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Lost - Alone


By Fred LooneyPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
Lost - Alone
Photo by Marsha Reid on Unsplash

Darkness is complete. I feel eyes on me.

Not Cold, not warm. Naked? A twig snapped - where?

Who’s There? Silence.

I fear! I love! I cannot lose you.

I heard, something? Acrid taste and smell, wood smoke?

Step, into decaying vegetation.

Another step, oh God, rotting flesh. Small animal?

Kicked something hard. Oh hell, I’m wearing sandals!

Faster sounds from back, no from right.

Panic! Run! Trip! Fall!

Lifted by hair, horrible breath.

Gravel imbedded laughter.

Brightness, my eyes, sour laughs, the light hurts. Am I blind?

Woman’s voice, “Now what do we do with you?”

Why? Who?


About the Creator

Fred Looney

My first lifetime, I wrote in the language of computers. Now, in my "Retirement" I want to express my thoughts and feelings to other humans.

Please join me in this new adventure while I explore what I have been hiding in my subconscious.

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