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Evening breeze in the countryside


By BlossomParkerPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Every weekend, I always look forward to taking my wife and daughter back home for a walk, to see my elderly mother, but also to enjoy the intoxicating evening breeze in the countryside.

At dusk, after dinner, dragging his wife and children, the family of three walked to the village west of the familiar little river, that is the most paradise I went to as a child and partner, nearly fifty years, every time I remember the play in the river, still refreshing, fascinated by the round trip. Listening to the gurgling water in the river, looking at the endless riverbed, bathing in the haze of the moon after dusk, savoring the warm reproduction of "the sunset is infinite, just near dusk", the small mountain forest on the west side of the river bank, in addition to the evening breeze, nothing can be more empathetic than the noise of the forest, especially the bamboo forest on the hillside, in the warm evening breeze The bamboo trees on the hillside, singing and dancing in the warm evening breeze, nodding to you like a porter - that feeling of exclusivity, complacency, really good!

At the bend of the village entrance, there is also a three-mu square, which is the village's "cultural, political and economic" exchange center, where, from morning to evening, people are constantly, especially in the early morning and evening, more lively! You see, just after nightfall, some grandparents will sit around that old acacia tree playing poker, chess, chat; some in the blowing and singing, rhyming; more some moms in the solar street lights to entertain themselves with square dance ...... a delicate breeze blowing, fine willow brush the happy smile of the elderly, so comfortable. People are old, they no longer care about the world's major events, and no longer for the surrounding complicated small things to calculate, just want to live their present life! I envy them so much!

The night stroll in the countryside, can not hear the sound of the flute, can not see the shuttle vehicles and neon flashing, not to mention the all-night song and dance, alone to enjoy the evening breeze, listen to a breeze "rustle" murmur, really a great enjoyment in life. The evening breeze in the countryside is unique, they put on the wings of fragrance to brush the countryside, a variety of flowers with the natural opening of the season. No one pays attention to where the fragrant evening breeze comes from? And where will it go? The cool evening breeze makes me forget the heat of the day and gives me a refreshing feeling. In fact, it does not matter, the important thing is the warm evening breeze around the field, came to my side; important, or like the village grandparents, "happy with what you have" mentality!

Inadvertently, in a search on the Baidu music website, there is a "countryside evening breeze" light music, but no lyrics, the author is not trying to leave the listener more, more beautiful imagination space? I was a little drunk listening to it, as if the music was tailor-made for me. I've been living in the city for a long time and I miss the land where I was born and raised. When I'm old, I want to take my partner back to my hometown and enjoy the evening breeze of the countryside lying in my hut. During the day, we grow vegetables and flowers; at night, we sing with the evening breeze to cater to the lonely heart after retirement. Thinking, thinking, feeling the moment of happiness is close at hand! Without realizing it, a family dog barked at night, breaking my thoughts. At this point, I realized that I was not far from home, and the evening breeze in the countryside turned out to be so beautiful! No wonder it still fascinates me after all these years.

Now, we have lived in Nanjing for several years, home on the Xuanwu Lake, after dinner, my wife and I often go for a walk around the lake to enjoy the fresh evening breeze, said the Xuanwu Lake and Zhongshanling evening breeze is the best in Nanjing, but far from the fragrance of the countryside, not the purity of the countryside, not the charm of the countryside. My friend is a rich man, he also has a villa in the countryside, after work, he rarely want to live in the city, he does not like the city's tall buildings and asphalt roads, and I, more fascinated in the evening to go to the pine forest behind his house, because he likes to listen to the sound of the wind blowing pine leaves, said the trees are singing, the evening wind in the dance.

Like the evening breeze in the countryside, like the fragrance of the dust in the countryside, like the silky raindrops in the wind, as the Bible says, "You were born from the earth, you were dust, and still you will return to the dust." Yes, people come from nature, and eventually they have to conform to nature and return to nature.

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