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Lost City: Found

by Greylee Tynewise 3 months ago in Series

Part Two

All Rights to Greylee Tynewise

Like I have told you before the story I’m tellin’ is one that mama told me, that her mama told her, so on and so forth. Now, I left off right after the earth had merged the Waymaker Gemini Coven into Nimue and Niam and fulfilled the promise of filling the earth with inhabitants in 1450. My mama told me that Nimue and Niam sure made that old barn on the outskirts of town a real fancy place back in their day. Come to think of it, that barn is right on the edge of my mama’s property. Hmm, I wonder, nah, let’s get on with the tale of how lost city got found.

Now you must understand until 1789, there were no states or a government. The nation we live in today did not exist as it stands now. It has been one-hundred years since the merge of the Waymaker Gemini Coven, in which the Earth brought forth life in the womb of Nimue and every woman that was being placed in their own territory to inhabit the earth. The earth had fulfilled its promise to the Waymakers’ and the earth was plentiful and now inhabited with approximately 5,100,000,000 people. The births of the first babies were born forty weeks after the merge. Just as the Waymaker Gemini Coven in its fullness, Nimue and Niam Waymaker, continued living in that old barn outside of town. When Nimue gave birth, it was no surprise that she had twins. Ophelia and Oscar Waymaker, being the first of nine sets of twins born to Nimue and Niam, they were born under the Libra constellation and drawn from their first breath to the air element.

The land was filled with different tribes of people. As given by the earth, each tribe had a stake in specific territories. Each tribe had their own beliefs and lived from what the land provided. The Waymakers’ were just a little bit different than the rest of the tribes, they not only lived from what the land provided they were one with the land and possessed special abilities that provided them with magnificent power. Like all the other tribes of the land, the Waymakers worshipped and gave thanks to the land, but they were entirely more in tune with what the land could provide for their people, more so than the other tribes.

Earth, water, air, and fire, the new Waymakers’ chanted as they embraced the wisdom bestowed upon them with each ritual they held. The air was almost tangible with the magic being whirled around. They chanted in pairs, two by two, the power held within them grew. This was another difference between the other tribes and the Waymakers. The earth granted them, as were their ancestors granted, the ability to ensure that mates would be born under the same moon to intensify the powers they possessed. For magic to be conjured by a Waymaker brought much power. The only catch was that for each Waymaker born their future mate was born somewhere else in the land. This being the journey for each Waymaker generation, to find the one in which they are meant to be with. Only paired with their intended would allow them to keep the magic in their lineage.

Ophelia and Oscar run to their mother and plead with her for a huge slice of the chocolate cake she had made. After all it was the day that marked their fifteenth year, as well as being the day they call upon the earth to embark guidance on them as their journey to search for their mates begins. Ophelia and Oscar knew it was imperative for their family, as did the other sets of twins, that they find their mates. Without the Waymakers finding their intended mates, the magic they had been given would disappear. Nerves ran through their veins more zealous than the barn cat chasing a rat.

They had been preparing for this day their whole lives. Now that the day is here for them to get on their horses and follow the path to the crossroad and then separate, they did not know if they could. They were both acting super brave for the younger twins, and their mama, but deep down in the pit of their stomach all they felt were waves of knotted nausea. As Nimue brought them their chocolate slices of cake she chanted blessings of safe journeys over them. Ophelia and Oscar ate their cake, said their goodbyes, and got on their horses to find their future. As they approached the crossroad Oscar reminded Ophelia that they are never truly alone since they have communicated with one another telepathically from the day they were placed in their mamas’ womb. Ophelia was drawn east and Oscar to the west, their separate journeys had begun.

Ophelia’s Journey

Ophelia’s mind was racing with thoughts as her journey east began. What would her guy be like? Was he already aware of the magic inside of him? Was he feeling this same tug inside of him, pulling him toward her as the tug inside herself drawing her to him? She thought about all the stories her parents had told her about creation and all that it took for today to even exist. The pressure she felt weighing down on her to fulfill what she was set out to do. Before she knew it, she had ridden near two hundred miles to what now is known as Hennessey, Oklahoma. The territory was filled with a tribe of people that seemed so different from her own. She was accustomed to being a free spirit and the people she seen came across as so uptight. The tug inside of her was tightening. Then it happened, it was like everything else disappeared and the only thing in her vision was the most handsome man she had ever seen. Everything around them was a blur and suddenly they were standing face to face. They brushed arms and instantly they knew one another, everything there was to know.

His name was Ommin. His mother had told him he was meant for a special purpose his entire life. At this very moment he found his purpose, or better yet his purpose found him, Ophelia. She was more beautiful than he ever could have imagined. Her eyes were a mysterious mixture of greens and browns that pulled him into her world. It was like the entire world was gone with the two of them alone exploring one another through the eyes of the mind. Ommin had never even been good at understanding people, even when they would explain themselves over and over again. Yet, for the very first time being just in Ophelia’s presence he understood everything about her. He felt her feelings, her thoughts and shared her desire to fulfill the duty of continuing the magic that flowed through them. He knew his purpose was to join Ophelia, and so together they set off back to her people.

Oscar’s Journey

It seemed like he had been riding west forever. Oscar was approaching a territory that is now known as Atkins, Arkansas. It felt like he was being torn between his connection with his sister and pursuing his purpose of finding his mate. The farther west he traveled the more his connection with Ophelia seemed to perish. The moment Ophelia and Ommin joined with the purpose of their duty to be fulfilled together, Oscar felt his connection with his twin severed. Oscar knew his sister had found her mate and they were now merged in unity. He questioned himself, if he was really in tune with what he was feeling, where he was heading. Then it happened. He entered the territory. It seemed to just be land, there was not a sign of life to be seen, yet he felt an overwhelming tug inside of him that this is where he was meant to be. Oscar was so tired, and the sun had already set so he decided to stop for the night and get some rest. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a shadow. He turned to look but seen nothing. Oscar laid down and drifted off to sleep. In his dreams a spirit guide came to him. The spirit guide explained to him the reason he continued to feel so worn and lost was due to his questioning his purpose. The spirit guide took Oscars’ mind on the journey he was to follow. Oscar was shown the path and was reconnected to his true self.

When Oscar woke, he seen his journey in a whole new light. The spirit guide that visited him in his slumber had shown him that he had just been riding and not following the direction of the tug. Oscar gathered his things and got back on his horse, this time he allowed the magnetic tug of his other half to pull him. He rode through another day until the tug was so strong it stopped him in his tracks in what is now known as Spiro Mounds, Oklahoma. He got off his horse and was pulled forcefully to a mound. Just as he thought he had lost his mind the most beautiful woman appeared from what seemed to be out of nowhere. She seemed to be just as drawn to him as he was to her. Her hair was long, and in the sunset shimmered like black diamonds dispersing from it. She was so petite, almost fragile looking. She approached him to welcome him and introduce herself. She told him her name was Opal and she is the “ushi tek of the hummatvashka, aki is the mikoholahta of the hummatvashkas.” (She is the daughter of the red warrior; her father is the leader of the red warrior people). Oscar told Opal about his long journey and its purpose. Opal reached down and her hand brushed against his, with the brief physical connection they were joined. Opal grasped his hand and tugged him to her parents’ mound shouting in her peoples’ language, aminti, aminti, meaning he has come. Opal explained to Oscar that her people have believed that one day a man would come and fulfil the prophecy of her people to keep the people growing. With him appearing and the pull she felt to him has brought the prophecy to come. They rested with Opals’ people then began their journey to Lost City.


Nimue and Niam were on the porch while the kids played in the yard, waiting patiently for their oldest to return home with their mates. The whole family knew that they had found them because each Waymaker felt the presence of a new intensified strength in their power. At the crossroad once again, Ophelia and Oscar met, only this time it was to reunite, returning home with their mates. Though the telepathic connection they had with one another their entire lives had been severed and passed to their new mates, the bond the two had would never be broken. As the horses approached everyone ran to meet them. Nimue took a deep breath of relief, her kids were home safe and sound and ready to move forward having fulfilled the very first journey of the new way of their people.

Now that is an important part of the history of our world, don’t ya think? It’s hard for me to believe how so many important details of our existence have been left out of our history. I’m just grateful that my mama saw fit to make sure I knew the truth so that I could share the truth with you. There is so much more that I have to tell you, but those stories are for another day.

Preview of Part Three: Lost City: Whole New World

With the second generation grown and starting on the third, the world seemed like a whole new world. Things are absolutely different than Nimue and Niam expected them to be.


Greylee Tynewise

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Greylee Tynewise
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