created The Nightmare Collar it can give any dog or cat a terrible


“Why are you here, Clarence?”

“Because I wanted to see what nightmares you guys were having.”

“Let’s go find Ruby. I wonder what her worst nightmare is,” said Roger.

was at an Italian restaurant called, The Pasta Pooch with a dog she thought was Roger. Ruby and Nightmare Roger were sitting at a table. The table was decorated in a bright white table cloth. Ruby was wearing a dark purple dress and Nightmare Roger was wearing a black tuxedo.

“I’m so happy, Roger we never have time for date night.”

“I know, Ruby I’m happy too!”

The waiter was holding two plates of food. “Your dinner has arrived.” The waiter placed a plate of spaghetti and meatballs in front of Ruby. “Spaghetti and meatball for the beautiful lady.”

“Thank you,” said Ruby.

The waiter placed a plate of sugar cubes in front of Nightmare Roger. “And sugar cubes for the handsome gentlemen.”

“Sugar cubes? Roger, why did you order sugar cubes?”

Nightmare Roger laughed. “Because Ruby I’m not your handsome boyfriend, Roger. Nightmare Roger pulled off his face, and a unicorn head appeared. “I’m Eugene the Evil Unicorn!” Eugene had snow white skin and a bright pink mane.

“Marry me, Ruby!”

“I’ll never marry you, Eugene!”

“But I have a beautiful house in California overlooking the ocean.”

Roger, Harry, Marvin, and Clarence showed up. “Ruby, we’re here to rescue you!” said Roger.

“Roger, is it really you?”

“Yes, it is, my love.”

“Is the spaghetti any good here?” asked Clarence.

“Clarence, we don’t have time to eat.”

“Sorry, Roger! I was just asking. I don’t have my wallet. Not having my wallet at a

restaurant is my worst nightmare in case you wanted to know.”

Eugene got up from the table and walked towards Roger. “Roger, I am prepared to fight

you for Ruby’s love. I must warn you I will hurt you with my hooves of harm.”

Roger laughed. “Oh, yeah! I’m real scared of a unicorn named Eugene.” Eugene punched

Roger in the stomach. Roger fell to the ground. “Ow! That really hurt!”

Eugene was standing over Roger. The horn on Eugene’s head started spinning like a

power drill. “Roger, I am gonna put a hole in your body with my beautiful horn.” Eugene aimed his horn at Roger’s stomach.

“Ruby, help!” shouted Roger.

Ruby grabbed a sugar cube off a plate, jumped on Eugene’s back and stuffed the sugar cube in his mouth. “Oh, that sugar cube is so delicious.” Eugene grabbed the plate of sugar cubes off the table and started eating the table. Roger stood up off the ground. “Ruby, you saved me I love you!”

“I love you too, Roger!”

“I can’t believe your worst nightmare was a unicorn named Eugene.” “Shut up, Roger! What was your worst nightmare?”

Suddenly Nightmare Ruby flew into the restaurant “Marry me, Roger!” she roared. “Oh, no, I forgot all about Nightmare Ruby,” said Roger.

“So your worst nightmare is I’m a dragon?”

“Shut up, Ruby! Your worst nightmare was a unicorn named Eugene.”

“Marry me, Roger or I will set the whole place on fire,” said Nightmare Ruby. Nightmare Ruby was getting ready to shoot a fireball out of her mouth. Roger quickly grabbed a fire extinguisher off the wall. Nightmare Ruby shot fire out of her mouth. Roger aimed and shot the fire extinguisher at her. Nightmare Ruby became covered in foam, and was unable to shoot fire out of her mouth.

Roger, Ruby, Harry, Marvin, and Clarence woke up. “Our nightmares are over!” said Harry. Leonard was rolled up into a ball on the floor, and sound asleep. Roger put The Nightmare Collar around his neck and turned it on. “Sweet dreams, Leonard K. Cat!” said Roger.

“I wonder what Leonard K. Cat’s worst nightmare is,” said Marvin.

Leonard K. Cat was a goldfish in a fish bowl. A cat’s paw reached into the fish bowl. Leonard started swimming around the bowl. “No, no get away from me,” said Leonard. The cat paw grabbed Leonard and pulled him out of the bowl.

“I’m so hungry,” said the cat. The cat opened his mouth wide open.

“This is my worst nightmare. I hate you, Roger the therapy mutt!” said Leonard. The cat dropped Leonard into his mouth, and swallowed him.


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