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Love life: I use food and Netflix to touch my heart

What are your first memories of each other? I thought the woman in the life love most

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 8 min read

Love life: I use food and Netflix to touch my heart

Cynthia, 30, and Eizen, 29, have been dating for six months, and today in the life of their friendship, they talk about making a fortune after reviewing each other's records in Zikoko, and overcoming obstacles to make concessions to each other.

What are your first memories of each other? I thought the woman in the story and I were going on a similar life. She was as unconventional as I was, married, had a child, and she was unhappy with her life. I made some revelations - I came to Zikoko - and got in touch with her with her consent.

Cynthia: When Ezinne notified me on Twitter, I liked how friendly she looked. stream media. She sent me her picture and I think she is an amazing divine messenger. I also sent her my picture, which we recently reported on.

How to handle two conversations? We talked about our love for our position. I made her worry about making school plans. We all admit we were involved, but we didn't check...

The week we started talking, I met up with a friend in Surulere and checked to see if she was working near him. Cynthia reported my area and asked if I could take her to lunch. She doesn't have to see me - I can drop her off at her office.

Do you really want lunch, Cynthia? A few minutes later, I passed my desk and met her in the dining room. Wandering around dinner, she was there. She has a weird face I've ever seen. I thought, "WTF, are you done mixing?"

E-magazine: lol. With all due respect, since I had a serious face before she saw me, I could tell she was very embarrassed.

Cynthia: I'm not embarrassed; I'm basically looking for you. Better try not to keep it for people.

EZEN: Well, I want to make you laugh and make you happy.

This is unusual. He guides us through history. Cynthia: It did work. We are live. We made each other laugh in an unusual sequence. Lunch ends with a sumptuous dinner.

Eizen: I could stay there all night and focus on her childhood conversations. I love how comfortable she feels with me, which makes her extra cute.

Cynthia: You take me home after the date.

More opinions found in 3, 2, 1... Cynthia: LOL. clam down. We talked about hanging out again. Two or three days later, she took me to the supermarket to buy food after get off work, and drove me home not long after. When we got to my house, I told her I was done and she said she should see me again. I leaned over for a hug, but the woman gave me a punch.

E-magazine: lol. I am anxious. Honestly, how I wish I could flick her cheek. When I came back that night, I told her that her eyes were big enough that anyone would lose the ability to tell East from West.

Cynthia: That confession made me blush. This is where I understood that I surrendered to her.

Ezini, was this always the plan? At the same time, I started to get to know her. We have been talking for a month. Then I became impotent.

Cynthia: The disease accelerated things. I went to see her and we watched Netflix and ate Nasala to the rhythm of the yam. That was my first attempt at sex with Nsala, damn, Igbo people appreciate it.

E-magazine: lol. That time was really unusual. I call often to make sure I'm okay. Just as I was getting better, I quit my job. The day after my denial, she asked how I was being treated and I said nothing, she could come and kill me. I smiled and agreed, so I sent an Uber to pick her up.

Well... Cynthia: She gave me a kiss when I was supposed to leave an open door that day.

Ezine: You kissed me again...

Cynthia: Well. However, koko is where you start. After the kiss, our conversation became even more exciting. She called me again. This time, she gave me turkey and pasta while we were watching the movie. This woman is getting into my heart with food and Netflix.

Later, when NEPA was in focus, we were watching a movie at her house. Without definition, I followed my face and started showing off when we thought the lights would come on. It's as hot as phyuk.

EZEN: I told her before that I wouldn't let people touch me during sex. She let me know it didn't work for her. When she landed me on Earth that day, I realized I cherished her so much. The sex is unbelievable.

At this point I can't decide if I should get some data about your extension. Ezinne: My soulmate is at work and my youngest son is in school.

Cynthia: Just like mine.

cool. What Happens After Sex? We started calling each other more. Considering the way I don't have earbuds, it's a really annoying piece of work, and there are a lot of people in each case. She said she wanted to bring me AirPods to help with this. I was like, "Damn, I'm not going to let you make me something so expensive." This sweetheart kept closing, and then I mentioned that I met her at the mall one time. Think about what she was carrying when she appeared?

Ezinne, please have enemies by my side. E-magazine: LMAO. I basically want the option to chat with her the way I like.

Cynthia: It must be troublesome. It's scarier than I hate to hate. We were filming and praying that she would play with a lot of women at the event.

Ezinne - Ezinne: Lol, you mentioned she was dating me and she said no etiquette.

Because: I said I look forward to seeing how it goes because when I smudge anything, it gets sloppy.

E-Magazine: I get it. I have short hair. Two or three days after we talked about it, I got my hair cut. I look extra sexy on women every time I get a haircut, so I keep thinking about it. This is the trouble you're talking about. I've talked to a lot of women and nothing. I look forward to going with Cynthia. Just when she asked me to participate, she was ready to be world class and I was really bubbly.

What made you, Cynthia? Cynthia: That's what I thought.

I had to say my final goodbyes to being single before meeting Ezinne. I feel dynamically limited because it needs to go beyond what I can provide. I gave myself permission to never start dating again, but Ezinne is new — she's as related as I am. She understands the components of an attached woman. She appreciates whenever I have family time, so when she wants to interact with her friends and family, I do that. We all understand our obligations as attachments to each other and to others. It's clearer like this.

Eisen: Yes. There was a safety net tied up and given to us. I think most importantly, she is a confused woman helping our relationship with creation. We all understand the risks involved.

OK. Ezeny: How has the relationship been so far? She was very surprised by me and my efforts. It develops me tremendously when I achieve something at work and I love it. From a different perspective, we are all the same. For example, we both did our best as expected.

Cynthia: Yes, but we are different in different ways. For example, to open a strip of cleaner I'll take as much time as I can to unpack the package and this sweetheart will tear everything to shreds like a rogue.

Haha this sounds like married life. do you live together? She visits often, and when she visits, she rests.

Is it your husband again? My partner thinks she may be my best friend, and honestly, what my soulmate and I have is not the same as what I and Cynthia have. For Cynthia, my opinion is increasingly important. I feel like I can understand my feelings. I've come to the conclusion that this makes all kinds of different things unprecedented.

Cynthia: I know very well. My warm gesture to Ezinne did not restore my relationship with my significant other.

Do you think they have questions about your relationship? Cynthia: I don't think so. Everyone knew she was my best friend - life partner, friend, even my mom. My little one sits with me and my soulmate. She stayed in the guest room when she approached. We may have sex when we are at home. My soulmate doesn't come right back after thinking about work, so we have a proper open door.

So now that the relationship is open, what does it look like? Cynthia: I think our relationship is better now. I haven't questioned it and made sure we don't look like everyone else right now.

Eizen: Yes, the goal is to build trust between each other. We really wanted to get to where we could get to a threesome without ruining our relationship. I love Cynthia and I know I got a call so I'm going to make things work between us.

What's the most amazing part of a relationship? She helped me notice something about myself that I didn't understand. For example, sexual things. I was a repressed piece in front of her. She made me surrender.

I love that I can perform with her naturally. I like to play with sharp edges and they let me do it


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