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New World

by Akwaugo Ibe about a month ago in Sci Fi
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When nature connects with the cosmos

New World
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

New World

Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space or so they say.


Butterfly screamed in the control center. She knew there was no way getting out of this pickle. “Ah, it's your turn Fly”! Sage boasted towards Butterfly. “You lost the game”, Bumper said all smiles. Ofelia the fourth head crew member joined in on the laughter. Sage was a NASA representative from American de Norte resembles of Tom Cruise. Bumper, head mechanic from Panama with red hair and freckles, inner child all a glow. Then Ofelia, Butterfly’s college friend, who graduated in geography and specializes in navigation of the seas and stars.

“Tsk... Who even plays spades in space anyway”? Butterfly said as she is walking towards the exit pod of the Nave Nodriza (mothership). Loser must replace the carbon filters to keep the carbon emission in balance. Google claimed by 2030 to handle all carbon emission, but its currently 2412 and the emission is off the chart. Before Butterfly made her way towards the exit pod, she first touches the carved statues of Sudamericana and Akebeulan for good luck which symbolizes the remembrance of Pangea the old world. The Old terra. As Butterfly was putting on her subspace suit, and tiring up her coiled hair in low bun, she couldn’t help but remember how she even became a crew member on the infamous Nave Nodriza. This sub spaceship was built around 2410 in Santiago, Chile.

Her parents moved from a small island of Cabo Verde to Santiago in 2384, to start a new life as tech architects for production for future human explorations in the unknown of space. Butterfly was born in six years later. Her parents opened her mind to the abyss, with astronomy, history, linguistics etc. Butterfly would right in her father’s lap listening to vibration of his chest as he explains to his fellow workers on rocket science. Her mother making flying saucers and rocket ship shape cookies, for her eighth birthday party near the Hubble Telescope. Butterfly was complete in those moments. Her parents were like nomads in a sense that they were always traveling but made frequent visits to Akebeulan or what the world knew as Africa. Her parents visited the pyramids of Giza while questioning the alignment to Orion’s Belt. Also visited alien sightings around Zimbabwe in the early 2390s.

Until one day, her parents were away on business in Mali. There were visiting the Dogon people to get more information on the Sirius star system, and how it correlates to the legend of the Dogon people lineage. Legend has it that the Dogon people can trace their ancestors back to intergalactic voyagers over millenniums ago who one day visited planet Earth. They were coming back to Santiago, but the trip through the Atlantic Ocean was too rough. Their ship ended up capsizing under and there were no survivors. Butterfly was only eleven when she lost her parents. Before they had left for Mali, they said that they had something important to tell her when they got back. It’s a haunting reoccurring thought Butterfly has now and again.

Ten years later Butterfly obtains her aviation license and received her bachelor’s degree in aerodynamic. Sixth months prior to the voyage of the Nave Nodriza. Butterfly traveled from the Mali to Egypt back down towards Botswana. Until she made a final stop in Mail. Butterfly’s. Her parents had only given he little bit of knowledge on the Dogon people and specifically, Sirius. So, at twenty-two, Butterfly finds herself in Mali reaching the Dogon people herself to uncover what her parents were trying to inform her all those years ago. She was led into the village by the children who took her to their elder where there she can seek her answers out. She asked first about her parents, the elder gave a warm gaze at Butterfly. “They smile down at you child, they are so proud on the woman you are becoming, and took look out for the butterflies whenever you need them there”

Beep. Beep

Butterfly comes back to reality and turns to her right seeing an alarm going off, the destination is close in proximity to a planet not a part of their voyage.

“Butterfly, you have to come check this out”, Sage said coming from the intercom.

Butterfly used gravity to her best ability to make it back to the exit pod. She jogged back to the control center. ‘What is all the commotion about? Best 2/3 to finish the rest- “, Butterfly couldn’t finish her sentence.

Butterfly could not believe her eyes. She thought, what in the Zenon 23rd century girl is going on this side on the Milk Way?

What she saw in front her were hundreds of luminous butterflies fluttering around the ship. Ofelia, our navigator was looking through the database. “We are currently near Sirius star system. Butterfly are you sure you received the correct coordinates?”, Ofelia questioned.

Butterfly was still in awed in the little spectacles.

Then there was this noise. hummmm

The force knocked the crew back a little as well the Nave Nodriza. Butterfly finds herself by the fire extinguisher. Ofelia leaning from her desk monitor. Her back hit the chair. She was moaning in pain. Sage was on the ground near the black box.

“Did yawl feel that shaker or what” Bumper head mechanic coming up from the lower deck of the ship after Butterfly went toward to work on the carbon emission levels. Ofelia’s desk monitor was lighting up.

Incoming message

“How there isn’t a working ship near us”, Ofelia said. More of the luminous butterflies made their way around the ship. Then this unknown force is pushing the ship forward in a direction towards a lavender looking planet. With blue swirls of clouds circling the planet

The butterflies were glowing in all sorts of colors and the noise was creating this crescendo as the Nave Nodriza was being pulled into the planet’s atmosphere

“Ofelia what planet are we even entering”, Butterfly said.

“Planet Coruscata ma’am”, Ofelia responded.

Planet Coruscata

As the butterflies brought the ship through the atmosphere per usual a firestorm, indicating the ferment has been pierced shows up. The crew were looking outside the window pods as best they could with the butterflies surrounding. It will be 15 earthly mins later until the Nave Nodriza landed with hard thud. Butterfly, Sage, Ofelia, and Bumper all made their way to the equipment room for spacesuits. “What do you think is waiting for us out there”, Sage said

“I’m not sure, but this new frontier for the Nave Nodriza and we must take this serious”, Butterfly reply.

As the four put on their sub space suits, the other crew members came hustling to the equipment room. There are three subordinates each under the four head crew members who comes into put their own gears on.

Butterfly had butterflies in her gut raging as she made it to the main exit pod to look. Butterfly was in light blue suit, Sage in green, Ofelia in yellow, and Bumper in red. Each subordinate is also in their designated colors suits.

“Alright, crew listen up” Sage said announced.

“We are going to split in our specific team, oxygen levels last a total of 72 hours, so use it wisely, be back within 48 hours with knowledge and or information”, Sage said Sage team with north. Ofelia’s team went west. Bumper’s team went south. Lastly Butterfly’s team went east, in the same direction as the glowing butterflies.

What the journey lies ahead is as unknown, the glow of the butterfly will guide you all.

Sci Fi

About the author

Akwaugo Ibe

I dig deeper to find myself. I unravel the triumph and tragedy within me and to show the world another route to turning pain into peace. Stealing my mind back from distractions and disappointments and being still long enough to savor it.

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  • Robin Milakineabout a month ago

    Good story!

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