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Miss 'Why Are' Micro Marriage Chronicles

by Marc OBrien 2 months ago in Love
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As Presented In The Fractured Lit Micro Prize Contest

"The Final Fence: Sophomores In The Saddle" Authored By Marc O'Brien, Austin Macauley, UK, LTD Published

282 Words

The Domesticated Tease

Everything seemed perfect, one early December Friday night, football season was over, and cheerleader Miss ‘Why Are’ enjoyed freedom with the house all to herself and she was committed to making the most of the opportunity.

Suddenly, her cell phone jingled alerting the teenager to pick up the message, “Honey why are you doing this?”

Taken by surprise Miss ‘Why Are’ conjured up a reason, “I am being a domesticated tease,”

“Well, that sounds good,” the male voice answered, “what fixens come with that meal?”

“A nice hot potatoe with melted butter and cheese,” she responded.

After the communication disconnection Miss ‘Why Are’ headed into the kitchen to retrieve matches for the candles. When she returned before striking one, advice rendered from beyond, “you do not want to light the candle until its ready to go,”

Looking around the promiscuous adolescent did not see anything and figured the conversation was something only in her mind,

“Miss Why Are you doing this?”

“I am trying to be romantic like a married woman,”

“You do not want to light the candle until its ready to go,” the warning was repeated forcing Miss ‘Why Are’ to stop in her tracks. This natural reaction made her open the blinds and peering toward the moon she made a mature decision.

An hour later the front door open and Miss ‘Why Are’ observed her boyfriend enter, “wow honey the dining table looks great,”

“There are fast food burgers in the microwave, just nuke them for thirty seconds and I have a DVD movie already to go,”

“Fantastic honey,” the boyfriend complemented, “you always make evening’s special.”

“That is right I am a domesticated tease,” Miss ‘Why Are’ confirmed.

311 Words

The Meeting

No longer wearing the local cheerleader outfit on a Friday night instead Miss ‘Why Are’ felt like a modern mature woman strolling through the moon shine enjoying the evening walk down Main Street. Coming to the five and dime store window display featuring holiday festive enthusiasm engulfing the single rural hardworking character. Noticing the tired soul, four mannequins dressed in their finest attire lured her into wonderland wanting to know what would happen if ‘he showed up.’

“Wow, if you were human, I would marry one of you,” she fantasized.

Suddenly, a bump interrupted the thought and turning around a strange gentleman trying to find his way was present.

“Well, hello,” she remarked, “who are you?”

“Oh, excuse me,” he cordially replied, “I am just someone visiting this town.”

“Here on business?” Miss ‘Why Are’ started to put her nose someplace.

“No, passing through living life.”

“Why are you alone?”

“I am an independent spirit,” he answered.

“Staying for a while?” She asked.

“As long as you like,” he replied,

“Do you want to get some coffee?” She inquired.

“I like Maxwell House,”

That is when the pair headed over to the all-night diner who served until the last drop and the two chatted watching the sun appear on the horizon. Despite the hour this honorable individual accompanied Miss ‘Why Are’ back to her residency.

“I really enjoyed the chat,” he commented, and she smiled.

When the clock struck noon Miss ‘Why Are’ opened her eyes and realized she lost many morning business hours which made her think, ‘how could I have been such a dummy being lifted off into space by some social invader,”

Seconds later her cell phone vibrated and when she picked up a male voice said, “you gave me your phone number a few hours ago.” And it was then she knew this was not a dream.

304 Words

The Test

Deep in the heart of a rural soul a young farmer was sleeping peacefully until an electrical surge followed by a thundering clasp shook her innocent dream like state. Miss ‘Why Are’ opened her eyes with a shocking glare that would terrify anyone watching the late-night horror movie cinema presentation.

“Honey why are you not with me right now?” She asked realizing there was not any expensive commitment rings on her fingers.

Then a second loud disturbance rocked the setting forcing the single lonely lady to inquire, “Honey why are you not with me right now?”

Flipping the covers keeping her safe and warm, the isolated cold reality set in, encouraging Miss ‘Why Are’ to stand up from the bed and go into the kitchen. Making coffee she wondered how many nights Maxwell House spent alone, and it was then the pouring rain performed a memorizing dance.

“Honey why are you not with me right now?” Another time the question came from her lips.

Harder the water pellets fell, fiercer the bright light strikes flashed, and angry rumbles played like a haunting symphony in unison.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, tempting Miss ‘Why Are’ to unlatch all the locks, before slowly revealing the visitor allowing the inquiry in a prayerful way, “Honey, why are you not with me right now?”

Standing there drenched in frustration a man wearing an all-weather slicker stared into her fearful eyes, “The reason I am not with you is your car has a bleeding engine and is leaking fuel! And when I got to the convenience store, they were out of Maxwell House, so I bought the next best thing.”

“Oh, honey I forgot to tell you I had an appointment with the car repair shop in the morning and I have plenty of Maxwell House.”

316 Words

Final Answer

Despite the smooth sailing journey Miss ‘Why Are’ experienced through the romantic courting setting inside her fantasy souvenir snow glow script, a haunting destiny threatened by a higher authority shaking the situation terrorized the once in a lifetime moment.

Heading across town to mission control the future bride needed some social security from above ensuring the decision made had matrimony merit. Due to the hour the chapel did not have a soul instead the quiet confines atmosphere with the tranquil backdrop seemed perfect.

Kneeling peacefully, hands clasped together, she asked for a warming conversation allowing her to proceed in exchanging vows.

“Miss ‘Why Are’ you challenging fate?”

“I feel so cold, right now,” Miss ‘Why Are’ stated in her mind, “and I fear there is a crack that could ruin everything,”

Waiting for an internal reply Miss ‘Why Are’ returned to the pew and sat there staring at the wooden cross. Suddenly, a voice flowed magically through ‘the adult ready to make a major transition’.

“Everything is fine, you are proceeding into this marriage union carrying an honest heart,”

“Then why do I feel like there will be an avalanche when something goes wrong,”

Seconds past and then a enlighten wisdom filled statement was released, “look you are getting married in December, it is cold, you leave the window in the bedroom open on a crack, and that is why you are getting chilled, as for the avalanche, very rarely do they happen when mountains are not present, do not lose sleep over it.”

“So, I should not take him back to the assembly plant and make changes?”

“No, stay on the wedding launch pad and enjoy the ride,”

Weeks later everyone fended off the White Christmas storm that blanket the community and the only thing rattling the holiday greeting card came from the cake cutting garter throwing tradition. Making the ‘I do’s’ worth the countdown.


About the author

Marc OBrien

Barry University graduate Marc O'Brien has returned to Florida after a 17 year author residency in Las Vegas. He will continue using fiction as a way to distribute information. Books include "The Final Fence: Sophomores In The Saddle"

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