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Little hamsters have had a dream since they were little


By Dylan M ParkinPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

The little hamster has had a dream since he was a child. In the future, it wants to be the driver of the forest sprinkler. Every day he drove the sprinkler, watering the meadow and the flowers on the roadside in his favorite forest.

But the other small animals in the forest hamster was ridiculed dream only when a sprinkler driver. Because he wants to bear, he wants to be the bravest police officer inside the forest, the rabbit's dream is to become a gymnast, the dog's dream is to become the strongest detective. Compared to their dreams, the little pale mouse's dream is a little simple.

Little hamster from then on dare not mention their dreams with everyone. Instead, the seed of this dream buried in his heart.

After many years, when someone asked the little hamster what kind of dream, the little hamster is loudly said, they are quite sprinkler driver this dream.

That's right, the hamster was ridiculed by everyone's dream at that time, thinking all over the heart, even if everyone ridiculed, I also want to move forward to this goal.

Little hamster because of the small body, there is no way to drive the sprinkler. Little hamster wasted a lot of effort to obtain a sprinkler driver's license.

In addition to having a sprinkler driver's license, as a sprinkler driver, he needs to know the route of the forest. So, every day, the hamster travels through the forest on all the roads and paths.

Yes, the hamster spends a lot of time and energy on becoming a sprinkler driver. You might think that the hamster has put in so much effort. It will surely achieve its dream.

But time passed day by day, the little hamster became a big hamster. But it still sits on its own every day to step on the waterwheel pulley work. There is no relationship with their dreams. Except for the water.

Hamster every day by running the pulley, the waterwheel turning. Filled the sprinkler with water. Every day the hamster looked at the sprinkler passed in front of himself, thinking that if the thing to drive the sprinkler himself.

This day, the hamster because of illness, accidentally broke a part of the water truck at work. Resulting in the water truck can not supply water. The sprinkler had no way to water the grass, flowers and trees in the forest. In the hot sun shining, those flowers look like they are almost wilted.

And because of this, the hamster was also sacked from his job. The sacked hamster walked home with a weary pace, looking at the small flowers and grasses on the roadside. The heart is also very guilty.

The sky was a hot sun suddenly became dark clouds, followed by a rain down. The hamster was soaked. But the hamster was very happy. This way, the flowers and grass will not wilt with the same.

This rain came and went in a hurry, and soon the sun came out again. A beautiful rainbow appeared in the freshly rained sky. The small animals on the road were also attracted by this beauty. They couldn't help but stop and admire the beauty.

The hamster was no exception, he also saw the rainbow. His eyes were moistened.

The next day, the hamster was notified to resume his post, the hamster continued to run on the pulley every day. But today, Uncle Duck drove the sprinkler water have been filled, but delayed Uncle Duck. But the sprinkler make hard can not be delayed. Hamster decided to take over the work of Uncle Duck.

In this way, the hamster finally drove the sprinkler, driving on the road, this day, the sun is very big, the sprinkler sprinkled place. In the sunlight also appeared under the rainbow. Sprinkler to where the rainbow to where.

And this is the same as the hamster saw the sprinkler west in the late afternoon that day. A rainbow also appeared in the sprinkler that afternoon. The little hamster also wanted to make this rainbow for more people to see.

After finishing the sprinkler work, he realized that Uncle Ducky was just out of town because of his stomach trouble, and Uncle Ducky was grateful to Hamster.

After driving the sprinkler, the hamster was more determined of his ideal. So, after that, as long as someone asks the hamster what his dream is, the hamster is no longer afraid of being ridiculed, then he tells them loudly that he wants to work as a sprinkler driver.

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