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Love never ends.

Those were my golden days. I was getting all the happiness of life. Because I loved a girl and she loved me 100 times more.

By Selly NathPublished 2 years ago 7 min read

He left alone

Those were my golden days. I was getting all the happiness of life. Because I loved a girl and she loved me 100 times more. Our days were passing as if a golden dream was coming true. It was the most beautiful thing of my life. We spend every moment together. His name was Payal. We both used to quarrel a lot and I did it on purpose because it was so nice to celebrate him. When he bowed his head and said sorry, I would laugh at the innocence of his face. He hurriedly hugged her.

"Even someone loves someone very much." When I asked, he had only one answer:

"I don't know anyone else. You are everything to me. I shudder to think of this life without you. Without you, nothing in this world is mine.

"I can't live without you either. You won't leave me, will you? I had a feeling that I would never find a girl like Payal. I was afraid of losing her too.

It's just a matter of one day. I did not go to college that day. I have a fever. After a while, Pawel's phone rang. I told him I had a fever. I didn't want to tell her, because I knew she would leave the classroom, and so it was, she was with me for a while. Question after question began. Have you taken any medicine? Eaten? Why didn't you tell me before? I thought that such a fever would come every day. With so much love, so much service, all sorrows are acceptable. This kind of love comes from destiny. That fate was with me. Seeing so much love, my father used to say- "You marry him." Even I thought the same. Because I couldn't live without him. That was all. I kept thinking about her and kept dreaming of marrying her.

Many days have passed. One day his phone rang.

Our unfinished love story

The matter of the heart remains in the heart. Just because of a fear 'What if he misunderstands?' Our friendship will end. Because of this fear, so many people like us still have lost their love and remorse for that thing. If I told him. - "I love you. I can't live without you. It's up to you what you do but I love you."

Even though so many years have passed, this thing makes my heart beat faster. The mind becomes restless and the eyes begin to see it. Not knowing that. Which you will not get. The whole picture of that time kept revolving before my eyes. Today, that instability has increased again. His memory hurts the heart. I am sharing my story with you, maybe the burden of the mind will be lightened.

Our love story started from 11th grade. I was the least talked about boy in my class. A very shy then very beautiful girl 'Sneha' entered our own class. He was different. There was something different about him. Beauty is like asking from the angels of heaven. Big eyes, fine nose, pink cheeks and long black hair. The day she came after a bright shoot, she looked absolutely like a fairy.

He also talked less like me. She looks like me. I started falling in love with her. He was always my concern. I looked for an excuse to talk to him. By then he had joined our team. We started talking lightly. But she didn't realize how much I loved her. How many times have I thought I should tell him today. But as soon as I saw him coming from the front, my heart would beat faster and my mind would become empty. All is forgotten.

Now we come to the 12th. Then came the tour program from the college side. It feels very good to think

Love never ends

Prakash and Neha can't help but look at each other's faces. Conversations always happen. If she had never known Prakash by phone, then Neha's phone would have gone right away. Where are you what are you doing Similarly, the solution was light. They both promised to live and die with each other. Promised never to go. Both of them were enjoying their love life. But even after this light, darkness did not come.

Neha's family members kept pressuring her for marriage. Despite the rejection, her marriage was settled elsewhere and one day the marriage ended. The two became separated from each other. Prakash also got married. He got married to a very beautiful girl. But his heart could not be found. Revelation was lost in Neha's memory all the time. I used to miss him all day and feel bad.

Time passes. Neha had children and also had revelations. But Neha was not happy with her husband and Prakash was not happy with his wife. They always quarreled with each other. Even then Neha could not forget Prakash, nor Prakash Neha. Prakash's wife was very beautiful, yet he was not happy with her and could not love her.

Over time, their children grow up and get married. They have been separated from each other for a long time. Time was moving very fast. The world of internet is gone. The two became friends on Facebook. The conversation between them started. The two of them talked for hours, all the things that happened a year ago. The love that had been suppressed for so long began to come out.

This time both of them showed courage. Both of them got separated from each other and became each other. Now she was happy. He is no longer young. Nor was she young. But the love was the same. That feeling of love was the same then. Each day was a new day for him. The separation of the year seemed to pass like time. Now he lacked nothing. Love

Love that will not fade

Some memories are thus fixed in the corner of the mind. No matter how much you ignore it, remember. The mind flies to the memory that we spent long ago and all the pictures of the mind float in front of the eyes and the mind keeps searching. I want him to come.

Tenth grade exams started. The village boys were coming to town. Gradually the crowds in the city continue to grow. If someone came to his relative's place, someone would rent a room. One evening I was walking on my porch. There was a one-story house in front of my three-story house. He also had a son. Fair-haired face, big eyes and curly hair. It looked amazing. I stared at him for a long time. When he saw me. We both met eyes. I quickly lowered my eyes and walked to the other side of the roof.

Whenever I had time, I would hide and see him. I don't know what was inside her that was pulling her. I always wanted to see him. I would half open the window of my house and hide from there. Whenever we looked outside, my heart rate would increase and I would look down and look diagonally. I always wait for spring to come. So at the same time I would go out dressed up. It's nice to dress up now. I want to stop him in the middle and say I love you. But as soon as it is found, the tongue gets locked. How many times do our eyes match? Her big eyes, just staring at him.

Exam days were passing. Even then we did not know each other. I wanted to talk to her many times but she never paid attention and spent most of her time just studying. It was quite a night. I could not sleep. I got up and went for a walk on the verandah. I looked at him. She was still studying under the streetlights on her porch. I stood for a long time and looked at him. Mag

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