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A Short Story

By Tamika Morrison OkelekePublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 6 min read

Written + Composed by Tamika Morrison Okeleke for T.MORRISON PR IMPRINT

Destiny’s excitement bubbled like a fizzy drink as she eagerly crossed off the days on her calendar, anticipating her resignation day. The Seabreeze Sun-Times, once a symbol of pride and accomplishment, had turned into a stormy ocean of discontent for Destiny.

Although the company claimed to prioritize diversity, inclusion, and creativity, their actions spoke otherwise. Despite showcasing their credentials on multiple award shelves, the reality behind the scenes was a male-dominated power dynamic with a strong inclination towards nepotism, which was quite nauseating.

In her charcoal-gray power suit, Destiny embodied the strength and confidence that came with being a woman at the top of her game, seamlessly navigating through corporate politics and assertively leading a team who relied on her guidance. However, beneath this commanding exterior lay an unsettling truth — she was nothing more than a token figurehead for a company riddled with hypocrisies.

Each morning, Happy — Destiny’s assistant and the CEO’s niece— barged into her office without so much as a knock, scraping away at Destiny’s diminishing threads of patience. How ironic it was to call her “Happy,” for she embodied the very essence of gloom! Her consistent air of negativity and lack of motivation dampened Destiny’s spirits even further.

Bound by familial ties to their boss, Happy’s shortcomings were immune to scrutiny. Frustration drove Destiny to nickname her “Sad” behind closed doors and vent her frustrations to anyone who would listen.

Underneath all this darkness, however, Destiny held onto the glimmer of excellence within her team. The radiance of their skills came together like constellations forming a night sky: Justice propelled communications with muscular ambition; Elliott etched landscapes with graphic design so brilliant they evoked teary-eyed reverence; Chelsea wove PR campaigns with glittering mastery deserving of her title — PR Maven.

They might have been but four souls in that corporate ocean, but they surged forward like tidal waves — an unstoppable force shaping Seabreeze Sun Times’ public image.

A cold, unshakable restlessness brewed in Destiny’s heart as she gazed out the rain-streaked window of her cramped office. The relentless patter of raindrops seemed to echo her inner turmoil. She knew deep down that she deserved smoother sailing, a haven where her talents would be cherished and respected rather than squandered like precious gems tossed carelessly into the sea.

While lost in thought, she heard a gentle knock at her door. Shortly after, Justice and Elliott entered her office and shut the door quietly, ensuring their conversation was kept private.

The rain splattered relentlessly against the windows of the dimly lit office. Justice, a tall man with soft features, paced near her desk. His fierce eyes scrutinized the file before him as he clenched his fists in frustration. he’d reached his boiling point.

“Destiny, why don’t you just fire her already?” Justice snapped, the tension in the air becoming palpable. “I mean, it’s painfully obvious she’s the weakest link on this team, but for some reason she’s still here after all her monumental screw-ups.” He slammed the file on her desk. “You know she’s the one that lost that big client file, right?!”

Destiny sighed and fiddled with her long braided hair as she tried to formulate a response. She was a petite woman who exuded an aura of authority. Her calm demeanor belied a fierce determination that had earned her a reputation for getting things done.

“I know, I know,” Destiny said as she moved to a window overlooking the city’s skyline. She could not forget the fact that their underperforming coworker was Jack’s niece. “But it’s not that easy, Justice. Did you forget she’s Jack Ashe’s niece?”

Justice rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. “And? That shouldn’t matter!” The disdain in his voice practically dripped off each word like venom. “Right is right and wrong is WRONG! Nepotism at its finest: This bitch waltzes in late every day, can’t take a simple message to save her sad-ass life and has an attitude the size of Texas.”

His tone turned vicious as he continued to rant about their coworker held within Jack Ashe’s favoritism. He cackled sarcastically while explaining how useless their colleague was — akin to holding a Ph.D. in incompetence.

“Oh, and let’s not forget,” Justice snarked sarcastically, glaring at Destiny as if daring her to object. “Her monthly vacation disguised as sick leaves…” He exhaled sharply, exasperation creeping into his voice. “I am just DONE child.”

Destiny raised her hands in concession, seeking comfort in the torrential downpour outside. In a quiet whisper laced with determination, she responded, “Don’t be exhausted, Justice. I got this.” She trailed off, “Yeah, I got this.”

The following morning…

Destiny awoke with her alarm blaring, cursing her oversleeping bringing Destiny out of her slumber. Groggily, she rubs her eyes her heart throbbed in sadness; still reeling from her recent breakup, the residual weight bore down upon her like an invisible anchor, crushing any comfort she wished to feel in the sanctity of her own home.

Shivering, Destiny reluctantly swung her legs out from beneath the inviting warmth of her bedsheets and dragged herself to the shower hoping for solace beneath the cascading water.

As she stood under the steaming flow from the shower, Destiny's thoughts shifted to the challenges ahead. Her reflection spoke back to her from the foggy mirror - a confident professional who knew how to command attention and respect, despite personal struggles.

Donning a crisp power suit as if it were armor, Destiny stared at herself one last time before preparing herself for the battlefield that was the office. It wasn't just about stepping into a role; she became the fierce warrior that she knew she needed to be today.

Destiny took a deep breath as she stepped out of her car, her heels tapping on the pavement. Amidst the chaos of other zombie — like workers and rushing thoughts, she failed to realize that her parking ticket had slipped out of her grasp, lost in the whirlwind of her distracted imposter-life.

Her self-consciousness surged to new heights as she glanced downward, only to discover a mortifying stain adorning her once-spotless white blouse — a humiliating memento left by the bird that ominously swooped through the parking garage. “Just perfect,” she muttered to herself, cheeks ablaze with embarrassment and now keenly aware of Byrdie’s cold gaze, the CEO's mistress.

The tension-laden ride escalated when alerts rang on their phones: scandalous news which threatened to topple the company many had sacrificed so much for. Destiny thought of Happy, her nefarious assistant lurking at her desk, but pushed forward.

Destiny: (nervously shuffling her feet) Hi Byrdie.

Byrdie: (smirks) Oh, Destiny. I didn’t see you there…

Destiny: (sighs) Yeah. Anyway, I hope you're doing well.

Byrdie: (raises an eyebrow) Why wouldn't I be?

Destiny: (pauses, then decides to confront the situation) With all due respect, Byrdie, your affair with the CEO is common knowledge. It's not ethical and it's hurting the company’s image.

Byrdie: (laughs) You think you have the moral high ground, Destiny? Please. You're just salty because you haven't been able to climb the corporate ladder as fast as you'd like. Or maybe because I got here before you did?

Destiny: (angered by Byrdie's dismissive attitude) Nepotism and cronyism are not how I want to succeed. And how can you defend your actions? You're not only hurting his family but the entire company.

Byrdie: (smirks) You're right. The company is in trouble. And it's all thanks to you and your “Happy” (in quotes) assistant.

Destiny: (surprised) What are you talking about?

Byrdie: (smirks even wider) Haven't you checked the news? Seabreeze Sun-Times is embroiled in a major scandal, and it has nothing to do with me and my business. As a matter of fact, it's all because of your incompetence.

Destiny: (stunned) What are you talking about?

Byrdie: (enjoying the moment) Looks like your precious PR Department isn't as infallible as you thought. And now, you’re going to pay for it.


The fizz is just beginning to flow. What do you think will happen next? Let me know in the comments below!

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Tamika Morrison Okeleke

Writer, PR Evolution Coach and Founder, Wordsmith, Soul-healer. I use words to inspire, connect, & make a difference. Follow me @1stLadyofPR.

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    Tamika Morrison OkelekeWritten by Tamika Morrison Okeleke

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