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My story with four police officers


By BlossomParkerPublished about a year ago 5 min read

The life of a person is long and short, but there are always countless touches, and, sometimes, those touches are still so sudden and meaningful.

One evening last winter, I went to a friend's house for a drink, when I came back, the night is very late, dizzy I do not know how to get on the subway, and the daytime crowded compared to the crowded situation, the platform seems a little cold, in the subway, the whole carriage only me and a young man, the young man with a clear face always sit quietly opposite me, he looked at the newspaper for a while, and then look at me. At the end of the station, a little sober I realized I was sitting in the wrong direction, I had no choice but to sit back again. At this time, I found the young man still sitting opposite me, I looked at him like a fool, but he looked at me calmly and freely, just like that, we both kept looking at each other ......

"Sir, have you had too much to drink?" For a long time, the young man finally smiled at me.

"Yes, are you also drunk? Sitting in the opposite direction like me?" I was puzzled.

"No, I'm waiting for you!" The young man smiled at me once again, and he put down the newspaper, still looking at me with the same nostalgia.

"Waiting for me? Am I?" I was a little nervous.

"Sir, you should not be afraid, I am a police officer, in fact, I have long been off duty, just see you a little drunk, afraid that you can not find the way home." Saying that, he took out his police officer's card.

"You've been off duty for a long time? Because I ...... heard this, I immediately sobered up, stood up, said three "sorry!" in succession.

When we arrived at the New Model Road station, the policeman helped me out of the subway station, and we walked for about 15 minutes to the floor, and the lovely policeman said, "Sir, you go up! When you get home, you turn on the living room light, then turn it off, then turn it on again, and I'll know."

Two years later, I never had the opportunity to say "thank you" to the police officer who was "off duty long ago, but because of me".

I was born a fan of Huangmei opera, love to listen, more extravagant to go to the theater to see the performance. 2014 spring, Anqing City, Anhui held Huangmei opera festival, various performances, because like, I dragged my wife, drove all the way from Nanjing to Anqing, in order to be enchanted in the drunken beauty of Huangmei opera, that night, the performance is the famous play "Meng Lijun", but who thought, all the way traffic, although we put the time before this I was not careful, ran a red light, was stopped, the angry police first did not give me a good face, to ask the situation, the police surprisingly not only did not fine, but also pleasantly said to me, "Sorry! Brother! Anqing people delayed you to watch the show! I apologize! Please take care of your safety!" After that, that cute little police officer also gave me a thick military salute.

In the summer of 2016, my wife and I took a driving tour to Tianjin. People say that when you arrive in Tianjin, you must first eat the most authentic dog's buns and then go to the theater to listen to a comedy. That day, the heat was unbearable, my wife and I were walking on the road while asking people, the beads of sweat on my wife's face rolled down like a crystal ball, when a policeman on a motorcycle came to us, after a conversation, the policeman quickly stopped a cab, he decided to personally escort me to the Dogwood Hotel, after getting into the car and sitting down, the policeman directly gave the driver 30 yuan, " Buddy, don't look for it, and don't hit the meter, it's my treat today." In the car, the police gave me a tour guide, introducing the tourism resources and customs of Tianjin; when I got off, the enthusiastic cab driver also gave us 2 bottles of iced tea, which touched me a lot.

Also in the summer of that year, I drove from Tianjin to Inner Mongolia, to the Hulunbuir grassland, we were immediately fascinated by the beauty of the fairyland, my wife and I just enjoy the scenery on both sides, unfortunately, the joy of sadness, my car immediately slipped into the roadside ditch, although the damage is not large, the car is difficult to drive out. Now, we are really anxious, seeing that it will be late, the road is sparse, just when we can do nothing, came a three-wheeled motorcycle, jumped down from the car three police officers, look, they immediately understood what is going on, the chief did not say anything, pull out the phone, yakkety yak, ten minutes later, and came to a police car and a small card, before and after seven police officers and six herdsmen, hard to my car from the mud I didn't have time to take out a cigarette to thank him, the sweaty chief handed me a business card, "Brother, have a good trip! In this area, there are any difficulties, call this number, absolutely good!" As soon as the words fell, their car drove away.

When I was young, we dolls were most afraid of the police. As long as I refused to take injections and medication, or made a mistake, my parents would use the police to scare me. Nowadays, the police, but my heart is more numerous touched, and countless gratitude.

In life, there is always something that touches you from the heart, and for a long time! The black is black again, with a touch of beauty; life is sad again, with a touch will not be tired. Between each other, there is an inch of distance, three touches, do we still remember the year those full of warmth? Is forgetting the cold air that flooded the whole world in winter? In that case, our days will definitely be more colorful, and our world will definitely be gorgeous.

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