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Manuscript of the Universe

by simplicity 2 months ago in Fantasy · updated 2 months ago
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Chapter 1: Introduction: A Manifesto by One Helping Write the Manuscript

"Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say"(Vocal). Those saying this are probably humans. Maybe this is even true, but we don't say this. Space is a noisy place, but I guess it's true "no-body" can hear a scream in the vacuum of space. The rest of us can. It can be very disruptive too. Please keep that in mind after reading this. So, if you shall ever go, you wont fall in the trap of thinking no one can hear a scream in the vacuum of space. I assure you we can.

Humans don't think of this. So self centered! Its okay, we are not that different. All the vibrations, waves, frequencies, radiation, etc. all speaking to the rest of us. Sometimes giving directions, sometimes expressing a point, asking for reconfiguration, or to move, fuse, react, etc. Space is really crowed. I know, I know you were told its almost empty. This is quite the opposite from my perspective. From my perspective space is so crowded in-fact, the light bouncing around is stopped. It is stopped from giving all of us visible form. We are so crowded that the colors reflect in on each other, mixing, causing blackness. We present as just a dark force. All the frequencies, from such close chatter, gets confused. Everyone speaking at the same time in such close proximity. The lucky ones find homes near or as part of stars, neutron stars, meteors, planets, the Magellanic stream, or some part of the milky way. Best, is when a new entity is formed. Creating a new visible part of the universe.

Dark energy, or as I see it the overcrowding of space, is a force causing the universe to expand. The best way I overheard this explained, is to imagine "the universe like a loaf of raisin bread dough"(Library of Congress). I learned, you humans eat this for breakfast. Not appealing to me myself, but to each their own. I will use the analogy because it is a great analogy. "As the bread rises and expands, the raisins move farther away from each other, but they are still stuck in the dough"(Library of Congress). The raisins being galaxy systems, planets, etc. The raisins stay intact bc "gravity is in control of things at the local level"(Library of Congress). I would also note, that although the loaf is empty between raisins, matter still fills in that space separating the raisins. Based on Hubble observations the universe is expanding at a rate of "roughly 45 miles per megaparsec...or 3.26 million light-years"(Howell). Messages constantly travel every second in the universe. There needed to be a way to convey messages that were constants in the story of the universe, including time sensitive parts. Obviously we had to devise a depiction method. A way to communicate ideas to the overall system, to keep it from chaos.

Formation or elimination of an entity or "thing" takes understanding a message from the one next to you, then the one next to that one and so on. A sort of game of "Telephone", but for creation. It sounds easy enough, but with so much chatter, hardly any of us feel comfortable that we heard correctly. It is very hard to get a group to make complete sense of a message out here, but we do it. It is complicated work, but we do it.

When we do have something to communicate, our external message conveyed is beautiful. Or so we have heard from various sources, humans being the main source. Each cluster, a complex expression of a message to another in the hierarchy of space. Every pattern or combination a way of expressing a part of the plan. Speaking to a specific direction given. Each visible creation a purposeful expression of a complex thought being conveyed. An abstraction holding a point in the story or helping the direction of it. Each movement or change a response, or I guess, what you could think of as a sentence to the higher order reading space. A higher order waiting to decide what must be written next. I already mentioned it is very noisy in space, but it is really very noisy. So, writing a sentence for others to read really is the easiest way. The message may never find it's way to the appropriate one trying to be reached otherwise. The universe is best thought of as a giant manuscript. Each formation a word, sentence, or paragraph in the manuscript. Size, location, color all contributing attributes to the part it's conveying. It is probably hard for a human to understand such an abstraction, but please do try. It could be compared to crop circles on earth. Giant messages when viewed at a distance displays and conveys a specific message. Each crop circle conveying meaning to the one meant to read it, but a complex image to the untrained decipherer.

To you a super nova for example, is a beautiful star explosion, "a last evolutionary stage of a massive star or when a white dwarf is triggered into runaway nuclear fusion"(Wikipedia). To us, a super nova is a necessary sign or alarm in the manuscript signaling another event. A stars inner and outer war gives way, causing enormous shock waves, bursting the outer layer. A needed trigger, eliminating and old place holder no longer relevant in the overall manuscript, but its reactions needed in order for the writing of the manuscript to continue. A fluid depiction, ever changing.

Our jobs have been made even more complicated. Rockets zoom around, satellites reflect signals and astronauts take up space moving us around and compacting our area. All these elements mix our understanding of messages. This is how errors are made. I mean really! We however, understand humans and humans insatiable curiosity. Some of these elements are even required as triggers or elements to the overall writing now; Acting as propulsion aides or chemical additives for reactions in the next word creation and sentence depiction.

This is where my story begins. I was enmeshed in the cosmic fluid. Me, stuck in the chatter, trying to decipher any chatter that seemed important enough to react on. Mainly, minding to my own business. Literally minding my business, waiting for an order. I'm old compared to you reading this, but younger in the scheme of some of my neighbors. I desperately want to be part of some important piece of the story. The writing of the climax of the story perhaps. The shift in plot. The sentence that makes the viewer realize it's just about perspective. The AHHH HA creation in the space picture. Stuck in a mosh pit of chatter I can't help but be drawn into, and contribute to it. Every once in a while, seizing my own chatter just enough to hear the others around me. I am lucky kind of, I'm near Mimas. For dramatic effect, THE DEATH STAR. Dunt dunt dun! That's one of Saturn's moon's. Called so because the appearance looks like the Death Star from the "Star Wars" movies ( NASA has shown interest in it as well, but nothing significant has come out of it yet. Things I picked up by way of satellite messages. Very similar to a moon around Jupitar. I appreciate Mimas. You categorized Mimas as IWOWs, meaning Interior Water Ocean Worlds (Gough). Mimas hides all its secrets on the inside giving hardly any outward expression, but still a sentence in the manuscript. Hardly any cracks or thinning revealing the possible treasure of an ocean underneath. Of course NASA is just speculating at this point from information received from Cassini (Gough), but it gives me hope that maybe I'll be a part of the story one day, or at least nearest to a pertinent part. Like being near one of the seven wonders of the world, for you, or a celebrity or something. You get it.

By the way, It is nice to meet you.

Chapter 2: My Neighbor that Arrives from Across the Universe


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The ideas from Kardashev and the Kardashev scale


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Writing is something I allow to flow out of me when ideas formulate organically and need an outlet.

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  • Jori T. Sheppard2 months ago

    Great story, you area a skilled writer. Had fun reading this story

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