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Lilac Scented Dreams (8)

chapter 8

By Kristina BrulePublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Laying in this now mud puddle, I fall further into it. As if sinking into the earth itself. Trembling, glancing around, and like always I am alone. Tears streamed down my face as if my eyes were a part of the clouds themselves. Feeling a flame ignite inside of me, power flowing through all of my veins. Something breaking and snapping at the same moment the sky closes in on itself once more. Clouds invading the sky and hiding the sun's shameful brightness. Lightning striking next to my body, thunder roaring in bitter resent. Standing up slowly and angrily, mud falling off of my clothes, hitting the ground rejoining where it once was. Feeling something open inside my mind like a secret door hiding in a closet. Eyes lighting up with the lightning strikes. Seeing and feeling things I have been through in this life and parts of the past. All the pain, loss, misery. The love, happiness, and courage, everything building up and flowing out like a stream of water.

Angry and relieved Chrissy stands up and leaves the cemetery. Leaving her mother’s peaceful body in the coffin, all alone. With one goal and person in mind, her brain takes her to an all too familiar house on auto-drive. Pulling into her driveway with rage, jumping out of her car before it was fully turned off. She sees Noah's house, empty and sad looking, he will no longer run the other way from her as she will make him see her. Walking through his yard eagerly and mind flooded with what she will say. Banging on his looming front door. BANG! like an ocean wave hitting the sand. BANG! again. The lightning and thunder are still fighting for dominance in the sky above them.

Hearing loud banging like the door was about to break down from the storm Noah gets up from his small cot in his bedroom. "Please don't be Chrissy" whispering to himself. Like a scared child opening the door while parents weren't home, he opens the front door slowly. Staring at him with rage and bewilderment in her eyes, seeing the lightning reflecting off of them. He knew what happened and mournfully started to open his mouth in his defense.

“Ok listen to me, I know you're mad but it was for your own good...I...I..” Stuttering, not fully prepared for this argument yet, he was hoping for some more time. Scared for his life with this girl in front of him filled with seething rage. Trembling and staggering backward, sweat dripped down his body. “You told me to let you live a normal life…” Trailing off knowing that his argument will be nothing compared to what the women in front of him had ready to wield. Remembering all the times she had won arguments with logic and emotion. Words from her cut deeper than any sword she could ever hold.

"A normal life? Normal? I lived my life filled with fear, sadness, and anger. I was tormented, bullied, and alone. I watched a lot of people die, and I was so sad and scared. I watched my mom die. I thought I was crazy, people thought I was crazy. I was outcasted and thrown away by almost everyone. Not many people wanted to be my friend. You, you were supposed to be there for me. Where were you till now? Are you the reason I could never get a boyfriend? You chased them off, didn't you? Are you that jealous? I didn't even know, I knew nothing. I was just a normal girl trying to live my life. Not only that but you said that I had died, to me. How messed up is that." No longer yelling but her words getting quieter. Her eyes filled to the brim with tears, no one knowing for sure if it was from anger or sadness. " I needed you, I needed your comfort, I..I…" falling to her knees in front of Noah and now tears streaming down her face.

The storm behind them subsided its angry nature. The sky is still dark and covered, the lighting and thunder slows. Now only the sad pitter-patter of the rain and earthly smell of the grass surrounding them. Noah falls onto his knees in front of the solemn girl, coming to terms with her emotions.

I Swept her hair from her face and caressed the skin I adore so much. Gently grazing her cheek with my thumb. Pulling her into a hug with all my emotion and pent-up passion. It’s been 22 long, lonely, and boring years, without fully having her in my life.

“I love you, Chrissy, I know you know that. I’m sure you don’t have all of your memories, but please try to listen to me. You were never alone. I was always there for you. I tried my best to help you without revealing anything. I was hoping you’d live a long and happy life to die and be reborn again. Then I would try to break the curse. But it seems you are too strong for the reincarnation curse, my love. Please let me help you break it the rest of the way and then free our worlds from suffering at the hands of that witch, Drussela.” calm and steady, the calmest and tender I had been since her first death. Kissing her cheek gently, like she would fall apart if I kissed any harder. “I promise to never let you feel alone again. I love you, my Queen.” Looking deep into her eyes, as if the harder he looked the more his words meant.


About the Creator

Kristina Brule

I have loved writing since I can remember. I used to write songs and poems all the time growing up. I have two poetry books and one fiction book published. Every little thing I write has pecies inside of me that show who I am

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