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How to run a marriage

by James 4 months ago in Love / Love
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A marriage that needs to be run is not good anymore.

How to run a marriage
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The girlfriend is newly married and has already discovered the gaps in the marriage. The husband is like a freshman after the college entrance examination, all slack to be beaten; the mother-in-law is like a never-ending examiner, her requirements are "a hundred feet further"; the original love and affection, such as the family wine like household chores, suddenly endless, like a sea of smoke ...... "The first thing you need to do is to get a divorce, a thought that flashed through your mind before you went to sleep, like a firefly, casually mixed in the dark sweetness of thirsty sleep, but she was startled to sit up.


  She still loves the good old days and is not willing to turn a youthful romance into a third-rate ethical drama. "How should I run my marriage?" She asked me for advice in a respectful manner. I froze for a long time and suddenly laughed: "Marriage needs to be managed."


  Business needs to be managed because business is the foundation of a person's life. It is a universal theorem that money is hard to earn and shit is hard to eat, and even popular songs are singing "No one can just be successful." People have to keep fighting with their inertia and weakness to reach a hundred-foot pole and have the opportunity to go further. Children, of course, must be managed, to be cruel, childbirth is often the largest investment of a person, the cost is infinite, and the benefits - if successful, are also infinite.


  And what is the purpose of running a marriage?


  Although it is said that women should be married, marriage is just a mode of life, choose it to increase happiness, as well as the strength of the two together to withstand the risks. So, marriage is often a most natural thing, met, like, willing to try with each other to try the taste of home life; hope to have a baby with him, eyes like his, eyebrows like yours; happy to joyfully bring him to friends and relatives to see, know that love their elders will be a gentle sigh of relief. In this way, walking together.


  Life is a long road, it should be a gas station, you can take a small break: a cigarette, a glass of water, take off the high heels, hold your breath for a day to release the body from inside the straitjacket, perhaps gently cursing a childish foul language - he will understand he will forgive because he is more reckless than you.


  And operating means being armed to the teeth, as it were. The mysterious phone calls on his cell phone, you have to sidetrack, his fox ghosts and dogs friends, you have to be in control, his financial policies, you must not let go of ...... work is still only a forty-hour workday, marriage is 24/7/365/lifetime, this labor intensity can be too big.


  They say that even cats born as beasts, after being domesticated for a long time, can gradually learn to sleep on their backs, exposing the softest belly to the world, which is total trust. The woman in the marriage, but still has to be as alert as a stray cat. This is the first time I've ever seen a woman in the world who has been in the world for a long time. Is the person next to you the biggest risk of the marriage, and can also work together to withstand the external storm?


  Even if you are determined to operate, how to start? He lost his sexual interest in you, you will be like the magazine advice, buy a few pieces of reckless lingerie? At the age when the belly is higher than the chest, it does not look good to wear anything, the front is exposed and the back is hidden, it is for the "self-violation of its ugly" to say.


  You are a lion and he is a swan, or you are a princess, he is a frog that can not become a prince? The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.


  The first thing you need to do is to go to bed early and sleep late, eat meat and veggies, and have a good argument with your mother-in-law ....... The fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not only in the market but also in the marketplace.


  I said to my girlfriend: life is a soothing river, a good marriage, is a double stream grasshopper boat, you share a boat, hand a paddle, and strive forward, you tired when he can take a hand, he was thirsty when you pour him a glass of mineral water. You cope with the shocking waves of life together, but do not, become each other's storm blood rain. There is no need to run a marriage to have the spare capacity and margin to run life together.


  A marriage that needs to be run is not good anymore.


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