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Florida Man Believes His Workplace Is Haunted...

"How I Made My School Famous"

By Ashley Alleyne Van-De-Cruize Published 2 months ago 3 min read
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The time had come.

Another wrestling tournament.

I loved wrestling, I loved the kids, and I loved coaching, but I did not love the school. I especially disliked the gymnasium. I’ve disclosed, on a number of different occasions, why this gymnasium should not house any activities, much less, a wrestling tournament. However, no one took me seriously, which is why not only did I make the news, but the school did too. They say, all publicity is good, right? Well, I guess it depends on who you’re talking to.

I suppose I should start with the day we all became famous. We, another coach, and I, were prepping for a wrestling tournament at Westlake High in Tampa, FL, when I heard a couple of kids fighting in the locker room. Now I’m a male coach of the Boy’s wrestling team so the fight I heard was in the Boy’s locker room. Needless to say, the rest of the boys were circled around the two fighting in perfect adolescent fashion when I got in there.

“Hey hey!” I shouted, yanking one of them off the other, “we have a match in less than an hour, save all of this shit!”

“Coach, he stole my wallet!” Jared shouted through heavy breaths.

“Bro! I don’t have your wallet!” Mike shouted back.

“You don’t want the mayhem and the madness!” Jared shouted back the words that Macho Man Randy Savage used as his tag line before his own commercial wrestling match. These kids are far too young to even know this icon.

That statement held an abundance of comedic elements, but in the heat of the moment, it was not funny. Too many things weren’t adding up. Mike didn’t have a history of stealing, but Jared seemed so sure! I settled on telling Jared that I’d keep an eye out for the wallet, and of course I had to be a responsible adult and give the whole, 'Never Resort to Violence' speech.

Here’s the thing though, before every tournament, something always went haywire. It never failed, and it was only before a wrestling tournament. All of these red flags pointed in the direction of ‘entity.’ I believed that that gym was haunted by Macho Man Randy Savage; Because each strange event always managed to tie write back to him.

The first match had begun and Jared was doing well, however, just when I thought we had that match, we heard screaming from the girl’s locker room. Again, we’re in the gymnasium, and each locker room lead to said gym. So, a scream like that couldn’t have been missed especially being so close. A number of women went running in.

Three young girls claimed that they saw a man. And the man that they described was recognied to be Macho Man Randy Savage. We were then told to clear the gym, then the building. It turned into a large ordeal. The police showed up to do a thorough search, and there I stood, in front of channel 7 news, with a mic shoved in my face, as the news anchor inquired further about what exactly I witnessed, and what my own speculations are.

I wasted no time.

“Ma’am," I started, "this gym is haunted my Macho Man Randy Savage.”

Silence surrounded us, and withing seconds, the principle stood in front of me, grabbing the mic, sporting a nervous laugh.

"Coaches have quite the sense of humor, don't they?"

He nervously turned to look at me quickly, before turning to face the camera.

"We will continue to do what is in the best interest of the school. Thank you!"

He handed the mic back to the reporter who promptly asked, "So you think there is a ghost?"

I retrieved the mic before giving Principle Mason a chance to do so.

"Listen, this isn't the first time some weird shit has happen," I confirmed, feeling the heat emanate of Prinicple Mason's face.

I accepted that I'd likely get fired, but, oh well. I had hopes, that after this, they'd start taking these phenomenons seriously.

They didn't, though. They waited. And that's when we became famous.

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About the Creator

Ashley Alleyne Van-De-Cruize

So for starters, I’m a nurse so I see some pretty... interesting things daily, BUT those interesting events are inspiring. They’ve managed to change my thinking, and my perspective. I’m grateful for what it’s added to my writing career.

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