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The Knowing

Mythological Compendium of Esgarond

By Tomos JacksonPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 4 min read

See, "A World in the Making" which precedes this.

"Announce yourselves to Ame-by Amarwe, our masters wish to know you."

One of the three spoke to his fellows, wondering, "Hark you the words unspoken?

"Indeed," responded another in equal confusion, "It seems that they are as thoughts summoned unbidden in my mind, not my own and yet within me."

"Announce yourselves to Ame-by Amarwe, our masters wish to know you."

The third spoke up, "If there be one who can hear me, I announce myself as Aldeilad of the Kymen people. We settle lands and build upon them for the safety and community of our fellows."

"You are known Aldeilad of the Kymen people."

The first now spoke up also, "I am Teithier of the Didir people. We roam the lands without settlement, moving from place to place as need or desire takes us."

"You are known Teithier of the Didir people."

The second now spoke " I am Garddier of the Tir people. We build not, or but little, but rather mold our lives to the land on which we live.

"You are known Garddier of the Tir people."

Teithier now spoke in question, "Now that we are known to you, will you make yourself known to us?"

"My masters speak through me"

At this announcement the wind blew through the woodland and the fires of the surrounding forest seem to grow in strength, the withering grew more rapid and life seemed to leach from all around them as death waxed stronger. The voice rang through the minds of the three as the growling of beasts, the crackling of flame, the roar of war. "We are the End, the Death, the flood that drowns, the fire that burns the ice that freezes, the Winter and the Woe of all that live." The voice died away a moment and the fires died with it, life bloomed and the trees grew taller and more green, the sounds of death faded and rather the cries of newborns echoed through the woodland, the voice once more rang out in the minds of the three, softer, the steady patter of rain, the chirp of birds and the soft song of youth. "We are the Beginning, the Life, the water that sustains you, the fire that forges and the Summer sun that warms, the Sustenance of life."

Shaken now, but still strong in the face of revelation, Aldeilad spoke, "And whom shall we serve?"

"Serve?" the voice rang confusion in their minds.

"Are you not gods, calling us to service?" Garddier spoke, "How can we serve both Life and Death that are so opposed? The combination we see around us is strange to us and finds no liking elsewhere in this world."

Amusement, of a bubbling broke and cackling of embers rolled over their minds, "No. Of the things we made so are you made, but by our making you are not. We seek to know you and your purpose. Why are you here?"

The three looked at each other confused, "How is it that we be not the children of Life when we live, or the servant of Death who's hand claims all in time? Whom then do we serve?"

"No you not your own selves?" The voice rang through them.

The three turned back and Garddier spoke again, "What we know of ourselves we have told you in introduction. What knowledge we have we gleaned from this world, and likewise the way we live is directed by our surroundings. To live, to learn, to attain and to persist as a people is what drives us. All that obstructs those aims is brought low and crushed beneath us, or we are buried beneath it."

Long silence followed this, and for a moment the three were afeared that they would be abandoned within this ancient wood of strange contradictions until madness and death took them. But at length the voice returned. "This is not satisfying. Go forth from here and speak to those of your kind. Within a year, you shall return to us and reveal all you have about your people. We will attempt to decipher your purpose so that we may dictate your place in this world. Return not, and Death shall have their way, Life shall no more bare its fruits to you."

Once more fear encompassed the three but once more they rallied and Adeildar spoke, "As you say, so shall it be. In four seasons we shall return here and divulge all that we know of ourselves for your judgement."


With that the voice died away from their minds entirely and the strange wood cleared aside, showing them a straight path to the edge. Exiting from the strange forest the three turn back to see that there was nothing there, all that they had seen was vanished from their sight.

"Strange and powerful are they that have commanded this." Teithier spoke, "A pact shall be between us and our peoples. For these four seasons no act of war or violence shall be between us, as this danger rests over all our peoples in like manner."

"That you speak so is of great comfort," Adeildar spoke, "for of our peoples are you the foremost in war and willing in its practice. This peace will the Kymen hold if the Didir will do so."

"Likewise for the Tir people. And in four seasons may we three return here to safeguard our peoples." Garddier agreed.

The three clasped hands in fellowship and separated to their peoples on this quest of Life and Death.

See "Stewardship" to continue...


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Tomos Jackson

Stories have always been a source of inspiration. I aim to reproduce that in my own writing. Developing ideas of one's potential by reading it in the lives of others can be a powerful force to encourage bettering ourselves in the real world

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