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Escapade in El Dorado

Scepters of Dawn & Dusk

By Kylecovey SmithPublished about a year ago 15 min read
The Alpha Club travel to the City of Gold

Coming from a daring confrontation against Lance Broder, leader of the Night Raiders, in Camelot. Kyle, Tina and their new friend Zhane. Enjoy some much-needed relaxation aboard the Golden 997. Wow the ocean is so beautiful it's like something out of a painting, said Zhane. You never saw the ocean before? Tina asked. Only part of it is in the Camelot harbor, but not like this. I’ve never been outside of the city before. Well just wait Zhane, there are plenty of places to see and explore, said Kyle. I can’t wait. Then suddenly the map started to glow. Looks like you won’t have to wait at all.

The three walked to the table, Kyle opened it to find a new code. “Adventurers untold riches await your arrival, and it's not Colorado, as your next quest is the City of Gold El Dorado”. El Dorado the City of Gold, now that’s what I call adventure! Tina screamed. Ooh this is gonna be great, said Zhane. Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s set a course for El Dorado. Kyle steered the ship westward to South America with excitement and a lust for gold lie in their wake.

As the Golden 997 arrived in South America, the map began to glow again. Zhane opened the map and there was a new code. “As different as Day and Night one arrives, and one is gone as the treasure you seek are the Scepter of Dusk and the Scepter of Dawn.” Hmm my idea is that these scepters contain the power of light which is the Scepter of Dawn, and the power of darkness which is the Scepter of Dusk, said Zhane. Very perceptive Zhane, replied Tina. We never had two treasures to find so this won’t be easy, said Kyle. Three if you count the gold. No matter, let's dock at the coast up ahead.

The three docked the ship and examined the map. This won’t be easy. There are two treasures we have to find, said Tina. Don’t worry Tina we’ll find them, replied Kyle. Yeah but remember we have no idea what kind of power these scepters contain, said Zhane. Oh, come Zhane if we can stop a madman with a lightning breathing dragon from taking over an entire city like Camelot. I’m pretty sure we can handle anything that comes our way. Good point. Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go find El Dorado and the Scepters of Dawn and Dusk. Here, here, exclaimed Kyle and Tina.

The three began their quest through South America with a mysterious armored man watching them from a mountain ledge and pulled out his phone. Well Broder you were right those kids really are after the scepters. Of course, I’m right you do remember our deal, don’t you? Yes, you want the Scepters of Dawn and Dusk. Correct, if you can bring me one of them I’ll pay you handsomely, and if you can bring both that will be even better. Those scepters are powerful. So, make sure they’re not damaged! Do not insult my abilities, as long as I get paid it makes no difference to me. You’ll get your reward bounty hunter. Let's just see if your reputation as a grade A hunter is true. You can count on it.

As the three young pirates trekked through the thick atmosphere of the Amazon Rainforest an unseen animal silently followed them. Hmm. What’s wrong Zhane? I thought I heard something. Hey anything can be in this place, said Kyle. Ugh. This forest is so dense. How are we ever gonna get out of this place, said Zhane. Relax it isn’t that bad. Yeah, at least the trees give us shade from the intense heat, said Tina. I guess you’re right, at least it couldn’t get any worse. Then suddenly a jaguar jumped from the trees and growled at the heroes. There’s a giant cat scowling at us man, what are we gonna do? Well there’s only one thing we can do and that’s not to get eaten by a jaguar.

The jaguar pounced at Tina, but she stopped the animal’s powerful jaws by using her Lunar Lance. Hey! A little help here guys! On it! Zhane threw a rock at it. Hey, Garfield over here! The Jaguar turned around and it had an emerald green glow to them and the big cat charged at Zhane. The jaguar chomped at the knight relentlessly; it prepared to scratch him with its razor sharp claws until Kyle swiped its paw with his Astro Blade. The cat yelped in pain and ran off to the trees. Phew I'm glad that’s over, said Kyle. Yeah what were the odds of a jaguar attacking us? Zhane asked. I don’t know, but at least it's over now. Then suddenly the jaguar dived from the trees, landed on top of Tina and clawed her arm! Tina! NO! Kyle and Zhane yelled.

Tina held her arm and fainted to the ground. Kyle picked her up and noticed the claw mark was emerald green. We need to find help because she's in bad shape. Where are we supposed to find help we’re in the middle of the Amazon. Can you still summon the Avalon Dragon? You mean Tempest? You named him? Yeah. Well, maybe we can find a safe place from the sky. Got it captain. Avalon Dragon arise! The clouds banged with thunder as Tempest, the Avalon Dragon descended to the heroes.

Tempest we need you to fly us to a safe place Tina badly hurt. Tempest laid his head down as Kyle and Zhane sat on him and soared to the sky. While in the sky Tina turned pale. Oh, this isn’t good, said Kyle. Look, I think that’s a village down below. Well, let's see if anyone can help us. The crew landed in a stone village, but the area was completely deserted. Where is everybody, asked Zhane. Hello, is anyone here?! Our friend needs medical help! Suddenly the heroes were surrounded by people wearing loincloths and a man wearing an Amethyst crown and caped robe.

Who are you? And why have you come to our village? Hello, my name is Captain Kyle, and this is Zhane. Our friend here needs help. I am Chief Ryuga and welcome to Tulum, our Mayan city. Wait Mayan? As in the ancient Mayans of South America! I thought you guys were extinct. Zhane said. Oh no we are quite alive young one. What is wrong with your friend? Kyle showed the chief the green claw mark on Tina’s arm. My word this is the mark of the Emerald Jaguar! What’s gonna happen to her? I’m afraid she will be in a deep slumber, a coma as you might call it. if this isn’t healed in time. Chief Ryuga sent one of his servants to his hut and they bought a certain type of medicine.

The juice from the Boldo plant will heal the wound and bring her back to full health in a couple seconds. Tina swallowed the juice and in a few seconds the claw mark vanished, and her skin became normal. Tina, are you ok? Yeah I’m fine, in fact I feel great! Boldo juice is the only remedy to the Emerald Jaguar mark. Thanks, this is most appreciated, said Zhane. Can I ask why you have come to our village? Chief Ryuga asked. We’re looking for the Scepters of Dawn and Dusk. Chief Ryuga was shocked. Those are nothing but legends. A man with facial hair as white as snow came a day ago searching for them.

What! Kyle and Tina yelled. Captain Whitebeard is here, said Tina. Hey, didn’t we blow that guy away two stories ago? Kyle asked. Who is Captain Whitebeard? Zhane asked. He’s this nasty pirate we ran into back in Atlantis and he’s always trying to steal the treasure we find. If this Captain Whitebeard is as bad as you say he is. Chief Ryuga stood proudly. Then he must be stopped, because if he gets his hands on one of the scepters or both, then the power of light and darkness will be at his disposal

No time to lose, Chief thanks for your help, said Kyle. Yeah, we won’t run into Emerald Jaguars anymore, will we? Tina asked. Well, in case you three face it again here is a bottle of Boldo juice to take with you, and good luck. Thank you, let’s go team.

The three continued their quest when they made it to a rocky canyon filled with shiny rocks. Amazing the rocks glow like fire, said Tina. Zhane turned around to Tina. We can do the sight-seeing later after that Jaguar situation. Who knows what else we’ll find out here. Suddenly the heroes heard a cracking sound and the ground caved in and they fell into a hole! Ow! What just happened? Kyle asked. The heroes looked and saw an armored man standing above the hole. Who are you? Can you help us out of here please? The name’s Logan and welcome to the Sierra De La Plata or in English the Silver Mountains. He’s right, it's on the map.

Wait you’re saying this canyon is made entirely of silver, Kyle asked. That's the idea and the Scepters of Dawn and Dusk are Broder’s, and I don’t need you kids in the way of my payment. So, you’re a bounty hunter? Precisely, now if you would excuse me I have some treasure to find. Zhane tried to climb out of the hole but it was too slippery. Great, there's no way out of here. Can’t you call Tempest again? No, I can’t use the dragon call for another 2 hours. Well that’s out, said Kyle. Tina knocked on the rock around them. Tina, what are you doing? I’m thinking if we can’t climb or fly out of here, maybe we can tunnel out of here. How? With the Heaven’s Charm of course I’ll use the element of Earth to create an opening. That’s brilliant, go for it!

I hope this works, said Zhane. EARTH! The Heaven’s Charm fired a beam to create a tunnel through the rock. Awesome. Yeah wait it go Tina., said Kyle. El Dorado here we come. Meanwhile, Logan, while on his motorcycle, arrived in the city of gold. Ah El Dorado, Broder said it was in the tallest temple with a statue of a Harpy Eagle on the left and a Jaguar on the right. Broder browsed through the temples until he saw the Jaguar and Eagle statues. He went into the biggest chamber and found the Scepter of Dusk and Dawn. Yes, time to collect my bounty.

Stop! Those scepters are mine! Logan looked up and saw Captain Whitebeard and his crew emerge from the shadows. Captain Whitebeard. What are you doing here? I’m here for the same reason as you: the scepters of Dawn and Dusk belong to me. Look, my employer is paying me good money for these things. So, I’m not about to let some washed up pirate captain stop me from getting my prize! Listen, bounty hunter! You are outnumbered there’s no way you can stop us. Try me. Whitebeard pulled out his sword and Logan pulled out his double-bladed ax and they eyed each other down. Men attack!

Whitebeard’s crew charged at Logan, but the bounty hunter easily bested them. Hmm you’re better than I thought. But let’s see if you can handle the best. Logan and Whitebeard dueled each other with neither of them giving in. Meanwhile, Kyle, Tina, Zhane tunneled their way through until they came across a circular maze. Whoa this maze is ridiculous, by the time we find our way-out Logan or Captain Whitebeard will already have the scepters, said Tina. Relax, this is a labyrinth there and the map says that there is an opening in the center, so we just have to go through this maze with our mind and body, said Kyle. Well we’re not gonna escape this cave standing here, on to El Dorado, said Zhane. Through the numerous twists and turns the trio finally made it to the center of the maze to find the portal.

Yes! We made it. No time to lose, come on. The three pirates entered the portal only for them to end up in the air! Aaahhh! I did not see this coming! Tina screamed. Don’t worry guys. Tempest! Out of nowhere Tempest swooped in and saved the pirates from falling. Phew, let’s never do that again unless we have parachutes, said Kyle. Yes, we’re finally here. Welcome to El Dorado, the City of Gold! As they soared through the sky the trio were amazed by El Dorado’s lavish atmosphere. This really is the city of gold. It shines so bright you need sunglasses, said Tina.

The map says the scepters of Dawn and Dusk are in the Templo de Crepúsculo or the Twilight Temple which has a sun and moon symbol in the middle. So basically, we just need to look for a giant sun and moon, said Zhane. That should be easy like there aren’t a hundred buildings here already, that’ll take all--. Found it! I stand corrected. Great job Kyle, here we go!

Meanwhile, Logan and Whitebeard continued their clash with the vicious bounty hunter, so we could work together and split the profits evenly. Thanks, but I have no interest in working with over the hill pirate warlords. You dare turn your nose up to this once in a lifetime offer?! Now you’re gonna get it! Kyle, Tina and Zhane made it to the scepter room to find Logan and Whitebeard occupied in their fight. Cool, those two are busy wearing each other out if we can sneak past them and get the scepters we’re home free.

Hey guys! If you two are done fighting I have a real challenge for you? What do you say Logan, we take down the boy and settle our fight later? Agreed. Bring it! As Kyle distracted the Pirate captain and the bounty hunter, Tina and Zhane made it to the scepter's pedestals. Zhane reached out to grab them only for his hands to be stunned. OW! That burned. They seem to be protected by a force field.

Suddenly the claw mark from the Emerald Jaguar reappeared on Tina’s arm and began to glow along with her eyes. Stand back Zhane. Tina reached out both of her arms and they passed through the force field to grab the scepters! Got them. The claw mark vanished, and Tina passed out but Zhane caught her. Tina, are you ok? How did you do that? I’m fine, I don’t know what happened. I just felt a tingly feeling and poof I got the scepters. Excellent work. You rest up and protect the scepters. I’ll go help Kyle.

I can do these all-day boys. You two aren’t slouches in close combat. My employer better pay me double for this. He didn’t tell me I had to deal with a bunch of pirates. Once we’re done with this kid we’ll see who gets the scepter Logan! Unleash the Dragon! Zhane jumped in and stopped Logan’s attack. Hasn’t anyone ever told you that two against one isn’t fair? I don’t understand the meaning of that phrase, said Logan. Raiker, Captain Whitebeard’s first mate, woke up and snuck passed the battling quartet and approached Tina. Hey there lass. Let’s do this the easy way and hand me those scepters will you. Bite me Raiker! You can’t say I didn’t ask nicely. Raiker dashed towards Tina and grabbed both of the scepters. Let go! Never! The tug of war between the two caused the Scepter of Dusk to go flying in the air.

Logan noticed the scepter land on the floor. I’ve had enough of this. The bounty hunter threw a smoke bomb to the floor and quietly withdrew from the fight with Kyle, Zhane and Whitebeard while he picked up the Scepter of Dusk. When the smoke cleared everyone saw Logan standing proudly with the treasure in his hand. I may not have both of the scepters but my employer said it didn’t matter as long as I don’t come back empty handed. Now if you would excuse me there is a job I have to finish. Logan used his ax to break a giant hole in the wall and flew away in his rocket boots.

Darn it he got away! Don’t worry Zhane, we still have the Scepter of Dawn. You three aren’t going anywhere until I leave with a scepter! Not a chance Whitebeard, Zhane we gotta get out of here! Right; Tempest we need you! The mighty dragon burst through the temple walls as Kyle and Zhane grabbed an exhausted Tina, and prepared to take flight.

Oh no you don’t, crew get them! Whitebeard’s pirate crew rushed in to seize the three kids. Kyle, we need some cover now!! Kyle grabbed the Scepter of Dawn and focused his energy to fire an intense light as bright as the sun to blind the pirates, as the group escaped on Tempest. Ahhh, my eyes! I can’t see! Whitebeard screamed. I hate those kids, said Raiker.

Phew, that was close, said Kyle. Yeah, but that Logan guy took the Scepter of Dusk, who knows what he will do with it, replied Zhane. Tina woke up. The important thing is he didn’t get both of the scepters, but I have a feeling we’re in for something really big.

Meanwhile, Logan arrives at the Night Raider fortress and approaches a cloak figure of a throne. Did you retrieve the scepters? There were some…complications, Captain Whitebeard and three meddling kids, but I managed to get the Scepter of Dusk. Well, not the result I was hoping for; but you did do your job, here is your payment. The cloaked figure tossed a sack of money to Logan and revealed himself to be Lance Broder, leader of the Night Raiders. Pleasure doing business with you, said Logan. Indeed, now with the power of darkness at my disposal, Whitebeard and especially those three brats will face my wrath. Hahaha.

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