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Kuantum the Kaleidoscopic Kitten

and the delectable star mice crackers

By Priestess GanesaPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Once upon a time, in a parallel universe in this galaxy, there lived a kaleidoscopic kitten named Kuantum. She was unlike any other kitten, for she had the ability to teleport anywhere she wanted in this galaxy, and her coat was full of patterns that changed so quickly, it was difficult to look at her long without becoming mesmerized.

One day, Kuantum was playing a game of hide and seek with her friends when she realized she had lost her shoes. She looked everywhere but they were nowhere to be found. Feeling sad and hopeless, she decided to teleport to a nearby planet in search of a new pair of shoes. However, as she landed on the planet, she found herself face to face with a giant mouse made of stars who had a giant cracker made of meteors in his hands.

The mouse was so mesmerized by Kuantum’s kaleidoscopic coat, that he didn’t notice his cracker was gone! Kuantum just couldn't resist and before she knew it, she had taken the crackers right out of the mouse’s giant hands. To her surprise, the cracker tasted like the most delicious thing she had ever eaten and the mouse did nothing but stand there mesmerized by her coat. She finished eating the cracker and teleported away, feeling full and content, to continue her search for a new pair of shoes. She teleported to many different planets, but on each one, she found herself confronted by mice made of stars with crackers in their hands. They always tried chasing her, but would always end up mesmerized by her kaleidoscopic coat, giving her the opportunity to steal their crackers. She had never eaten so much in her life! And no food had ever tasted as good!

Kuantum soon realized that the star mice and their crackers must be part of her destiny. She couldn't escape them no matter where she went. And she also realized that their crackers tasted better than anything she had ever eaten in her life. With her new found love for star mice crackers, Kuantum decided to make a business out of it. She had to begin by befriending the star mice. She decided to begin with the next mouse that tried to chase her, so she teleported to another planet.

Sure enough, there was a star mouse there ready and waiting to chase her. Kuantum tried yelling at the top of her lungs not to look at her, but to no avail, the mouse just stared at her, mesmerized. So she decided to use this to her advantage. She was able to get the mouse in his mesmerized state to take her to the star mice ruler. The ruler was larger than any other star mouse Kuantum had ever seen. As soon as she entered the royal chamber, Kuantum asked the ruler not to look at her. Thankfully, he followed her request and closed his eyes as soon as she appeared before him, saving himself from becoming mesmerized by her coat. She had a business plan that she laid out for him. She wanted to partner with the star mice to open a restaurant on a distant planet. She wanted to use the delectable star mice crackers to create and serve the most delicious vegan dishes in the galaxy.

The ruler of the star mice agreed and created special glasses for the star mice to wear around Kuantum to prevent mesmerization. Business boomed and Kuantum and the star mice became famous all across the universe, with franchises all over the galaxy. People came from far and wide, even from different galaxies, just to taste their scrumptious vegan cuisine.

One day, as Kuantum was busy lighting the candles on the tables in one of her restaurants, she suddenly remembered her lost shoes. She teleported back to her home planet to her tiny house, and there they were in her den, lying where she had left them by an empty box of what used to be her favorite crackers.

Kuantum couldn't believe her luck. She put on her shoes and danced with joy. She was finally able to reunite with her lost shoes and she had a successful business with amazing business partners.

From that day on, Kuantum lived a happy life, teleporting from planet to planet, restaurant to restaurant, serving her delicious star mice cracker dishes with her trusty star mice friends and partners, and never losing her trusty shoes again.

Young AdultShort StorySci FiHumorfamilyFableAdventure

About the Creator

Priestess Ganesa

Artist, ordained minister, wellness empowerer and supporter. Plant based holistic services, resources, education, and reiki charged art.

Because we’re all connected, part of the same whole, I help others maintain the energy that connects us.

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  • Priestess Ganesa (Author)about a year ago

    Thanks! Have done. Good story!

  • Sports trending about a year ago

    Nice work brother😍 support me "School horror story " by @vocal_creators

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