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Choices in Calvary's Lane

Chapter 1 –Crash Landing (Reconnecting)

By Tamika Morrison OkelekePublished 2 years ago 11 min read
Choices in Calvary's Lane
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Calvary Jones is a woman who's been betrayed, broken and bruised, but by the Grace of God, she put one foot in front of the other and found her way. That became a booming talent agency that she transitioned from a blossoming PR agency. Calvary did this during an excruciating breakup that left her with more questions than answers. With the help of therapy, yoga and meditation, and daily "nightcaps," she is now happily engaged to the man of her dreams. Though, she's not sure if he's a dream come true or a dream of her Higher Self.

She's becoming a woman who believes she's worth every fantastic thing. She dances with her past fears, insecurities, and a long-lost love that stumbles back into her life, surprising not only herself but him too.

Will she risk it all to pursue a love that never got a chance, or will she trust the Divine and allow new paths to be discovered as she learns to forgive and ultimately forget.

Chapter 1

Calvary's computer crashes suddenly when she is in the middle of saving files for a new big client she just snagged. In a panic that she might lose everything, she calls up a friend and asks if she knows any great computer geeks that can come to her ASAP to help her out of this fiasco. She can't imagine calling said new 'big time' client up and fessing up that she has an outdated computer, but she might have to.

The friend gives her the name of a company she's used before with great reviews. Calvary dials the number immediately and is assured her computer tech will arrive at her home in less than an hour to help with her work. To her surprise, it is her ex-lover Phillip. She hasn't seen nor heard from him in three years. She always felt like he was the "one who got away ."She finally moved on and is now engaged to a fantastic man, A'dreen Komtru. He's a Nigerian oil supplier with many successful entrepreneurial ventures globally in Lagos, Abidjan, Atlanta, and Texas.

Calvary Jones is a lively 36-year-old CEO of a mid-size public relations agency based in Atlanta. Standing at only 5'2, what she lacks in height she definitely makes up for in spirit. Not to mention her stilettos are always on fashion point. The chocolate brown beauty with exotic eyes and stately thick brows that perfectly shapes her round face and high cheekbones is at the pinnacle of her heart's desires. She is newly engaged to the man of her dreams, A'dreem Komtru, a man she'd prayed for and for years seemed to elude her through a series of ill-fated relationships. Before A'dreem came into her life, it was Phillip, a man she just knew was the man God had made for her since he divinely appeared in her dreams two years before they actually met.

Phillip was so different than any man she'd ever met. He was sensitive, intelligent, and caring and made her feel safe.

At first sight, he was attractive enough, but it wasn't until he told her where he was from that she realized he was the one she'd met in her dreams. During an incredibly challenging time in Calvary's life, she needed her vision for Phillip the most. Calvary was ending a six-year on-again-off-again relationship with Darius. Darius was a smooth-talking, baby-making player who had no intentions of making her a priority, let alone his woman or girlfriend. She was foolishly convinced their poetic moments by the fireplace and weekend bible study booty calls would convince him she was indeed The One. But as fate would have it, if you keep doing the same things expecting different results, you are the only one that is crazy. She'd made up her mind she was done when Darius admitted for the second time that he had his baby mama pregnant, which happened conveniently while he and Calvary were in their 'off-season .'She vividly recalled the day she ended it once and for all.

"Now what, now? She's pregnant?! You know what? You know what, Darius?"

Darius was too scared to talk and was hoping for a dial-tone instead of having to hear Calvary rant and rage.

"You know what? FUCK YOU, DARIUS!" Calvary said from her trembling lips.

There was silence on the other line. Calvary smashed the end button on her cell.

With despair leaking from her heart, she embraced the painful reality that she simply had wasted her time – six years of precious time she could never get back.

The signs were always there from Day One. She sunk to the floor as her body shook violently from her sobs. She cried out to God, pleading with Him to rescue her from her pain and disappointment from misguided choices.

That night, as she held her pillow tightly, trying to hide the sad song of her tears from her own ears, she was introduced to the conceptual hope and vision of the eventual manifestation of Phillip Bouba.

She heard whispers of comfort fill her soul as she closed her eyes and felt his presence better than she could envision him.

She asked God to give her a vision of what her future could be like with a man who truly loved and cared for her. She went as far as to beg God just so she could get to sleep. Suddenly she saw a bare-chested man of dark complexion; kind eyes, white teeth, and a beautiful smile embrace her with open arms. She melted easily into his chest and felt safe and secure in his arms. They were on a boat with friends and it seemed they were far away from home. She looked into his kind and beautiful eyes and asked him where he was from. He replied in a thick French accent, "I am from Cameroon."

Calvary knew exactly where that was in the dream. Still, when she awakened the following morning, she realized she'd never heard of such a place and Googled it as soon as she got in to work the next day. Cameroon was a stately country situated on the west coast of Africa near Ghana and Nigeria. Calvary thought it was weird that this man in her dreams was from Cameroon, let alone Africa, simply because she'd never dated anyone from Africa. From what she knew, they were worse than any Westernized man could ever be with their polygamous ways, she judged. All Calvary had to do was think about her friend Lydia from high school and the wreck her heart had been through with the African guy she couldn't seem to get out of her system. Calvary shrugged and smiled and thought to herself, "Whatever dream that was did make me feel good." And that was all that mattered.

Except, this was a dream that came true, eventually. Suffering from heartbreak simultaneously with corporate burnout, Calvary took a leap of faith and started her own PR agency. Then she ventured to a new city to set up shop where her most prominent client was headquartered.

Calvary met Phillip while visiting with a client and was introduced to him as head of their IT department.

"Calvary, this is a vital person in this office," Nate confessed.

"Ohhhh. Really. Tell me more!" she excitedly replied. She was smitten by Phillip's shyness. He finally extended his arm out for a warm yet firm handshake.

"Good day, Madam. My name is Phillip. I'm just here to serve", he said with a beautiful accent.

She took him in like a glass of cold water infused with crushed ice. He was refreshing!

She asked herself, did he say he's just here to serve?! Wow! I know that's right, Mr. Phillip!

After a few awkward minutes, she found her words. "Oh, sorry don't mean to stare, but your accent is beautiful. Where are you from? And, it's nice to meet you too."

They exchanged business cards, and the rest is fate. Nearly two weeks later, Calvary needed Phillips IT magic.

"Oh shit! What am I to do?!" Calvary was frantic and having a severe meltdown. She knocked over coffee on her BRAND NEW COMPUTER and was in tears!! Suddenly the interaction with Phillip appeared in her mind.

Looking like a "Damsel in Distress," she answered the door looking disheveled – for her tastes. She threw her hair up in a lovely Afrocentric headwrap, lined her lips with brown pencil, added a coat of lip gloss, and answered the door, and there he was – her dream man – Phillip Bouba.

With a smile and a slight bow, he greeted her. "Good afternoon, Madam Calvary."

She giggled shyly, "Oh, you don't have to bow! Thanks so much for coming so quickly and with short notice."

He interrupted her, "Oh, no, it's no problem. It's my pleasure…actually," he trailed off, but she perceived it.

Calvary wasn't wholly clued into the context clues Phillip was sending her. Still, she began to notice when his standard two-hour fix turned into an 8-hour ordeal with dinner and karaoke. She knew there was more to their technological connection. Shortly after meeting, Phillip and Calvary began dating and entered a nearly two-year relationship.

The breakup was sad and quite painful for Calvary as Phillip went from being a doting, attentive, caring, sensitive partner to one that was disinterested, secretive, mysterious, and distant – seemingly out of nowhere. But if she was honest with herself, she had to acknowledge her role in the demise of their promising romance. But remember, it takes two to tango.

Moving on from that breakup, the past two years were difficult as she struggled to get over the relationship. Calvary had lost hope that love was possible for her until she met A'dreem – and even when she met him, the last thing she had on her mind was love.

She traveled with her business partner Ava to attend the grand opening of a new posh hotel in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, situated on the west coast of Africa, when she was introduced to A'dreem. He was in from Nigeria to attend the grand opening, supporting his best friend from childhood, Wale.

Ava was engaged to Wale – they were a bi-continent couple who regularly air-traveled across The Atlantic. This is why they made the bold 11-hour flight from the U.S. for a mere "long" weekend to Africa. Since the breakup with Phillip, Calvary hadn't treated herself to vacation, let alone a nice girls' night out. She kept her head down (and done), but the extent of any self-care was her weekly Mani/Pedi, which she couldn't live without! Not the way the dead skin on her feet built up. Yet, and still, Calvary vowed to never cheat herself like that again. You could call it fate or destiny, but who's to say Calvary would have met her husband if she had not thrown caution to the wind and paid for that expensive, last-minute flight?

At first glance, Calvary thought A'dreem was very kind, and she loved his smile and how he smelled. They greeted with French air kisses and he slightly embraced her.

Immediately, she was swept up in his cologne and an hour after that brief introduction, she could still perceive him.

He was only around for that evening. He had to fly out early the next day to return to his company. He was the CEO of an oil company, and they were embroiled in a price war and fuel shortage, but he couldn't miss this moment for his best friend, Wale.

Calvary immediately felt relieved. She felt butterflies so quickly in his presence. She convinced herself he was lying and was going back to his wife and family – or his harem of girlfriends. He was too delicate and too rich to be single.

As the double-date came to a close at 2AM local time, A'dreem confessed that he'd love to stay in touch with Calvary. He had plans to visit the U.S. in the coming months and would love to see her. Flattered but not impressed, she gave him a business card with only her virtual assistant's number. She'd already told herself thinking something was possible between her and A'dreem was a dream. Instead of getting her hopes up, she was simply enjoying her fantastical weekend getaway, and he was part of the scenery.

"A'dreem. You're so kind, and your company has been wonderful; thank you for making sure I felt like a Queen – all night!" Calvary gushed.

"Are you blushing?" He teased.

"Of course I am!" She blurted.

"I would like for us to stay in touch." He paused, waiting for her reaction.

She gazed into the sky and saw thousands of stars twinkling in the clearest skies. She wished they could help her etch this night in the annals of time. She looked at A'dreem and smiled.

"Oh, A'dreem. You realize we're in different time zones, right? Which might as well be different worlds."

"And? What's wrong with that"? He questioned.

"What's wrong with being in different worlds? Everything!" She said.

"Huh? We're hardly in different worlds. See, you see how you're here with me now? I'm not floating in another dimension. Am I?" He teased.

She laughed at his humor and at herself for being so dramatic. She was intrigued. He got her.

He reached for her hand and then placed a handwritten note with his number on a keepsake napkin from the hotel into her hand. It had his full name, two phone numbers, two email addresses, next of kin, and the date he's to arrive in the States.

She laughed. "Next of kin?"

"Yes. Why not?" He joked.

"You're…," she trailed off. "You're refreshing. I wish you were closer."

"Well, I'm as close as you allow me to be. Take my information, etch it in your heart. Pray. Mediate. Do yoga or whatever modern Queens do and expect the best."

She laughed again. She hadn't laughed in such a long time. She felt silly and wondered if she had too many glasses of champagne.

"What's so funny," he asked?

"Nooo, I'm not laughing at you! You're making me laugh, and I don't know why."

He started laughing too. He took Calvary's business card, looked at it, and said. "Now, I hope I can reach you when I call this number?"

Feeling remorseful, she took the card and wrote her personal cell number on the back. "In case you can't reach me on the business line. This is my personal line. Don't take the access for granted."

He winked at her and pulled her close to his chest. She inhaled his cologne and prayed she could take his scent with her forever. He smelled safe. He kissed her softly on her forehead. "You're a special lady. I hope you know that. Your presence tonight told me everything I needed to know to be certain. We should keep in touch."

"Wow, thank you." She said.

"No. Thank you, Ms. Jones. I'll forever be grateful for this night."


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Writer, PR Evolution Coach and Founder, Wordsmith, Soul-healer. I use words to inspire, connect, & make a difference. Follow me @1stLadyofPR.

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