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by Greylee Tynewise 3 months ago in Fantasy

Whole New World

All Rights To Greylee Tynewise

I just love the way my mama shared these stories with me and did not leave me to be conditioned to believe what the government wants the people to believe. I love it even more that I can share pieces of history with all y’all. I hope y’all do as I am and tell others the stories of forgotten history. Well, that is enough about how I feel, it is time to get on with the tales passed down to me of the Waymakers.

With the second generation grown and starting on the third being grown, it seemed to be a whole new world. Things are different than Nimue and Niam expected them to be. People from other lands had started to migrate to the only land the Waymakers lived on. Niam and Nimule’s children were grown, had found their intended mates, and had children of their own, some of which were ready to go on their own journeys to find their mates. The Waymakers had spread out all over the land and filled all the territories with the magic running through them. Nimue and Niam were grateful to the earth for the magic that had been bestowed upon them and passed through their veins onto the generations after them and would be to come. However, they feared with the new people to the land and the distances between them and their children and grandchildren, they could be in danger. Their fear was confirmed when a suspicious package wrapped in brown paper was found on their doorstep.

For as many moons that have passed in their lifetime, Niam and Nimue still felt as youthful as the day of the merging. They had experienced bringing life into the world, watching each set of their twins grow up, and find their own mates to begin families of their own. They watched as the earth changed, the population grew, and new lands became known, However, with the people of the other lands coming to their land, they witness great changes in the ways of their land; beliefs being dismantled or altered to the beliefs of those coming from lands far away. Slowly the people of this land started straying away from praising and thanking the earth for providing so plentifully for the people and began worshipping the beliefs of those from other lands. They have seen a change, even in some of their own bloodline, those that had went on their journey and paired with someone that had come from other lands. Niam and Nimue stood looking at the suspicious package wrapped in a brown paper bag, trying to decide whether to open it or run.

It was around 1541, the first time the Waymakers met someone from another land. His name was Francisco. He told them he came from a faraway land and had to travel through his own land, sail across a vast body of water and has hiked many moons on the land they are now meeting on. Meeting Francisco was just the first of many new landers to come to the land. As with all the others with-out a direct blood link, Francisco lived and died, yet Nimue and Niam were still here watching the world change, people be born, live life and die. The new landers brought their beliefs and traditions with them to the land and over the generations past gratefulness to the earth was slowly dissipating from the land. The new landers had taught their religious beliefs to the people. Slowly the truth of creation had been distorted and the beliefs in the land had changed. Nimue and Niam continued to live the way they always had, from the land for the land, as did the following generations of Waymakers and this sparked the interest of others. The interest drawn all through the land about the Waymakers and soon the talk began. Rumor after rumor was spread with speculations addressing the oddities of the Waymakers. Although the Waymaker population had grown and spread through the land they easily communicated through their magic. Each Waymaker, blood or mated, could feel the other Waymakers in the very core of their being. From that very first meeting with the new lander Francisco, there had been an uneasy feeling that rang through each of their cores.

The new landers came over with stories about the witch hunts, trials, and executions of those found guilty of witchcraft in the lands that they had come from. It was not long before the Waymakers, all over the land begin to hear the hushed rumors that people believed their “odd behaviors” were because they were witches. When the gossip line first begin the Waymakers found it quite funny that people would turn to one another whispering in hushed voices and look expelled with fear from the rumors. It was not long though that the fear was turned around and the Waymakers were the ones that held it.

This part coming up was always my favorite part of the stories when mama would tell them to me. A story is always better when you know something big is about to take place. I just wish that the historians would pull themselves together and get the truth out on the shelves for everyone to have access. Okay, sorry for my little interlude, on with the tale.

There was not much that scared the Waymakers since they knew that the earth itself would help to protect them, yet this feeling of fear was overwhelmingly coursing through the entire family. A rumor or two probably wouldn’t have affected them, but this had been rumors spread about them and speculation made by four generations of new landers based on their ancestors’ experiences on their homeland. Across the ocean where the new landers originated, they had been warding off the devil and his sorceresses for centuries already, by way of witch hunts. When they brought their religious beliefs to the new land, came their belief that the devil sought out weak individuals to carry out his evil deeds, witches. The new landers had studied about witches from the Malleus Maleficarum, a book written in the 1400’s to provide a guide for the other land people in hunting and persecuting witches.

Now the Waymakers special abilities granted to them by the earth for their faithfulness could be the very thing to destroy them. Nimue and Niam decided to open the suspicious package in the brown paper bag; they would not go out with out a fight. They opened the package, and it was a copy of the Malleus Maleficarum, with a note from Francisco’s great granddaughter. In a child’s writing the note read, “study this and destroy it, they are coming for you and all that belong to you.” Niam and Nimue took ahold of one another and drew out every bit of energy they could, calling to the earth to summon enough energy for their entire lineage to hear their call, they are in danger and must come up with a plan.

Nimue and Niam frantically began reading the book after setting the note on fire. After all, if they knew what the plan against their people was, they would have a better chance at defending themselves. While the elders read the rest of the Waymakers through the land called on the earth for protection against any harm to toward them. As they read the text of the book the new landers used as a guide for their ridiculous beliefs, Nimue and Niam became sadden at the reality of how far the truth of creation had been replaced with the new landers’ beliefs. By all truth this book described everything in which the Waymakers stood for, with the exception they had no idea who or what Satan was and never did they have the intention of bringing harm to people. However, they did rejoice in the earth and used what it provided to help the people. If using the earth grown herbs for healing means one is performing witchcraft, then yes, every Waymaker would be found guilty in the eyes of the new landers. The earth was and is and always will ne the way of the Waymakers.

I think this is a real good place to stop for now, it will give you time to really focus on the history you and I were taught and prepare you to hear more of the truth. Only if my mama was still around, she would be so happy that I am continuing where she left off making sure our people never forget the truth. Only if the tales of the magic still existed. Or does it?

Stay tuned for part 4 of the LOST CITY, to find out what happens.


Greylee Tynewise

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Greylee Tynewise
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