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Freedom is never Free

Misplaced mistake

By JBazPublished 14 days ago Updated 11 days ago 4 min read
Top Story - February 2024
Freedom is never Free
Photo by Malcolm Lightbody on Unsplash

He never liked me, but we are good together. I know he has this aversion towards our relationship, I feel it every time he holds me, and yet.

I, on the other hand love this person. He can do things with me that most were incapable of. We haven't been together for very long; although at times it feels like forever. Since we first met I never left his side, until last night when he became distraught and threw me away for doing my job, my duty, the reason I exist. In a rage of anger, I found myself tossed out a window, spiraling out of control in a chaotic free fall only to land in freshly churned soil, now turned to mud. Laying here, now unwanted, I am thankful that nothing appears broken.

It was a mistake, one he regretted almost immediately. While I lay buried in this blackened silty mix of clay and soil, slowly sinking in a pit of filthy water. I could hear his panicked feet pounding down broken stairs and race across crushed rubble, shattered glass, and concrete. I heard the squish of his boots in mud as he reached the outside field, now empty of life.

The partial moon hid behind drifting clouds, giving no aid to his search. I heard his rattled breath pleading to find me, but he did not know where I was. Unfortunately, others knew where he was, and they were coming for him. With out me he was doomed; part of me wanted to laugh because of his foolishness, but there was only sadness in my thoughts. I wanted him to find me, I needed him to find me. This was no way for us to end up, not now, not after all we have been through. I can still be useful, I need only to be cleaned up a little and of course, to be found.

Now, I can feel myself slowly sinking, if he does not find me I fear this will be my final resting spot. I have an ability to call out, but without his aid I am a mute on my own.

He sloshes around, frantically clawing at the water-soaked land, ripping hunks of sludge in a furious fashion, tossing the clumps aside. He is so close; his boot almost touches me. I would reach out if I could. I hear him fading away, walking in the wrong direction. ‘I’m am here ....come back.'

Throughout the night I feel him searching for me, yet he knows he can not call out, silence is safety, so he says nothing. Yet there is prayer upon his lips, it is soft and pleading, barely coherent. I can tell he is crying; I am familiar with the sounds of his tears. He was weeping when he discarded me, he wanted to be free of me, but without me there is no freedom.

Darkness is beginning to fade, a dim light rises in the night sky, He may be too late, he should flee. Although, I fear he will not get far without me, but he should try. Yet he stays, unmoving. I hear his breathing, rasping and desperate.

He is listening.

I feel a low rumble in the distance, closing in, the steady thump of running feet. He hears it too.

'Run you fool, run. Leave me.'

Instead, he falls on his knees and in a mad fury he digs and searches again, this time all pretense of silence is gone. A bright light of fire shoots across the sky, illuminating his silhouette against a backdrop of chaos.

The sounds are closer, I feel the vibration, approaching they are all around us. His breathing is loud and short. I feel his fingers brush my surface, then disappear. He is panicking, he does not recognize me, even though his fingers have gripped and held me a thousand times. I know his touch, why has he forgotten mine?

There is shouting behind him, voices yelling. He cries out, while he continues to search for me. Again, he brushes my surface, this time he recognizes me. He has found me.

But they find him first, a barrage of sharp pops sears the morning air. A noise we are all too familiar with, they sound like mine when I call out. The difference is their sound is many while mine is but one.

A light creeps along the field, tendrils of wavy gold weave amongst the morning mist, a ray shines upon me. He rises, yelling out in defiance as a staccato of popping once more echoes in the clearing. I watch him fall to his knees, and in slow motion his body slumps beside me. I know he sees me, in desperation a hand reaches out as his eyes widen in recognition, before they dim forever.

No bugle will sound for him, no flag will be folded over his grave, and no tears will I shed. For I was not created to cry, only to make others weep.

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I have enjoyed writing for most of my life, never professionally.

I wish to now share my stories with others, lets see where it goes.

Born and raised on the Canadian Prairies, I currently reside on the West Coast. I call both places home.

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Comments (27)

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  • Anna 3 days ago

    Congrats on Top Story!🥳

  • Lana V Lynx3 days ago

    Is it just me, or this story looks familiar to you as well? It's almost like someone fed your story to the AI and asked to rewrite it with a happy ending.

  • Tina D'Angelo8 days ago

    Amazing. Beautiful. It kept me wondering right up until the end. How many soldiers have wanted to throw their weapons away and try to find peace?

  • Naveed 10 days ago

    Thumbs up for your effort! Keep the outstanding work—congrats!

  • L.C. Schäfer10 days ago

    I really wasn't completely sure what you were, till right near the end! Well done!

  • Andrea Corwin 10 days ago

    Congrats and well done!

  • Holly Pheni10 days ago

    Wow! Wow! Wow! That is all I've got. Wow.

  • Lamar Wiggins11 days ago

    Great story, J. I love how you didn’t have to mention what the item was. The clues and descriptions were enough to reveal the shocking surprise. Well done!

  • Kodah11 days ago

    This was a well-deserved top story piece! Loved this❤️

  • Paul Stewart11 days ago

    This was thrilling, sad with a subtle brutality to it. Very well done, Jason!. Congrats on Top Story and a fine entry into the challenge. You have such a wonderful use of's always impressive. Slight edity thing, "A noise we are all to familiar with, they sound like mine when I call out." the too is missing a o. Sorry to be that guy, lol, but I would want you to do it for me too. That aside and regardless...I hope this places in the challenge - it deserves it!

  • Rachel Deeming11 days ago

    This is really well done, JBaz. The idea of it being a gun is excellent and the ending is apt.

  • Mark Gagnon11 days ago

    I knew who the narrator was but had no idea how you were going to bring it to a conclusion. Congrats on a well-deserved Top Story!

  • Caroline Craven11 days ago

    So well written and a well deserved top story too.

  • Carol Townend11 days ago

    So emotional JBaz. This is a wonderful story. Well done on a very well deserved top story!

  • J. S. Wade11 days ago

    Whoa! Stellar story JBaz! Powerful in its lucid detail and inanimate coldness versus the desperation to survive. Great writing and congratulations 🏅

  • Kendall Defoe 11 days ago

    Excellent! Top Story indeed!👌 🏅

  • Back to say congratulations on your Top Story! 🎉💖🎊🎉💖🎊

  • Cathy holmes11 days ago

    That was excellent. The tension built right from the start. I thought it was a handgun, but rifle makes much more sense for his "job." Congrats on the TS.

  • Wow love this entry for the challenge. Well done and good luck. I hope it’s up there in the winners section.

  • Randy Baker11 days ago

    Just came back to say congrats on the Top Story nod!

  • So brilliantly written JBaz, at first I thouht it was one of the police trackers (Don't rememer what tey are called) The voice is so well done. Fantastic entry!

  • Randy Baker11 days ago

    Well done!

  • Apparently I'm the only one who doesn't get it 😅 If you don't mind, can you please explain to me? 😅

  • Penelope Jane13 days ago

    WOW Jbaz you have outdone yourself. I was spellbound by the perspective and the message. That one sided love is so familiar even though you took on the perspective of an object.

  • John Cox14 days ago

    This is a very, impressive entry for the misplaced challenge! It’s punctuated with immediacy, desperation and terror, all of which is utterly convincing. The final line is a perfect ending. Great storytelling!

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