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Life is like a song

by James 4 months ago in Love
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I will treat life with a melody like a song.

Life is like a song
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Yesterday I was still thinking about the grandeur of 2009, today I will set off to run to 2010, is my pace too slow, or is the sunrise and sunset too fast? But no matter what, I will treat life with a melody like a song.

2009 was a sad year. The old man of time took away my beloved grandma, a 100-year-old man who experienced a lifetime of hardships and had a legendary life. The moment my grandma left peacefully, I was pained and chagrined, my grandma's biggest wish was to visit my home, to have a look at my upcoming child, but this became the most extravagant and impossible dream. At that moment, life was so fragile and unpredictable. My grandmother left, taking her unfulfilled dreams and her lifelong quest to another, supposedly perfect, world. I didn't give her the last ride, because the little life in my belly was about to arrive. I used my tears to tell my intolerance, and my tears to express my heart's unrequited emotions, although my grandmother's life was over, I firmly believe that her love will still surround me and my family in the underworld.

2009 was a happy year. The fruit of our love was born in the poetic month of March. From then on, my life had an extra love and attachment. The first time I saw the little one, I was very confused; the second time, I liked it a little; the third time, it became love. I was so happy that I picked up my cell phone and sent a "safe mother and child" message to all my relatives and friends the day after the birth of my little one, I needed to share my happiness with everyone. The arrival of the little one disturbed my whole life. My mother-in-law and I were like the night watchman ready to serve him. The little one will make giggling sounds and rich facial expressions when he is sleeping, which makes the family happy together. For the first three months, the little one could not wake up during the day, and at night, he would not sleep, making me cry many times. I was so nervous that I couldn't eat when my little one was sick for the first time. A first, every day with him, has become the happiest moment of my life. He and I sang the song of our happiness in every wonderful moment.

2009 is the year of gratitude. In the past, whenever I was on the bus, I would take the initiative to give up my seat when I saw others holding their children. Today, when I hold my child in the car, others give up their seats to me, and my heart will be warmed. In the unit, the leaders and colleagues will also try to take care of me in all aspects as a capricious girl who is a new mother, I am not stupid, I know how to return to this caring family in the future. At home, my mother-in-law is more emaciated than before because she has to help me take care of the children, and because I have children, I appreciate the heart of a mother. As the saying goes, you don't know how to repay your mother for not raising a child, but as a mother, I now truly appreciate the difficulties and hardships of being a mother. I know how to be filial to my mother and my mother-in-law who is more like a mother. Because of gratitude, love is everywhere in this society, and on the way forward, what accompanies us is a song of gratitude.

I have cried, laughed, and wandered, but no matter what, life has taught me to face everything with a positive attitude, to treat myself and others with a grateful and forgiving heart, to enjoy the sunshine and the salute of life, and then to stride forward to 2010 in a song written by myself!


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