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Gravity-defying love story

A fantasy story about a relationship between me and Isaac Newton. The man might have been a scientist who discovered gravity, but few knew what he was like as a man.

By Sarah DPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
Gravity-defying love story
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Legend has it that Isaac Newton was sitting under a tree. He fell asleep and dreamed about the love of his life. Suddenly an apple fell from the tree, since it happened to be an apple tree.

Legend also says that the apple fell square on his head, and that was when Newton discovered Gravity. Newton discovered that it was indeed the force of gravity that acted on the apple and that’s what made it fall towards the ground.

If there wasn’t any gravity, the apple would have floated around in the sky, and he would still be dreaming about the love of his life.

So many years later, in the year 2022, there was this young girl named Sally Newton. Sally loved physics and school in general. She enjoyed studying, and got good grades. She was also an athlete who loved taking part in track and field.

One day Sally was doing some research on a school project. She decided to spend a little more time studying than usual. Since she hated studying alone, her best friend Nina came over.

They studied hard. They exchanged notes and rehearsed in front of each other. It had been a good four hours that they had been preparing for a physics class test. They had made up their minds that they wanted to get good grades.

Suddenly Sally decided she had enough and she told Nina to take a time out. Nina too had stuff to do, so she decided to go home! They both decided that four hours was a lot of time!

Sally decided to read up a little on ‘Isaac Newton and Gravity’ since it was part of the test! She went on the internet and read about it. There was a lot more to Mr. Newton that she had previously known.

Isaac Newton was an INTJ for starters, which made him a lot like her! Sally was an INTJ as well! He had a tiny gait but had a huge intellect! After his apple-falling brainstorm he returned to teaching as a professor.

Sally fell asleep in the middle of it all, with her phone beside her. She dreamed an exciting dream. In her dream she saw Isaac Newton himself!

He seemed so handsome for some strange reason. She saw herself next to him eating an apple. He told her things about gravity, things about life, and about how life would be so different in the absence of gravitational forces.

Sally woke up the next morning as usual but when she got off the bed, she felt that her feet didn’t touch the floor. She felt a lot taller.

She looked in the mirror.

She couldn’t believe what she saw!

She was herself- that part was okay! But she wasn’t standing on the floor, she was in fact a few inches off the ground! She was shocked. She didn’t know what to make of it! She looked in the mirror again.

It must have been that dream, something he said about the apple, that if I ate of it in the dream, I would be able to defy gravity! Sally was excited in a weird way. She decided to make the most of her new found abilities.

She looked it up. She discovered that her new found ability was also called ‘Air Walking’ Now that Sally was self-confirmed air walker, she wondered how her day was going to go. She decided to go downstairs and get some breakfast.

She went down the stairs and reached the dining room. She realized that she wasn’t just walking she was gliding. Her parents were very impressed.

‘Our daughter has made us proud’ they said

‘She’s an….’ her mother fumbled for words

‘An Air Walker’ her daughter replied.

Sally went to school the next day. People didn’t seem to notice. They realized she was a cut above. She glided her way through the entire day at school.

Sally herself was enjoying being an Air Walker too much! She was a bit of an Air Head as well. Now she was both!

She got home and decided to take a nap after lunch. She fell asleep rather quickly. She dreamed again about Isaac Newton. She imagined that she was now a young woman, a woman in Love with a mystery stranger.

The dream did not stop there- she noticed her mystery lover coming towards her. When he was close enough, she realized he was none other than Isaac Newton! They started to kiss…

She woke up from the strange dream…she got off the bed. She realized that she wasn’t an Air Walker any more. She looked in the mirror, her lipstick was all over her cheeks like she really kissed someone.

Sally respected the fact that she had this dream and cherished it in her heart. At school the next day she got her physics test grades! She had scored an ‘A+’

She thought about her dream lover, she wondered if perhaps she would Air Walk again ever as she walked home from school. She got home, and went to her room after lunch.

She got into bed, and fell asleep. Again she dreamed. She dreamed she was a young beautiful woman. There He was. He got near her and held her hand, under the tree. While they were both sitting there like that, an apple fell from the tree. But this time it didn’t hit Isaac on the head. It fell away from the tree.

Sally was worried. She wondered if it would affect his theories of Gravity.

‘Did you see that?’ she said

‘The apple fell away from the tree!’

To which Isaac Newton replied ‘Oh ’twas only that ripe old apple that fell on me’

Isaac Newton and Sally kissed again

Sally woke up! She was an Air Walker! She wondered what she would do differently. She went downstairs, she was a pleasure to see, her parents thought they made her proud you see!

She glided through the day, and got back home…when she dreamed about Isaac Newton again her Air Walking abilities vanished. That was the last time it happened.

Sally grew up to be a real estate agent. She is a young woman who knows a lot of great men. She still however has a thing for Isaac Newton in her heart.

Short Story

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Sarah D

Short Stories/Poetry that will make you THINK a little bit about ~Life~ and Warm your heart! It's fictional content, but nice things usually brighten up the day! I want to BLESS others with what I write and be remembered for it too! Adieus

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