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On The Beach?

by Mike Singleton - Mikeydred 16 days ago in Mystery / Short Story · updated 13 days ago
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Real or Imagined?

The Beach

All he wanted to do was to see the sea.

He had done this walk a thousand times, or so he thought.

You can’t take a wrong turn on a beach when you are walking to the sea from the road, can you?

The sun was high and hot, he had deliberately not brought his phone because he didn’t want to be disturbed by work, or anybody for that matter, he just wanted quiet time to himself. Was that too much to ask in this totally connected world.? Just some downtime away from everything, just him the sand, the sea and the sound of the sea and waves and nothing else.

Although it seemed to be getting misty, sea fret he thought, he still could not see the sea but thought he could hear it. He had been walking for some time, looked at his watch and it had stopped, either midday or midnight, he still preferred analogue to digital, but it was no use if it wasn’t working.

He was still walking through the sand, the sea fret getting thicker and he noticed the sand seeming to move and displaying swirling rainbows in it, though the mist and moisture from the sea fret probably caused this.

He hadn’t taken any recreational drugs for weeks although he smoked a little weed most nights, but this was the middle of the day so this could not be hallucinations could it? He suddenly realised he wasn’t sure which direction was which, was he going towards the sea or towards the road, and the sand was getting harder to walk through as the dunes suddenly seemed to be much bigger.

Then the wind seemed to get up and it seemed to be metamorphosing into voices:

“You are here”

“You are ours”

“We have you now”

Did he take something he shouldn’t have last night or even this morning? To him, that was a definite now.

But now he started seeing figures, well sour of curling sand spirals with eyes, and they were talking, well in his head and coming towards him, this was getting scary.

The sea fret was now a thick fog making the sand daemons look even more weird and ghostly as they came towards him, he turned to run, or at least try to get away but there were more behind him, he was surrounded.

He felt their touch and was paralysed. With fear or something else, he did not know, but these things had him now and spoke to him in his head.

“We have you now, You are ours”

They were touching his face and his mouth, sand was forcing its way into his mouth and down his throat. His gag reflex tried to force it back but it was burning his lungs and he was choking,

Consciousness soon left him and he fell down and soon was still.

Police Report

A man has been found dead close to the road on the sand dunes. Foul play is not suspected as he seems to have suffered a cardiac arrest. Blood tests should a cocktail of drugs and alcohol in his system, but it was strange he had no mobile phone or wallet, only a watch so we are still trying to identify him.

One unusual thing was his face was constricted in fear as though he had seen something terrible, but this is a favourite place for people to walk to the beach and sometimes have a picnic.

When more information is available we will release a statement.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran14 days ago

    Always say no to drugs and alcohol, lol! Loved this story!

  • Cathy holmes16 days ago

    Nicely done

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