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Whispered Lullabies & Lost Tomorrows: A Love Story That Ended Before It Began

By Oluwaseyi KarunwiPublished about a month ago 2 min read

Whispered Lullabies & Lost Tomorrows: A Love Story That Ended Before It Began.

The air hung heavy with the cloying scent of jasmine candles, a desperate attempt to mask the stale emptiness in Elena's apartment. June 14th. A year ago today, the future she'd meticulously planned with David had been ripped away, leaving behind a gaping hole where their dreams used to be.

It wasn't just the heartbreak that gnawed at her. There was a physical ache, a constant reminder of the sacrifice she'd made. The doctor's words echoed in her mind – "incomplete abortion, complications…hysterectomy." The weight of that word felt like a stone in her stomach. No children, no chance at a family, the future she'd envisioned with David shattered.

The memory of that day was a brutal kaleidoscope of emotions – the shock of the positive pregnancy test, the fear in David's eyes when she told him, his whispered promises of "we'll figure it out," and then the cold dread when those promises turned into frantic goodbyes as he walked out, leaving her with a hospital bill and a broken heart.

Tears welled up, blurring the fairy lights strung across the room, a leftover from a birthday that felt like a lifetime ago. Suddenly, her phone buzzed. It was Sarah, her best friend, the only person who truly understood the depths of Elena's pain.

"Spicy noodles and revenge rom-coms night?" Sarah's text read, a lifeline thrown across the stormy sea of Elena's emotions.

A choked laugh escaped Elena's lips. Sarah, with her uncanny knack for reading her soul, knew exactly what she needed.

As the night wore on, the air crackled with their shared laughter. They dissected cheesy movie plots, poked fun at ridiculous characters, and mercilessly dissected David's cowardice. With each shared joke, a sliver of the pain chipped away.

By the time the credits rolled on the final movie, Elena felt a flicker of something new – not happiness, not yet, but a spark of defiance. The ache was still there, a dull throb, but it didn't consume her anymore.

"It's okay to miss him, El," Sarah said softly, her eyes filled with empathy. "But don't let him steal the rest of your story."

Elena looked out the window at the city lights, each one a tiny beacon of hope. "You're right," she whispered, a newfound strength in her voice. "This isn't a heartbreak anniversary. It's a chance to rewrite the story, a story where I am the author, and love isn't a prerequisite for a happy ending."

The rain had stopped, leaving behind a sky washed clean. As the first rays of dawn peeked over the horizon, Elena knew this was a new beginning. The scars would remain, a testament to her strength, but they wouldn't define her. Today, she chose to reclaim her future, one sunrise, one laugh, one spicy noodle at a time. She would write a story of resilience, of love for herself, and the promise of a future filled with possibilities, even if they didn't involve the happily ever after she once imagined.


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OKWritten by Oluwaseyi Karunwi

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