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Fabulis Animantium - Filii Elfennol

By Tomos JacksonPublished about a month ago 4 min read

Naniren are diminutive and wizened creatures, even those who are young. Their skin is often very pale, almost as in sickness, though exceptions are known to occur in rare and unusual circumstances, most particularly from among those that serve on the surface.

Their flesh is very tough, almost as leather, and so they do not injure easily. It has been known that they can catch a descending blade in their bare hands without suffering so much as a mark for their troubles. For this reason their armies rarely wear much in the way of armour, making them agile and nimble in combat, and they possess strength unnatural for their size and seeming frailty. It is fortunate for many that they do not venture forth in war often, for surely they would be a formidable foe, even for the famed legions of Atlas, or the arcane hosts of the Dryads to face. Many speak of underground battles with monsters and beasts of great terror, but such rumours are unconfirmed from this author, as no Nanir has made mention of this in any of their encounters with others of the surface, though neither have they denied the idea.

Most dwell underground, they mine and dig for precious metals and gems of great size and beauty in service of their gods Ormtel, Orbelle. In service to other gods, Orgrak and Ortir, they also carve great structures and statues of wonderous craftsmanship unrivaled in the cities of Man, as well as growing great quantities of food and managing large herds of animals on lands well tended to be almost gardens by comparison to the farms of most other beings that walk the lands above. Furthermore, there is tell from those who claim to have visited their mighty cities within and beneath the rock that they have mastered methods of growing food beneath the ground by means of great mirrors and complex waterway systems that bring water and light from outside, into their underground homes.

Female Nanir of Clan Ortir

According to their own tales, they were born from a the love of these four gods, Ormtel with Orbelle and Orgrak with Ortir. Of the four, Ortir seems the least respected, as she is oft portrayed as an unfaithful goddess to her husband, granting her gifts to many other peoples, even at times giving succor to her peoples enemies if they petition her fickle heart, but always she returns repentant to her husband. Despite this, she is loved by her people in gratitude for her great and bountiful produce for both the Naniren and their animals. Her Clan are the most oft seen and numerous of the Naniren as they are those who dwell on the surface, tending crops and herds of animals, as well as engaging in polygamous behaviour, no partner being bound to another and children being raised by the community at large. For how can one be sure in such a community if the child who is strange to you, is not in fact your own. In order to preserve this, it is bound by oath for every Nanir female to keep her pregnancy and the father of her child a secret, even from him.

Naniren of Clan Orgrak

Ograk, by contrast to his spouse, is very sedentary, rarely leaving his home, always at work to craft great art with his skill in stone. He is loyal to his wife, always rejecting the advances of others, though he teaches his craft freely to those who would learn, withholding only the most advanced craft for his children. His Clan are, like him, solid and true to those they give their loyalty to, considering oath breaking as the greatest offense, followed closely by negligence and idleness in ones duty. Due to their god's shared histories, they seem to have closeness with the Ortir Clan, though it is as a brother to his wayward and wild younger sibling, with great friction caused by their differences, yet a true bond formed in family.

Nanir of Clan Ormtel

Of the other two gods there is less known. Delving far deeper beneath the surface the Clans of Ormtel and Orbelle are the most rarely seen by outsiders, and even the other two clans barely speak of them to others. Ormtel is their warrior king god, of armies, battles and the crafting of weapons and tools for his people. He seems to be as a king of the gods to the Naniren, whereas his wife is Orbelle, the queen and mother of wealth, merchants and trade. There is oft much confusion by others who here of these gods, who concieve of them as "evil" gods. Ormtel is portrayed as angry, bellicose and violent, admiring and promoting martial prowess amongst his Clan, while Orbelle is seen as greedy and avaricious, grasping of goods and loath to let them go as well as cunning in the acquisition of others property if she desires it. Many tales involve her schemes to take what she may desire from the other three gods. However this is inaccurate as Ormtel is also the father of courage, honour and skill in the art of metalergy, and Orbelle is a mother of wisdom and prosperity.

Nanir of Clan Orbelle

These two Clans seem to be respected to the verge of fear by their peers of the higher clans. This makes a certain sense when one takes mind to it. These two Clans represent the force of their people and the wealth of their people, the two forces that make up the pillars of power in societies, and so it is natural that, being the Clans of power, they should incite such feelings in those who are as artisans and farmers in the Orgrak and Ortir Clans.

If ever the reader should encounter Naniren, mark carefully their behaviour, identify their Clan and act accordingly. A slight is not forgotten quickly and shall be repaid in a manner perceived as just by the victim. Many a tale has been spoken the horror of their retribution on those who slighted them.

Excerpt from "Fabulis Animantium", by Favonius Justinianus.

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Tomos Jackson

Stories have always been a source of inspiration. I aim to reproduce that in my own writing. Developing ideas of one's potential by reading it in the lives of others can be a powerful force to encourage bettering ourselves in the real world

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  • Andrea Corwin about a month ago

    I was enthralled with the descriptions of these creatures- that they didn’t need fighting armor. I loved the story; I am confused by the “excerpt” comment st the end.

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