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Lilac Scented Dreams (10)

Chapter 10

By Kristina BrulePublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Her anger visibly shaking the ground, Chrissy's eyes no longer the color of the warm, welcoming sun. But the color of an angry fire burning with rage inside of her. “You betrayed me?” Her voice is deeper than her usual soft loving self.

Shaking Noah drops to the ground, His eyes watering. “ I swear my love I did no such thing! I don’t understand what is happening!” Please You have to believe me! I am not brave enough to fool a god, let alone the god of gods. Look into my head and see.” Cowring down in fear he crooks his head for Chrissy to touch.

Angrier than before Emitting a soft purple light, the walls joining the ground in shaking. “Are you mocking me?” Chrissy starts floating slowly into the air. “ You know I can’t check your memories. As soon as I protected you by giving you some of my powers, I could no longer look into your soul and mind! You knew this years ago! You’ve been by my side for hundreds of years. Were you planning on betraying me this whole time?” Floating down back to the ground, The light in her eyes no more, but the water from them very evident. The walls and ground shake no more but are no longer perfect in their structure. “I’m a proper fool. I should have known. It was all fake wasn't it?” the sound of light rain fading through the room as clouds appear and rain falls from them as her own eyes cry. “Not even a human could love someone like me, that's what she said and I should have listened.” Straightening herself out she looks the trembling man in his eyes. The rain and clouds are gone, for now. Wiping her tears from her face and without moving a muscle the ground and walls fixed. “No more shall I be used and lied to, I'm done.” Walking towards Noah she forces him to stand, and put one hand on his heart. “You have something of mine.” through clenched teeth.

As a soft light starts to form around Noah and Chrissy,A scream echoes through the endless halls. The light dissipates till it is no more as her hand is withdrawn from his chest. Noah is still standing still, not daring to move a muscle. A small group of people enter the room they are in. “ What is going on?” Chrissy demands.

“I tried to stop them, my queen but they were very adamant on coming to see you.” Drussela pleaded.” I felt them enter the castle earlier and went to see what they wanted and I couldn’t stop them.”

“And what do you guys want? I’m busy here.” Her face as stone as she hadn't moved a muscle while talking.

A tall guy with long blonde hair stepped forward and spoke. “ We heard you were played and we had to come see what the commotion was. Now we see it was the human, you trusted. We told you long ago if the human dare threaten the crown he will be disposed of. We don’t believe you are fit to rule anymore. No queen lets a mere mortal trick her into a trap.”

Taken aback Chrissy steps back. “A trap? But as far as I have noticed he has done nothing except lie about a portal.”

“Your majesty, you’re standing in a trap now. You didn’t notice it before?” Dru spoke as she stepped toward the area Chrissy was and put her hand out, As she did so an wall like barrier showed itself. “The room was spelled to not let any god out of it.”

Aghast Chrissy walks to the threshold of the door and puts her hand out as well, to be met with the same fate as Dru. “I...I don’t understand.”

Again the blonde man spoke. “You trust the Human too much, he clouded your judgment, he must go. If you refuse you too will be banished. I’m sorry but we” he moves his arm around to motion towards the five strong and alluring people. “Agree that we need a ruler that will not be tricked by anything.” With a wave of his hand the barrier disappears. “Come on little human, don’t make this harder.”

Noah Seemingly just as confused as Chrissy speaks “ I don’t understand how you guys think it was I who did this. I did not trap myself in a room with one of the strongest, angriest gods. There’s been a mistake.”

A woman with slight blue skin stepped forward “ Oh shut up and come with us.” With that Noah could no longer open his mouth and had to follow the group of gods.

Stuttering and flustered, Chrissy begins to speak. “Can someone let me out?”

As the group was walking and heard this one of them shouted “no you can stay there for now.”

Thinking to herself, she starts to consider everything that had just happened. There has to be more to this than what just happened. I get to take his powers and ban him, but to consider getting rid of me? Suddenly Chrissy remembers she can talk to Drussela through a spell. “Dru, what's going on? This isn’t adding up.”

“I’ll catch you up later, I’ll try to get this fixed.” She hears Dru’s voice faintly.

What felt like hours of sitting in this room with no seats but multiple ways out, other than the spelled doorway. Drussela walks up to the room and with a wave of her hand the barrier on the door disappears and she walks in. “We talked to Noah and interrogated him. He claims he has done no such thing, right now he is in the dungeons. I talked to the other gods and they are reluctantly deciding to leave the situation alone for fear of treason, for you anyway, he will be stripped of your powers and sent to one of the realms.”

Pacing the room, Chrissy has one hand on her chin with a look of utter focus. “This isn’t adding up. They wouldn’t want to stage a coup just because I was in a room with a trap that I could easily get out of if I really wanted to.” Well, let's go to the throne room and talk.”

Drussela turning around and walking out the door, Chrissy soon follows, only to be stopped, again, by the barrier spell.


About the Creator

Kristina Brule

I have loved writing since I can remember. I used to write songs and poems all the time growing up. I have two poetry books and one fiction book published. Every little thing I write has pecies inside of me that show who I am

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