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by Greylee Tynewise 4 months ago in Fantasy

One wrong move and the world may not exist

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I am going to tell you the same story about that old barn outside of town that my mama told me, and her mama told her, so on and so forth. The tale begins long before there were paved roads, automobiles, or even electric. Everyone has heard of the Salem Witch trials that took place in 1692, but our little town has kept the secrets of Lost City, Oklahoma, and what it used to be. The only evidence that is still around is that old barn right there on the edge of town. Lost City was not always the name of this little town I call home, it was once known as Makeayway Valley. Makeaway Valley was the tribunal home of a very powerful people, the Waymaker Gemini Coven.

It is believed that around AD 800, the Waymaker Gemini coupling High Priestess Ambrose and High Priest Atlantes were the first to take breath on the earth: that the earth just created them from within its very own core. As it is told coupling by coupling the core of the earth brought forth this majestic coven, until there were fourteen couplings, each with their specific purpose in future growth of the world. Ambrose and Atlantes being the beginning, the head, and Nimue and Niam the end, and the future. This coven was the only beings on the planet until around 1450.

From what I have been told, Ambrose and Atlantes were the protectors of the coven. It was their duty to guide each coupling through the purpose of their existence to be fulfilled for the future of their people to exist. That old barn that we see is the remnants of what housed the very people believed to provide way for us to exist. Each of the rest of the couplings were born under a different zodiac constellation that surrounded their duties to the earth. I know most people ask then how was there thirteen more couplings if there are only twelve zodiac constellations?

Let me explain, after many years of hearing this story and many more telling it, I am sure to help you understand. Most people nowadays read their horoscopes and know there are twelve months in a year, each holding a different zodiac sign. This being the reason people get so confused about there being thirteen couplings under the High Priestess and High Priest being brought forth. You see that is just not true. Zodiac signs and all that hoorah surrounding them today was the way people of the past differentiated time. The path in which the sun appears to travel through the constellations in a year, known as the ecliptic path, made way for establishing a sort of timeline for them. The sun truly travels on the ecliptic path through thirteen constellations, not twelve.

Okay now that the reason for thirteen instead of twelve more couplings is understood I will finish the story of why that old barn represents something so important that historians have failed to document. Ambrose and Atlantes spent several years alone on the earth being prepared for the tasks the earth would bestow upon them to lead a coven of couplings. In preparation they gathered wood from the earth and built a dwelling in which they lived. The dwelling was magnificent, made from the finest, most durable wood the earth provided. In its prime it was a very extravagant, before its time kind of home, ready to house the rest of the couplings to come. The first coupling that Ambrose and Atlantes were entrusted to care for, Bellatrix and Bynx, came under the Aries constellation. Bellatrix and Bynx function best within the fire element. These two are action packed, impulsive and the best at new beginnings. They have the responsibility of bringing passion to the world.

As the sun passed through Taurus, Charity and Crone came into existence, most effective with the element of earth. These two were intelligent, dependable, hardworking, and stubborn. It was their duty to ground logic and reason into the world. With another month passed, the Gemini coupling, Dahlia and Daemon, came forth with a strong bond with the air element, bringing with them the gift of perception, being the reason behind the coined phrase, ‘there is two sides to every story.” They were responsible for forces of perception, compromise, and negotiation to be divvied through the land. The fourth coupling to be brought forth was Emmeline and Enyo, under the Cancer constellation. They drew their power from the element of water. They were very instinctive and full of emotion. They were responsible with the duty of bringing compassion and a nurturing nature to the atmosphere. These couplings together represented the four elements and had much power when they stood together as one.

The earth still had more responsibilities to provide for an entire planet of people in the future. The couplings that had already been brought forth just did not wield enough power to finish the job. The earth decided to send more couplings doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling the elemental force of power. More couplings were presented in that old barn, two by two, each time the sun passed through a constellation. Under the Leo constellation Freya and Fin appeared connected to the fire element. Their job was to bring enthusiasm, loyalty, and protectiveness. Passing through the constellation of Virgo, Glacia and Gawain, drawn to the element earth bringing persistence and perseverance. Next, Hettie and Herne came under the Libra constellation. The element of air helped them to bring fairness, justice, and balance. When the sun went through Scorpius along came Izelle and Inali with use of the water element, they were prepared to bring independence and awareness. Following the path through Sagittarius with Jemma and Jasper ready to conjure adaptability and flexibility using the element of fire. Keziah and Kayne came under the Capricorn constellation, relying on the element of earth to help them provide determination and integrity. Lavina and Laramie, created under the Aquarius constellation beckoned the air to help them bring to the world conceptual thought. As the sun passed through the twelfth constellation Pisces, appeared Morgaine and Marcel to call on the element of water bringing them the energy needed to fulfill their duty of providing empathy and intuitive for the earths future people. With twelve couplings brought forth a timeline had been made, later to be known as a year.

The sun continued following the ecliptic path and there seemed to be no more couplings being brought forth. The couplings, under the lead of their High Priestess Ambrose and High Priest Atlantes, spent the next several months becoming accustomed to the reality of their existence. They adamantly worked toward the goals they were brought to achieve. Each day they watch the earth change before their very eyes. The harder they worked the more the earth provided. The dwelling that Ambrose and Atlantes had prepared, as magnificent as it was, had to be reconstructed to accommodate the needs of the number of people brought forth. By the eighteenth month the dwelling even astounded those that built it. Everyone was settled in, and the duties bestowed upon them were progressing as expected.

On the twenty-first month after the earth sprang life into Ambrose and Atlantes, what seemed like a normal day would prove to be anything but normal. The sun was on the ecliptic path crossing through the newly seen constellation Ophiuchus, when suddenly a new coupling appeared. Ambrose and Atlantes thought this coupling seemed unlike the others they did not even wait for introductions before they began questioning everyone. Since Ambrose and Atlantis was not expecting them, they were unsure if they were supposed to be over them as well, like their duty to the others. They told everyone that their names were Nimue and Niam and it is their duty to bring the life force into the future. They together represent the time continuum and full responsibility to all beings, those of the present and of the future. This duo was very serious by nature, and it was imperative for the future to exist that they succeed in fulfilling their duty. The responsibility that was bestowed upon them was to create a balance on earth between chaos and strict world order.

Nimue and Niam are the end and the future. They were sent by the earth to seek the truth regarding the readiness for the earth to be completely inhabited. Due to their independent thinking and willingness to propose challenge with anything on their quest, the other couplings were quite intimidated by them. Nimue and Niam were of sorts sent to play devils’ advocate. They relied on all four of the elements to achieve their responsibility, making them the most powerful coupling. Though they wielded this massive amount of power they only used it to ensure all duties had been met for the earth to fulfill its promise and fill the land with the Waymaker Gemini covens’ people. In the year 1492, when Nimue and Niam completed their task and assured Earth that the world was ready to be inhabited, they merged the power of the elements, merging the couplings into the two beings, Nimue and Niam then called upon the earth itself to bring the future into existence. Earth being pleased with the works of the coven made way for the coupling to begin life with their own territory of land, creating life within Nimue and producing new life for each territory of the land, ending the beginning, and beginning the future.

The only proof that the long told generational tale has any merit of truth is that old barn and the artifacts that have been found on the surrounding land. Mama said the way she heard it was that Nimue had seen it fitting that Makeaway Valley had made a way and she herself changed the name of our little town to Lost City before the birth of her very first babe, I know there are many tales about creation, but I like to believe the version my mama passed on to me is the one that makes the most sense. Now I think that is quite enough for today, but boy oh boy I can not wait to tell you the rest of what happened before the Salem Witch trials.

Preview of Part Two: LOST CITY: FOUND

Now you must understand that in the 1500’s there were no states, or a government. The nation we live in today did not exist as it stands now. The land was filled with different tribes of people, that each had a stake in specific territories. Each tribe had their own beliefs and lived from what the land provided. The Waymaker Gemini Coven was just a little bit different than the rest of the tribes, they not only lived from what the land provided they were one with the land and possessed special abilities that provided them with magnificent power. Like all the other tribes of the land, the Waymakers worshipped and gave thanks to the land, but they were entirely more in tune with what the land could provide for their people, more so than the other tribes.

Earth, water, air, and fire the Waymakers chanted as they embraced the wisdom bestowed upon them with each ritual they held. With the entire coven present, the air was almost tangible with the magic being whirled around. The coven chanted in pairs, two by two, the power held within the coven grew. This was another difference between the other tribes and the Waymakers. The earth granted this coven the ability to ensure that mates would be born under the same moon to intensify the powers they possessed. For any magic to be conjured two from the Waymakers had to call upon it together.


Greylee Tynewise

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Greylee Tynewise
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