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Byron the Baby Blue Bison Goes Missing

The Heroes of This Galaxy Series, Installment 3

By Priestess GanesaPublished about a year ago 4 min read

The Heroes of This Galaxy were facing their toughest challenge yet. Lady Shadow Del Mar the breakdancing vegan dog was in the middle of a performance with Raiden the rowdy red ram when a brilliant blind bat flew into Raiden who then bounced into Lady Shadow. They all fell off the stage, knocking down the main support which in turn crushed the sound equipment, which then sparked an explosion that made all of the lights go out. It took a few minutes, but eventually the emergency generator kicked on and there were lights again. Only there was a huge problem. Byron the baby blue bison was missing and they suspected that this incident was set up by the poachers that had been spotted in the area, the real reason they were in this part of the galaxy. They were on a mission to catch those pesky poachers, and now those poachers had taken Byron. Baby blue bison skin was worth a lot in this galaxy and many others, and bison were facing extinction due to the illegal trade. One of their own was in danger now; The Heroes of This Galaxy had to act fast.

The Heroes were determined to save Byron and put an end to the poaching bison skin trade. They set off on their mission to find the poachers and bring them to justice. They traveled across the galaxy, facing countless obstacles and challenges along the way. No obstacle was insurmountable and no challenge was too great for this crew. They were going to save their baby blue friend, and nothing was going to stop them!

As they were searching for Byron, Princess Patina Pochoir and Mau'e'leilei, her guardian elephant encountered an opera singing whale. They were in awe at encountering this creature that they thought only existed in folklore, as it was said that these opera singing whales had powerful voices that could be heard for light years and that they had a special connection to the creatures of the galaxy. It was said that their voices could save a life through that connection, but could also take it away in less time than it takes to sing a quarter note. It was also said that they were solitary creatures, devoted to helping the galaxy with their song. When the whale heard about their mission, he offered to help. He was committed to helping his galaxy, and everyone in it. The Heroes accepted the whale’s offer to help, for they couldn’t ask for a more powerful ally.

The whale led the Heroes to a remote planet where he suspected the poachers were hiding, based on what he could sense through his connection to the poachers, as they too were creatures of the galaxy. Raiden the rowdy red ram was suspicious of the whale, never having heard of them before, and wasn’t sure if they could trust him to come through for their friend. So the Heroes approached the planet with caution, not knowing what to expect. But when they landed, they found themselves face to face with a group of armed poachers. Could the whale have set them up?

The Heroes were outnumbered and outgunned, but they refused to give up. They fought with all their might, determined to save Byron and put an end to the bison skin trade. Just when things seemed hopeless, the opera singing whale warned his new friends to plug their ears, and he began to sing the most beautiful whale song anyone had ever heard in the galaxy. That song began to subdue them all, but the poachers all fell to the ground with blissful looks on their faces. As the poachers fell, Galaxy Goddess Ganache spotted a twinkling light where the poachers had been standing. They had been guarding something. Could that be where they were keeping Byron? At that moment, the Galactic Police arrived on the scene. The poachers were arrested, and the Heroes of this Galaxy were able to retrieve Byron from captivity.

Byron never gave up hope! He knew his friends would come to his rescue and now he was safe again, and the Heroes were relieved to have their friend back. They celebrated their victory and their reunion with Byron. The opera singing whale was also there, and he sang a beautiful song to honor the bravery of the Heroes and the importance of protecting all creatures in the galaxy as they were all part of the same collective whole.

The Heroes returned home with Byron, and the story of their mission to save one of their own spread quickly across the galaxy. People were inspired by their bravery and their commitment to protecting all creatures. The bison skin trade was shut down, and the bison population began to recover. They were all hailed as heroes once again along with their new ally, the opera singing galactic whale.

The Heroes of This Galaxy continued to protect the galaxy and its creatures. They went on many more adventures, facing new challenges and overcoming obstacles. But they never forgot the importance of their mission to save Byron the bison.

Years later, the Heroes gathered together with the opera singing whale at the Galactic Police headquarters to celebrate their victory over the poachers and the recovery of the bison population. Byron had become a symbol of hope and resilience in the face of adversity. The Heroes were proud of the work they had done, and they would always remember saving one of their own.

The opera singing whale sang a special song, one he composed in honor of the Heroes and their mission. The Heroes listened in awe. This was his gift to them, as fellow protectors of his beloved galaxy. At that moment they knew that their bravery and their commitment to protecting all creatures would never be forgotten and would forever be remembered through this beautiful whale song.

In the end, The Heroes of This Galaxy had accomplished what they set out to do. They had saved Byron, put an end to the bison skin trade, and inspired a new generation of heroes to follow in their footsteps. The galaxy was a safer and better place because of their bravery, and they would always be remembered as The Heroes of This Galaxy.

Young AdultShort StorySeriesSci FiHumorFantasyfamilyFableAdventure

About the Creator

Priestess Ganesa

Artist, ordained minister, wellness empowerer and supporter. Plant based holistic services, resources, education, and reiki charged art.

Because we’re all connected, part of the same whole, I help others maintain the energy that connects us.

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  • Andy Pullanoabout a year ago

    Great little story.

Priestess GanesaWritten by Priestess Ganesa

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