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Father and sparrow

Many years later, when I think of those two little sparrows, I will think of my father's expression and demeanor when he released them.

By QaboosPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Many years later, when I think of those two little sparrows, I will think of my father's expression and demeanor when he released them.

One morning, after the snow, the beginning of Ji. My father swept out a clearing in the yard, sprinkled a handful of rice, propped up a bamboo sieve with a short wooden stick, and tied a thin rope to the stick. The man was holding the rope in the distance, waiting for the prey to take the bait.

Unexpectedly, things went well. My father succeeded at pulling the rope for the first time. A small sparrow was buckled under the bamboo sieve. My father tied its legs with twine and locked it in a bird cage. Let me play for a while. The cage was hung on the clothesline in the patio, and the little sparrow flew non-stop with its wings flapping in it, trying to find an exit to break through the siege. I have seen other people keep small sparrows that never leave the nest before, and I know that adult sparrows are difficult to feed. So after playing for a while, I felt uninteresting and threw the little sparrow into the street to play.

While eating, my father saw a sparrow flying from nowhere from the window. As he flew up and down around the cage, he chirped "chirping", and the one inside flapped its wings and danced more happily. After watching for a while, my father put down his rice bowl and said, "I'll catch another one later, I'm thinking that a bird is a little short."

So, my father repeated his old trick, put up the sieve, took the little sparrow out of the cage, and tied it inside. Sure enough, after a while, the sparrow that had just been startled flew back, circling the sieve, its little head looked around, tentatively, slowly approached the sieve, and saw that most of its body had entered, and his father pulled the rope. Just as the sieve fell, the sparrow shook and escaped, and immediately flew up to the wall, looking at the sieve on the ground in shock. The father walked over gently, re-supported the sieve, and tightened the twine on the little sparrow's legs, so that it almost hung upside down in the sieve.

The sparrow standing on the top of the wall observed for a while, then flew down again. Outside the sieve, it probed its head and wandered around, while chirping sadly, looking at the little sparrow struggling to flutter its wings in the sieve. Finally, it no longer hesitated, and even entered the sieve without hesitation... Father immediately pulled the rope, the sieve fell, and the sparrow was covered inside.

I cheered from the side. My father took two sparrows out of the sieve and put them in the cage. The sparrow I just caught was slightly larger, and instead of jumping up and down like the previous one, it wanted to rush out of the cage, but quietly pecked the little sparrow's feathers with its pointed beak...

Father's face slowly became solemn, looking at the two sparrows in the cage, without saying a word. He silently returned to the house and grabbed a handful of rice to sprinkle inside.

That afternoon, when I asked my father again when to take the brain of the little sparrow, my father was silent. He looked at me, thought for a while, and said, "Well, I'll buy you an ointment for frostbite, this little sparrow, let's let them go, you see, how pitiful they are." After speaking, my father's eyes were a little blurred.

At that time, after all, he was still a child, and he didn't delve into the meaning of his father's words, so he and his father released the two little sparrows.

Many years have passed. Until one day, when I also became a father, I suddenly recalled the scene of that year, and a profound feeling came into my mind: Those two sparrows must have a very deep relationship. Maybe they are like my father and I. They are also a pair of deeply affectionate father and son. In order to save the imprisoned child, the old sparrow would rather sacrifice himself, but also at any cost.

Love is the source of all miracles. True love in the world is equal, and all loving creatures in the world deserve our awe and respect.


Undoubtedly, the actions of the old sparrow deeply moved the "father". Whether it is the most intelligent person in all things on earth, or the most ordinary sparrow, the affection is the same.

"All loving beings in the world deserve our awe and respect." This sentence deserves to be remembered for the rest of our lives, because love can move everyone.

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