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Evri Turn Is A Dead End

A Kafkaesque Chat Fiction About A Delivery That Wasn't

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 22 days ago 1 min read
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This is based on my attempts to find where my order was. It didn't go well.

The music is "La-La-La Lies" by the Who which I thought was appropriate

Evri Turn Is A Dead End

I decided to check my delivery, it was at the depot yesterday so it will probably be on its way.

I followed the link and looked at where it was at.

I was shocked. it had been delivered ten minutes ago according to their site.

There was an option to call them or contact them via chat.

I thought I would try the online chat.

Yesterday when I was tracking it, it asked for my postcode. When I put it in it said it was invalid. I tried several times changing it slightly but it kept getting rejected, but I thought it would be OK, probably a small system glitch. How wrong I was.

Chat: "I'm Ezra, How Can I Help"

Me: Selects "Parcel Not Here"

Chat: "Let me find your package. It was delivered at 11:44 today"

Me: Selects "Proof Of Delivery"

Chat: "Enter Your Post Code"

Me: "XX9 9XX"

And so it went on

I could only go further by entering a postcode for my address that they say is wrong but won't tell me what they have on file.

You must answer the question

Your answer is wrong

We won't tell you why your answer is wrong.

There is no other way to find out about your delivery

We are right and you cannot question us

In any way.

The End

So here I am, with no delivery, no way of knowing if I will ever get it and Evri telling me it was delivered at 11:44

If Kafka did deliveries, this is what it would be like

Thank you so much for you time

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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock20 days ago

    Josef K waiting for the package that never arrives. There has got to be a way to speak to someone in customer service. Of course, that never helped K either.

  • I'm so sorry about your parcel. Did you try calling them?

  • “M”22 days ago


  • 😂 This cracked me u "If Kafka did deliveries, this is what it would be like" Yes it would! But why does it happen so often? It's pretty ridiculous!

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