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One Moment Then Was Gone

A Heartbreaking Story of Losing a Loved One

By Hailey MPublished about a month ago 1 min read

“I miss you, the way you used to laugh. I miss your smile, already I feel the difference without you. Where your bright presence used to be, now only a shadow lies there. My love, oh, how I miss you. I promise every night we are apart I will pray to God to set me free and to let me join eternal joy with thee.” I prayed each night for that which never came, but I intend to keep my promise. For it has been a few years since that man took my joy. The blood that spilt declaring my loves last breath. The gun that was held that declared his execution. Why life must be this way, simply, I do not know. No matter the answer, I loved and will treasure the moments we used to share. But for now and what seems forever, goodbye, I must start a new beginning.


About the Creator

Hailey M

I am considered very mature for my age knowing and learning really hard lessons myself and from the world. I love writing and I want to teach and grow and help when I write, I want people to know that even if we have never met, I care.

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