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Mellie's Secret - Part Two

By Gabbie SpeirsPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Mellie's Secret - Part Two
Photo by Joel Peel on Unsplash

It seemed that the more people saw the ivy-covered walls with the ivy-covered wooden gate, the more they wanted to know what was behind it. I generally told everyone it was my private sanctuary, that nobody but me went in there as it was the place my heart desired to be the most.

Which technically wasn't a lie; it just wasn't the whole truth.

Each day went on as normal, but there was an uncertainty rising in me that I couldn't place, which bothered me. The calm and collectedness of my usual demeanour had been thrown out of the Victorian window of my pretty, little cottage and buried beneath the earth, along with the seeds and bulbs that brought the life seen, spreading across the land.

I felt something bad approaching in the air, lingering. What? Unknown. When? Unsure. I just knew it would be painful. I just knew it would mean that I had to protect my guarded garden even more than I already was.

I approached the ivy-covered, stone walls with it's ivy-covered, wooden door. The feeling of consent lingered in the air as the door swung open for me. There were hedges in mazes all through this side of the gate to confuse anybody who may have entered without permission. I loved this feature of my secret garden. But, as I made my lefts and my rights passed the iron benches that were never used, slowly approaching the centre, I felt like somebody was following me. I wasn't sure if it was my paranoia or imagination. I kept looking back over my shoulder, picking up the pace as I anticipated hearing footsteps behind me.

Mellie. I'm here for you, Mellie. Come with me. Someone or something whispered and sent shivers down my spine. I turned rapidly, my hair whooshing through the air and whipping my face. There was nobody there.

"Hello?" I vocalised, stupidly.

Nobody answered me, of course. Even if there was somebody there, why would they if the intention was to sneak up on me? I heard the leaves rustling in the breeze while my eyes darted around everything in front of me.

I walked and turned randomly through the hedged maze, not even sure myself of where I would end up. Something felt closer, nearing me with every step I took and my anxiety-riddled brain couldn't stop thinking of the worst case scenario; someone was here to steal it.

As I picked up the pace, I made more calculated turns to ensure I would actually arrive in the centre. My feet were moving without me telling them to and before I knew it, I was close. My mind almost caught up with my body as I saw the final archway needed to access the centre. The evergreens around my rustled in the wind while I picked up the scent of my personal rose bushes.

As extravagant as my entire garden was, this was much more subdued; it only had to appeal to me. The simplicity was my favourite part. I loved everything behind the gate from where I stood presently, because it brought pure joy to so many people. But, my joy? It was right here. In the seven foot, perfectly pruned pea-greenery. The classic red roses with their thorns sit flawlessly in the ground. Short, black lanterns sit either side of the benches dotted around for ease of sight when travelling in the dark.

I took a moment before turning the final corner to take in the beauty once again. It didn't matter how many times I came here; it still looks as breath-taking as the first time it grew around me, almost like a time-lapse.

I heard the trickle of water from the springs in the corners calling to me; a siren song from each. It drags me closer and through the archway to see the white in the middle.

The two marble hands guarding my heart extending from the marble man.

The love of my life who is fated to be apart from me for eternity, unless I find a way to break this painful curse.


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Gabbie Speirs

I write fantastical short stories that keep you coming back for more

Engish writer, world lover

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