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Lilac Scented Dreams (9)

chapter 9

By Kristina BrulePublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Sitting atop a throne-like chair made of gemstones and stones, tall and intimidating, yet enchanting. Her feet are on top of natural stone slabs. Chrissy, herself fitting the title of a queen as her beauty was incomparable to those around her. Her skin is smooth and clear. Her dark hair is long and full of life. Brown eyes are so mesmerizing that even a dark soul would get lost in them. Her smile will stop a room full of people, to just look at her. with the small tooth gap completing the picture of her perfect imperfections. Wearing a thigh-length white dress covered in lace and small stones. Next to her is a woman, beautiful but not as comparable. Red long wavy hair that bounced as she moved about. Tall and slender, but broad. Freckles bestowed upon her face, very adamant about being noticed. A crooked nose and untouched eyebrows, but yet beautiful no doubt. She sat in a chair like Chrissy but not as grand, hers was smaller with fewer gems. She sat on Chrissy’s left. To the right of her was a throne far grander than her own. All gems and no stone. It looked as if it would cut you if not careful. Even though this chair was grander, it was not the one in the middle, pronouncing importance. Across from these three chairs is a table, with five chairs surrounding it. These chairs were normal wooden chairs but cushioned with fabric for comfort. A map of some sort lay on top of the table. The room itself is dark but full of life. Grand windows with flowers on the sill, different flowers fill the vases but in each vase, there is at least one purple dream lily protruding from the mass plants. Small cloud-like things fill the air, along with a small sun in the center. Aside from the stone path from the door to the center, where the thrones lie, the rest of the ground is made from soft, gentle grass. Some bushes and flowers create paths. The slight scent of lilac lingering in the air willing to attach itself to anything it can.

Taking a sip out of her amethyst chalice, “Oh Dru, you have always been so funny, where do you come up with these jokes?” Chrissy, giggling and covering up her face says, barely audible through her laughs. “If it weren’t for you being here, this place would be dreadfully boring at times.”

“Yes, you do run quite a boring realm sometimes. With the “no breaking any rules” and “ no fun” things you have here.” Holding in her laughter, waving her arms around while talking to emphasize her point.

“My love there has been a breach in one of our portals. It looks as if someone has been attempting to go through it.” bursting in through the doors Noah rushes to Chrissy. “ We have to hurry, it looks as if the portal is about to break. We need to go to it now.” Grabbing Chrissy’s arm and pulling her to the door. Chrissy not fighting back obediently follows Noah. Drussela followed closely behind.

“What portal was it? Is it so bad that I need to fix it?” worried Chrissy asks. As they run through countless halls, each with their own sense of life. One like the Sahara desert, the air hot and dry, sand-like walls with sandstone slab for the flooring. Another like the Appalachian mountains, the air wet and frigid. The walls white with snow, the ground made from white rock.

“The mortal realm. It looks as if whoever it was was one of ours and it happened multiple times, the portal has cracks in it.” Still running and dragging Chrissy. Suddenly she stops.

She stopped with a puzzled look. “ One of ours? Do we know who? Worry lacing her usually soft voice. Shaking her head realizing she was wasting time just standing there pondering who the traitor was, she kept moving forward.

“We are unsure who it was, Dylan said he was patrolling the area and reported it to me. I then came to get you.” urgently Noah spoke.

‘Where is Dylan now? Dru asks, finally speaking.

Taken aback by her comment, as he had not thought of it himself. “I’m not sure..I was walking towards the portal room when he came running out frantically yelling about it. After hearing him out I came to get you. I’m not sure if he stayed or if he went elsewhere.

“Well whoever it was it wasn’t him, he’s not strong enough to fracture my power. Unless he is working with someone, and if he is, he's not smart enough to be the mastermind.” Holding her head high, a hint of worry underneath her overconfidence. Seemingly talking to the company surrounding her, but reassuring herself mostly.

Reaching the room in question, Dylan is still standing in front of the portal, but the portal itself remains intact. “What is the meaning behind this? What kind of person makes such a dangerous lie?” smoke almost pouring from her ears, Chrissy demanding an answer that Dylan, himself looks as if he does not even know.

“Your Majesty? I am unsure of what you are speaking of?” Fumbling around and trying to remain posed but nervous as he talks to the Queen.

Noah himself is now seemingly irate, demanding “ Tell us why you would lie, You told me a moment ago that the portal to the mortal realm was compromised.”

“ I swear to you I have no idea what you are insisting, look into my mind and see for yourself, my queen.” Walking towards Chrissy and the other, getting on one knee, kneeling to let Chrissy touch his head.

Reaching over with her left hand, with a slight tremble. She touches Dylan and with a slight lilac smell wafting through the air, Her eyes glow like the sun as she works her magic charm. Slowly pulling her hand back, she looks up to everyone, with a disappointing frown on her face. “It wasn’t him, he’s not lying.” A mere whisper piercing their ears. Sadness and fear raging in her heart, she looks at Noah, endless theories roaming her head.


About the Creator

Kristina Brule

I have loved writing since I can remember. I used to write songs and poems all the time growing up. I have two poetry books and one fiction book published. Every little thing I write has pecies inside of me that show who I am

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