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Leonard K. Cat Gets A Bad Case of the HairBalls

Roger the World’s Greatest Therapy Dog Volume 1

By Jmjulius15 JayPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

It was a bright sunny spring day and the therapy cats were having a meeting. ’’Attention all therapy cats as you all know I have had a bad case of the hair balls, so that’s why I created The Therapy Cats Hair Ball Ray,” said Leonard K. Cat. ’’With it I will give every living thing on earth a bad case of the hair balls, thee only problem is we need a lot of hair for it. So the therapy cats robbed every wig store and every place that sells hair ball medicine and went back to the hospital.

“Now we should have enough for the hair ball ray. Leonard K. Cat put all the wigs in his hair ball ray and turned it on, but the ray didn’t work. Leonard K. Cat looked at the instruction book for the ray. “Great! Turns out we need real hair for the ray.”

’’I thought you took some fur from your mom,” said one of the therapy cats.

’’My mom has fake fur. All the therapy cats started to laugh. “Time for plan B. say hello to my other invention the Therapy Cat Hair Remover Ray.

How does it work?” Said one of the therapy cats.

“I’ll show you. Leonard K. Cat zapped the ray at the therapy cat and all of a sudden the therapy cats fur was gone.

’’Where did my fur go?”

’’When I zap someone with the Hair Remover Ray all the hair gets stored in the ray. ’’Without my fur I’m not handsome and my girlfriend will break up with me.” ’’Don’t worry you were ugly when you had fur.”

The therapy cats went all around town zapping cats and dogs with the Hair Remover Ray, collecting enough hair for the Hair Ball Ray. Meanwhile at Care City Hospital Home of the world’s greatest therapy dogs. Roger was on break watching the news on TV.

’’In other news cats and dogs everywhere have been losing hair no one knows why,” said the news reporter.

’’I would hate to lose my hair,” said Roger.

Suddenly the therapy cats bursted through the hospital doors with the Hair Remover Ray. “Prepare therapy mutts to lose all your hair. Leonard K. Cat zapped Roger and every therapy dog in the hospital with the Hair Remover Ray.’

“My beautiful fur!” Every therapy dog was hairless.

There goes my dream of becoming a chick magnet,” said Harry.

’’Once I give every human and animal a bad case of the hair balls, people will come to my hospital for hair ball medicine and my hospital will be the most popular hospital in the world,” said Leonard K. Cat.’’ Looks like I have enough hair for the Hair Ball Ray. All of a sudden two therapy cats burst through the hospital doors with the Hair Ball Ray. The therapy cat put all the hair from the Hair Remover Ray into the Hair Ball Ray.

’’You therapy mutts will be the perfect test subjects.” Leonard K. Cat turned on the Hair Ball Ray. Roger couldn’t let all the therapy dogs get a bad case of the hair balls so Roger grabbed the ray just as it was getting ready to fire, and pointed it at Leonard K. Cat. The ray zapped ’’ No! I hate you Roger the therapy mutt.

“You and my ex wife have a lot in common,” said Roger.

’’I don’t feel so good,” said Leonard. Leonard coughed up a giant monster sized hair ball. The therapy dogs called the pound and the therapy cats were arrested. Leonard’s mom bailed Leonard and the rest of the therapy cats out of Jail.

’’Thanks, mom for bailing us out of jail. Leonard’s mom slapped Leonard with one paw. “That’s for stealing my fur you're grounded for a month.


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  • Ali Akbar6 months ago

    You wrote it brilliantly Jay!

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