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Zoe Delaney's Strange Dream

As a reply to Matthew Fromm's writing prompt, here is a story about a young woman who has a strange vision, and then her life changes for the better. I tried to stay true to the word limit.

By Sarah DPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Zoe Delaney's Strange Dream
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The fact of the matter is nothing was ever true to Zoe Delaney’s way of thinking. She always knew she had the capability to make all her dreams come true. She was the daughter of a wealthy upscale New York Tycoon. However, when it came to doing things her way, it just wasn’t happening the way she’d like.

Zoe Delaney wondered if she was doing something wrong. She had done things the way her parents liked all her Life. She was so used to depending on them. As someone who was home schooled, who had attendants who would go shopping for her, and had even her beauty routines taken care of by professional stylists hired by her rich folks, she wondered if she do anything by herself that she could be proud of.

One day the weirdest thing happened. Zoe fell asleep in her room, and she had the strangest dream. She saw someone who looked like a fairy queen. She had long amazing hair, flowing like the wind and the moon in the background was glowing with a strange fierceness. She spoke suddenly “Zoe, you are different, special - but nothing is going to work for you unless you get away from the comfortable place you are hiding yourself in. Zoe, you possess an immense power of Foresight and Vision. You need to make the most of ‘The Gift’

Zoe woke up from the dream with a cold sweat. Her heart was racing, but she felt oddly thrilled and enjoyed the feeling. Something told her to pick up a book lying next to her bed and read it. She felt compelled to obey. It was not like she would be punished if she didn’t but she felt it was her good pleasure to do so, because perhaps doing this would enrich her life in some way.

But more than that, she knew there was something in the book that was going to change the way she thought about things. She dusted off the cover and the words “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne was written in large print on the cover of the book.

Zoe read every word. She flipped through every page scanning the pages and making sense of every sentence. The words “There is a truth deep down inside of you that has been waiting for you to discover it, and that truth is this: you deserve all good things life has to offer.” Those words spoke to her. Zoe Delaney then decided to do something differently.

She decided to think that she was “Whole”, “Powerful” and “Harmonious” from now on. She decided to feel like the essence of these things was really true. She decided that much like the lady in the dream who was glowing alongside the moon, she would be the one person, who could do things a different way so that something different would happen for her. And then, she could be proud of that.

She decided to walk in the way that led to the Light. And she wanted to find answers to things that no one could ever answer. She decided that in order for that to happen, she needed to be fully herself and live in the moment. She suddenly knew the time just by looking at the sun. She knew it was time to get out there, and believe in her dreams.

When she opened her door and went out to the first day of her new job as a content writer she found that the train moved at the same speed as her thoughts. And when she wrote her first article the words that came out were as pleasant as honey.

She really hoped that the day she got anything for writing the thing of dreams it would be something that was close to the truth of the woman from the dream. Sure, no one promised her the moon, but there was something harmonious about the idea of being herself. She hoped that the Truth she put into the world would help others figure out the world the way she did.

Short Story

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Sarah D

Short Stories/Poetry that will make you THINK a little bit about ~Life~ and Warm your heart! It's fictional content, but nice things usually brighten up the day! I want to BLESS others with what I write and be remembered for it too! Adieus

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  • Telaro6 months ago

    great work!

  • Jenna Tidd6 months ago

    Belief in ourselves can be so elusive that even a few moments of it feel like a dream come true. It's definitely a treasure worth going after.

  • Dan R Fowler6 months ago

    Loved your work.

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