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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The Rules Have Changed

By Ashley Alleyne Van-De-Cruize Published 3 months ago 3 min read
"In hopes to depict the emotion of despair..." -Ashley Paige

Guilty Until Proven Innocent… Right?

She stared at me, questioning me, I’m sure.

“I don’t believe you,” she announced, shaking her head.

“I wish it was a lie, Michelle, but I swear nothing happened after that,” I promised.

“Why…” she cleared her throat, likely pushing back the urge to cry, “why are you telling me this now?” She finally asked.

I shrugged, but not because I didn’t know the answer. I guess I shrugged because I didn’t know what else to do.

“The guilt?” I finally answered. “I’m disgusted with myself, but I was drunk. I didn’t…I don’t even remember what happened. She just got mad at me, threatening to tell you, and it came as a shock to me…Because I didn’t remember. I still don’t remember.” I repeated, hoping to emphasize that this was not done to hurt her.

“So,” I continued, “I wanted to be the one to tell you.” Having said it out loud, though, I realized how incriminating my words were.

“So, you’re confessing because, she was going to tell me anyways?” She asked, completely missing the part that I thought I emphasized.

Her voice was barely above a whisper. My neck was positioned in an unusual angle, as I was trying to hear her, but I was also afraid to get too close. This entire situation seemed outrageously and unusually unfair. Doing something like this wasn’t even in my character.

“No. No. That’s…that’s not it. I didn’t even know I slept with her,” I repeated. “Like I didn’t know until she said something. She called me, asking to link up and I was so confused. I asked her why we would do that, and I guess she felt rejected?” I stared at her awaiting some sort of response.

She stayed silent, as I realized that I was telling her that her best friend and I slept together, and that she tried to sleep with me again. But also, that I didn’t even realize I slept with her in the first place.

“I remember going to the party,” I continued talking to fill the space…to hopefully slice through some of the tension, “I remember having a few drinks and…come to think of it, I remembered her offering me a drink.”

“So, now this is all my best friend’s fault? Is that what you’re insinuating?” She asked, as her voice gradually began to raise.

I shook my head in both defeat and denial, “No no no…well, maybe…Monica, listen. I’ve never done anything like this before. This is so far beneath my character. I would never willingly do anything to hurt you.” I stated, with my own voice growing in octaves.

“But you still did,” she said, as the tears began to well in her eyes.

My chest felt tight. It felt as even I had eaten too much suddenly. “Monica, please don’t cry. My motive for telling you, was not to hurt you,” I repeated.

She shook her head, refusing to speak.

“Just hear me out,” I said, as I continued to plead my case, “I literally only remember things from that night right up until I took that drink from Stacey,” Monica’s best friend.

She said nothing.

“Monica, please. She never liked me, and you know that. This is beginning to feel like a set up.” Realization was setting in, the more and more I spoke. “Or she was jealous.”

“Ugh, stop it.”

I stared at her, acknowledging both the insanity and validity in my own words. “I don’t actually think I slept with her,” I continued, ignoring her rejection. “I think she gave me that stupid drink in hopes to manipulate me into thinking I did. She knew I’d do this. Because this! This is my character. To immediately right a wrong…Monica please tell me this is making sense.”

She finally looked at me, “text her.”

“What?” I wasn’t sure I heard her correctly.

“Text her and tell her you want her to come over.”

So, I did. I would have done anything at the point. I wasn’t quite sure what the motive was yet, but I did it.

Within seconds, Stacey replied with, “I knew you’d come around. I’ll be there in 10.”


About the Creator

Ashley Alleyne Van-De-Cruize

So for starters, I’m a nurse so I see some pretty... interesting things daily, BUT those interesting events are inspiring. They’ve managed to change my thinking, and my perspective. I’m grateful for what it’s added to my writing career.

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  • Test3 months ago

    Brilliantly creative and fantastic entry! Enjoyed this a lot! 🤍

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