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June's Journey Full Story

Volume 1: Chapter 26

By Kelly RileyPublished about a year ago 4 min read

If you want to read the entire story from the app June's Journey, created and written by Wooga, without having to scroll through each chapter to read the content, here are all of the clues and the conversations that go with each clue.

Chapter 26: Lost Love

I caught up to Joseph before he left to look for Nicky. I offered to help. He was surprised but grateful, and we boarded the boat to Nigeria.


Lagos was bustling. So many people. So much activity. It wass overwhelming.

June: How are we ever going to find Nicky?

Father Osondu: Joseph, praise God, you got my telegram.

Joseph: Yes, we came straight away. This is June. She's an old friend of Nicky's. Tell us what happened.

Father Osondu: Of course. I just need to take a few things to the church.

Clue #1

June: It looks like you dropped these.

Father Osondu: Oh, thank you. I'm always dropping things. Not getting any younger.

Joseph: How long has Nicky been missing?

Father Osondu: Since last Friday. He promised to help me out at the church on his day off. But he didn't show up. He wasn't at home either.

June: He's been missing since Friday. Have the police been informed?

Father Osondu: Yes, but they assured me there was nothing to worry about. No sign of foul play.

Joseph: It doesn't make any sense. Nicky wouldn't abandon his patients.

June: I know. It doesn't add up. Should we check your house first?

Joseph: Yes, let's hail a cab.

Clue #2

June: The taxi's here. Thank you, Father Osondu. You've been very helpful.

Father Osondu: I pray you'll find Nicky soon. I don't know what we'd do without his work at the clinic. It pains me deeply to think he might be in danger.


Joseph: We should start in Nicky's study. I generally avoid this place. It's Nicky's inner sanctum, but I don't know how he works in all this mess.

June: Good to see he's still the same old Nicky. Living in his office, under a pile of papers.

June: Wait, is this...?

Clue #3

June: My wedding ring. I can't believe he kept it.

Joseph: He told me you threw it at him.

June: Did he tell you what I said?

Joseph: Only that he deserved every word.

June: Father Osondu said Nicky had the day off when he disappeared. where could he have gone?

Joseph: He doesn't go many places besides the clinic. Sometimes the church, the cinema.

June: Come on, icky. You must have left something for us.

Clue #4

June: It looks like Nicky went into the clinic after all. Maybe he got an emergency call.

Joseph: He should have been on call on his day off.

June: Well, he's not one to say no. I guess we need to go the clinic and ask some questions.


The clinic was overflowing with patients. Doctors and nurses rushed through the halls.

Joseph: It's always been understaffed and overcrowded here. That's why Nicky took the job.

Father Osondu: Joseph, have you learned anything about Nicky?

Joseph: No, not yet, What are you doing here, Father? Everything's all right, I hope.

Father Osondu: Yes, fine. I'm just here to fill my prescription. But I can't seem to catch a doctor.

Joseph: I can help you with that. June, can you grab that bottle?

Clue #5

June: Veronal tablets.

Father Osondu: Yes, for my nerves. Thank you.

Joseph: Did Nicky say anything to you about going into the clinic on Friday?

Father Osondu: No, and I didn't see him that afternoon when I came in to visit one of my parishioners.

June: Okay, Father. Thank you again.

Joseph: The clinic has a roster of who's on staff and when. I think we should check to see when Nicky signed in.

Clue #6

June: Look, a note from Nicky. "Medicine held up at customs. Gone to get it. Back around 3:00." But he never signed back in.

Joseph: We should go to the customs house and find out if Nicky made it there.


Customs Agent: Slow down. If you want to talk to someone, take a number and wait like everyone else.

June: But it's urgent.

Customs Agent: It's always urgent. Take a number.

Clue #7

June: Number 53? This is going to take forever. You don't understand. A man has gone missing. A doctor. He came here to pick up some medicine right before he disappeared.

Customs Agent: Fine. I'll look through our records. What's the name?

June: Dr. Nicholas Bennett. He would have been here last Friday.

Customs Agent: Bennett, you said?

June: Yes, any luck with your records?

Customs Agent: Yeah, I have a receipt for his pick-up right here.

Clue #8

June: So Nicky was here. He signed out the medicine.

Customs Agent: I remember him. Most people who come in here are in a bad mood. But he was friendly. He asked me about my day. He said he needed to make a house call after.

Joseph: Nicky makes house calls along the Ogun riverside. I can take us there.


Joseph and I retraced Nicky's house call route. As we reached the outskirts of the city, we came upon an abandoned truck.

Clue #9

June: Is this Nicky's truck?

Joseph: Yes. It looks like he just left it here. The door's wide open. The key's in the ignition.

June: What happened? Why would he just leave it here?

Joseph: I don't know. There's no sign of a struggle, but anything could have happened.

June: We need to find out where Nicky went. Are there any footprints?

Clue #10

June: Wait, these are Veronal tablets.

Joseph: That's Father Osondu's medication.

June: If Father Osondu was here, why didn't he tell us?

Joseph: Maybe it's a coincidence, but we should talk to him just in case.

Joseph: He's probably at the chapel. Let's go.


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