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Helplessness of love

Feeling powerless in the face of reality

By TamHanh ThuyLinhPublished 24 days ago 4 min read

Love, is an eternal theme, it can bring endless warmth and sweetness, but also let the character taste deep helplessness.

When we fall in love, we look forward to the bright future with joy, but often hit the rocks of reality. It is a kind of unspeakable helplessness, it is like a fine needle like cow hair, again and again to sting our hearts.

Sometimes the helplessness of love comes from distance. Two people who love each other are separated by work, school or other reasons, and can only maintain their relationship through phone calls and videos. Miss in every night crazy growth, but meet has become far away. That kind of want to see can not see the pain, that can only touch each other in the virtual world helpless, like shadow. Even if the intention of each other is firm, the gap between time and space will slowly wear away some things, so that people feel powerless and hesitation in helplessness.

Time is also an important factor in the helplessness of love. The busy life makes us often ignore the feelings of people around us, and the passion we once had gradually cools down in the triviality of day after day. We want to spend more time with our lovers, but we are always tied up in various affairs, watching our feelings gradually become dull in the flow of time, and our hearts are full of helplessness and guilt. We try to take it back, to rekindle the flame of love, only to find that once something is lost, it is very difficult to find it again.

The pressure of reality makes love full of helplessness. The lack of material, the plight of life, may become a stumbling block on the road to love. In order to make a living and work hard, in order to give each other a better future and work hard, but inadvertently ignore each other's emotional needs. We struggle in helplessness, breathing under pressure, but still do not want to give up the persistence of love. However, this persistence can sometimes make people feel tired and lost.

The obstacle of family is also one of the helplessness of love. When our love is not blessed by the family, when the family and love conflict, we are in a dilemma. One side is the parents who gave birth to us, the other is the people we love, and whichever one we choose will bring endless pain and hurt. We try to persuade the family, to fight for their understanding and support, but often counterproductive, can only wander in helplessness, do not know where to go.

There is also a kind of helplessness, which comes from the uncertainty of love. We don't know how long this love will last, what will happen in the future. Maybe today is still sworn, tomorrow may part ways. We gain and lose in love, jealously guarding the relationship, but still can't control its direction. This uncertainty about the future makes us walk on thin ice on the road of love, and our hearts are full of helplessness and fear.

The helplessness of love is also reflected when we face the change of the lover. People are going to grow and change, and maybe the person who used to be with us becomes strange over time. We try to understand and adapt to this change, but sometimes we find that the distance between us is growing. We feel the merciless time, feeling the fragility of love, but helpless.

However, although love is full of helplessness, we still do not want to give up the pursuit of love. Because behind those helpless, there is still a beauty and warmth of love hidden. The joy of each meeting is real, even though the distance is great; Even if life is busy, a hug or a kiss can make us feel the power of love. Even in the face of difficulties, the memories of us working together are precious.

We learned tolerance in the helplessness of love, learned to understand, learned to cherish. We understand that love is not smooth sailing, it needs us to use courage and perseverance to face those helpless. We no longer expect perfect love, but learn to find happiness in imperfection.

Perhaps, it is because of these helplessness, love has become more unforgettable. It makes us more aware of the preciousness of love and appreciate those moments of love more. We grow up in helplessness, we are strong in helplessness, and let the flame of love burn more fiercely in our hearts.

When we look back on the past, those helpless love experiences may make us cry, but at the same time, it will make us happy. Because we have tried, we have paid, we have struggled and persevered in love. These experiences are valuable assets in our lives, and they make us more mature and responsible people.

In the world of love, helplessness is inevitable. But we should not give up the hope and pursuit of love. Let us with helplessness, continue to move forward, with our sincerity to water the flowers of love, let it bloom in the helpless soil more brilliant. Because love, after all, is worth everything for us. No matter how much helplessness we have experienced, we must firmly believe that love will bring us unexpected surprises and moves at some casual moment.


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TamHanh ThuyLinh

My name is Tam Han Chui Ling and I have a passion for words. I like to swim in the sea of books to gain knowledge and inspiration.

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